Teen Dies In Apparent Gang-Related Shooting

UPDATED 11/26/10 8:28 a.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Gunshots killed what could have been a peaceful Thanksgiving Day in the Back of the Yards neighborhood.

Two males were walking in the 1900 block of West 49th Street when they heard shots about 4:10 p.m. and felt pain, police said.

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One of the males – identified by the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office as 16-year-old Jesus Monreal – died at Stroger Hospital of Cook County, police said.

The other man, believed to be between 17 and 20 years old, was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg, police said.

An autopsy on Monreal, of th 5800 block of South Winchester Avenue, will be performed Friday, according to the medical examiner’s office.

Police said the shooting appears to be gang-related.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

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  • Andrew Watson


  • Andrew Watson


  • Sensei

    As an original gang leader from the 1970’s all I can tell you is what we did that worked alot better than whats being done now. We were always open to give something to get something in return. The city and the state have handicapped
    our efforts to teach these young guys how to protect the neighborhood.

    As an chief of the Black Gangster Disciples since my days at Fenger High School (1977/78) I was taught to be responsible for the protection and peace
    of the Schools and community, being also from Cabrini Green; a lot of the violence is due to self appointed gang members who are not real members of the gangs they profess, using hard addictive drugs and abusing alcohol as well as not knowing or obeying the gang laws. Nontheless, many ol G’s have abandoned these new ones thus pepetuating the pain we all feel.

    I have asked and asked for sponsors and funds for mentoing so that we can give them apprenticeship prejob training and placement from Aldermans to Ministers if they want to see crime reduced and little girls, kids innocent perople
    not get shot in drive by’s and bike ride by shooting. Rahm Emmanuel wants totake $25mil fromt he TIF fund to put more police in the high crime areas as if we don’t have enough in prison which has not slowed down premature death;
    gys aren’t afraid of prison or dying but they don’t like living. That money can be used for what I propose now lets see if the rich and powerful, those in authority
    wil contact me as my guys call me everyday looking for some work but cant get it because they have a background or can’t pass a drug test. HOW MANY POLITICIANS AND EMPLOYERS CAN(‘T)? MY NAME IS SenSei. Jessie WHite knows me, so does Ken Dunkin, Carrie Austin, and Walter Burnett.

    • mathew

      All you wanna be “teachers of the youth” need to come to the understanding that your “protect the hood movement” is the reason kids are out there killing each other now.All gangs were based on violence and racism,it was the white kids bullying black kids in St charles that stared the vice lords. And so on and so forth. All you people thinking that gangs were made to do something positive,you need to get your head outta your @$$

      • joshuacaesar

        Mathew, in the mid to late 50’s and part of the 60’s street based organizations that society label as gangs were formed to protect the black communities from police brutality, social awareness, job training, and other POSITIVE things. The introduction of drugs that the government used as a form of genecide has transformed these organizations into violent gangs that we see today. So please get your facts straight because as U put it in your own words: “All gangs were based on violence and racism”, is far from the truth. Do some research and you will find the real reason why these organizations were formed. Just to notify you Mathew, I am a member of an organization called Black ‘P’ Stone Nation.

    • Dojo Master

      Sensei, Fredrick Little or whoever you are- you’re a goof. It obvious you just one more person looking to bilk the system for some free money. You going to use these sponsored dollars for what? Pre-job training? Give it a rest! There are many programs already in place, programs that are already using and draining taxpayer dollars as well as money from privet sponsorships. The brotherhood of the streets as well as our communities as a whole would be better served if you gangster goofs would stop recruiting kids to sell drugs and kill each other for drug spots. Protecting the neighborhood? From what or who? From each other? Don’t you mean protecting the gang’s drug spots? And killing whoever tries to sell and not pay the gang or kill whoever doesn’t sell for the gang? Getting kids to carry pistols so you grown up thugs don’t get locked up, there’s a stand up idea! I could probable go on and on, but I think most readers here will get the idea that it would be better if you and your thug brotherhood would spend the rest of your lives in prison or just wither away after your all gunned down and crippled. STOP ALWAYS LOOKING FOR FREE MONEY FROM SOCIETY! STOP LOOKING FOR HANDOUTS! Go out, look for some kind of job that your self-decided uneducated, felony-ridden self can earn a meager wage at, and WORK for your keep. And, by the way- MOST politicians and employers can pass a drug test, so stop making excuses for your weed-smoking self and grow up. Ceasefire was a political sponsored group of hacks too, look how much money they stole from the system before they got found out. Now you want to do it again, under a different scheme. You’re a fool, we’re not!

  • Frederick Little

    By the way, Harry Porterfield invited me to be on his show called Some One You SHould Know and I also taugh Warner Saunders some Self Defense at the Lawson YMCA where I was teaching Martial Arts there and have on the Northside and throughout Chicago for years

  • exgang member

    i was in a gang back in the 60s the judge ht went in front of he said scene we like to fight he said you have a choice go to the army or go to jail and it work for some kids

  • http://gangstaextract.miamisoccermom.com/2010/11/26/teen-dies-in-apparent-gang-related-shooting-%c2%ab-cbs-chicago-%e2%80%93-news/ Teen Dies In Apparent Gang-Related Shooting « CBS Chicago – News …

    […] age range of 17 to 20, were shot about 4:10 pm near South Winchester Avenue and West 49th Street. Make sure to check out the original source Cancel […]

  • Concerned for our babies future

    I am 53 years old and back in da day, ppl used to fight when things did not go right. Now you l;ittle wimps pull out your gun with no respect for ppls lives! Stop da bull…If you sell drugs, with all of the ppl on drugs, you all can make money WITHOUT violence. “Protecting your turf is an excuse”. I think you get a hard-on from hurting otha ppl! Stop the nonsense and “GROW UP” why don’t you? These kids do not have to die. ANd it makes them no more of a man when they hurt someone. Have you no regards for ppls family? If not, then perhaps you should get it!

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