Rockford Alderman Bit In Pit Bull Attack

ROCKFORD, Ill. (AP) – Several people have been attacked by three pit bulls outside a Rockford store, including a city alderman and her daughter.

Police say Ald. Karen Elyea’s daughter heard a commotion outside of their store Wednesday evening and looked outside to find the three dogs attacking a woman.

The dogs then turned on Elyea’s daughter. When the alderman tried to intervene, she was also attacked.

Rockford police Sgt. Scott Oswald says the dogs also bit a police officer who responded to the scene.

The female victims were treated for their injuries at an area hospital. Oswald says their injuries weren’t considered life-threatening.

The officer shot one of the dogs and a second animal got away. The wounded dog and a third dog were taken by Winnebago County Animal Services.

Police are still searching for the dogs’ owners.

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  • Anna Genaro

    Gee did you have to put a photo with just Teeth on this ad. It’s not the dogs fault,it’s the owners fault. The dogs were mistreated and hungry.

    • jenny w

      not all pit bulls are mean….its all on how your raise them…..i have 2 pit bulls and no problems they are the most loving dogs

      • Darrell

        Regardless of how they are raised all dogs bite!!!

  • James

    Either they don’t have a copy editor or Rockford Aldermen are a lot more ferocious than I thought.

  • Darrell

    Why would a cop let a dog bite him? I am a law abiding Hoosier who legally carries a gun whenever I leave home. Recently a pit bull was running at me on the sidewalk. I was not going to wait to be bitten so I shot the dog and called the police. You people with the nice friendly pit bulls or any other breed of large dog had better keep them leashed or locked up because if it threatens me I will defend myself. My Illinoisan neighbors had better learn to defend your selfs rather than being pitiful victims A cop will not always be there to save you. Stand up for your right to keep and bear arms!!!

  • NoMorePitBulls

    It is very important to note that it does not matter if there are some pit bulls that don’t maul. I know of a man who rode around in his truck with his bear in the cab for years and no harm ever came to him or anyone else. However, the fact that a bear existed that could ride around in a truck with a man does not mean it is generally save to hang out with a bear.

    What does matter is that these dogs attack people and animals more than other dogs. I never used to hear about people being mauled out in public. Not until people began owning pit bulls. Illinois should stand up and fight this. We should not endure or suffer being mauled or killed. Neither should we have to fear for our children, grandchildren and pets.

    Pit bulls are responsible for 67% of the fatal dog attacks this year, and responsible for many more attacks. These attacks, out in public places, on a public sidewalk, walking your dog, are becoming more and more common.

    It used to be that it was only the children and friends of dangerous dog owners that were killed, but now, more and more, it is people who have nothing whatsoever to do with the dangerous dog, and did not make the choice to be around one that are getting attacked. That is the case here, and the case with the attack in Orland Park, and the case with the attack in Carpentersville that was recently in the news. This is getting out of hand

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