High School Student ‘Scalped’ With Power Drill

LA GRANGE, Ill. (CBS) – It’s an incident that has one family steaming mad. They say it started with a student playing with a power drill on Tuesday. It ended with a female classmate essentially being scalped.

CBS 2’s Pamela Jones says the family doesn’t think the school is taking the matter seriously enough.

It doesn’t take a lot to see it: four inches by about two inches of smooth skin right in the middle of Luz Gonzalez’s head.

“It was all gone,” Gonzalez said.

She says it happened yesterday. Gonzalez says she was helping to build a set for a play in stagecraft class at Lyons Township High School. She says another student grabbed a drill, pointed it at her head and pulled the trigger.

“I just thought someone was pulling my hair, like joking around,” said Gonzalez. “Then like my head just snapped back. When I touched it, a big wad of my hair just like fell on the floor. And then I started like freaking out.”

Her parents were upset, too. They took their daughter to the hospital. The diagnosis: scalping of part of the skin.

“If that drill would have entered her skull, then it would have been her brains wrapped around that drill, not her hair,” said Ronald Gonzalez, Luz’s father.

He says the school’s assistant principal explained that it was all an accident and the student would be suspended.

“A 20-year-old student, apparently with problems, and they said it was an accident,” said Ronald. “And I just kept thinking, did the drill fall out of his hand and land on top of her head? How could it be an accident?”

On Wednesday night, Luz Gonzalez worked the counter at a Brookfield pizza parlor, hiding under a winter hat to avoid questions from the curious.

“I have to have the hat on,” she said. “Or I don’t want anyone to see a big bald spot on my head.”

But each time she steps in front of a mirror, there’s a painful reflection.

“I can honestly say, it’s like devastating to me. And it gets me so mad,” she said.

CBS 2 contacted the school, but so far, administrators have given no response on the issue.

Luz Gonzalez’s parents say they’ve filed a police report, because in the end, they say their daughter may need costly hair transplants or surgery. They believe the school or the student who was holding the drill should have to pay.

We’re told that student was given a five-day suspension.

  • Lisa

    Why hasn’t he been arrested for assault and battery?

    • Charlotte

      No proof, no case. Did you not clearly hear it being stated as an ACCIDENT

    • curious

      was it your son?

    • fact_giver

      ChrisAcubbiesrock you are clearly getting stupid in your comments so stop wasting everybody’s time. Get the facts! You keep addressing the “20 year old” aspect and have nothing of value to say. Get a brain, a job, or a backbone. I even heard this girl went on Facebook saying it was an accident. Investigate before you waste any more time.

  • http://thewomenmenadore.wordpress.com erolwmadore

    That is just terrible. Will her hair be able to grow again after being scalped? I pity this pretty soul.

    Women Men Adore

  • royalfuzziness

    If i were the parents i would find the little punk and do my own scalping, with a baseball bat.

  • JeanSC

    The assailant should also be sentenced to a wood shop class somewhere to get the rules for safely handling power tools “drilled” into his fool head.

  • curious

    hang in there Luz. you have done nothing wrong.

  • kad


  • clo

    First of all a 20 year old in a regular classroom environment is rather strange. That young adult is in the wrong class room setting. I am not sure about the young lady. She should have hear the sound of a motor in the scalper..and what is her problem. Well parent should get involved. A piece of information is missing.

    • Lala

      Yea sweetheart, you don’t even know what really happened to this girl,so for you to post your stupid little comment about why she didnt hear the drill is really dumb of you! And f.y.i she has no problem sorry normal people usually don’t get a drill to their head out of nowhere!

      • ltstudent

        hey Lala, maybe the fact that there were already drills running because they were building stages was why she didnt hear it. Dont be a dumb idiot, there were already other drills running why woul;d she turn around if she heard another..sweetheart.

    • cris

      ya but i mean he turned it on in like not even a second and she didnt know

  • Gerald V

    When i started my senior year i was 16 because the cutoff date was dec 1st when i was growing up and i graduated at 17. They have a kid in school who is 20? How does that happen? 5 days isnt enough accident or nor and it could of been much worse.


    fact giver….U know security that well???How come they werent there when this occured then???secondly money is the last thing this family needs I worked for this family, the girl will probb need plastic surgury that will cost..also u smart one..I cant imagine any judge now days just handing out cash from anothers pocket for fun Im sure it will go in to a trust and mom n dad wont see a dime that is what ever is left over after medical bills….iF IT WERE YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER WHAT WOULD U DO???

    • hey maid service

      she’ll probably need plastic surgery for a few other things if ya kno what i mean… lol. this family is totally gonna ruin this kid and his family’s financial state. i realize theyre angry but just because they’re daughter is dumb doesn’t mean they can pull scams like this. that’s probably the reason they have money in the first place. luz needs to get off her high horse and stop being such a little brat.

  • ucity88

    Smell the trial lawyers running to the Gonzalez family home?

    I hope she gets some sort of resolution to this awful accident.

  • FR

    20 year old high school student? This is a good argument FOR social promotion (passing failing students to the next grade). In fact the results of a 20 yr HS student could have been much worse if he was not just goofing off but tried to hurt.

    • nina1960

      thank you!!!!

  • citizenkane2

    I’D HIT IT

    • Tim Wells

      Same. More coushin for the pushin’

      • Hate the Game not the Playa

        Im into damaged goods

  • Juli Bridgers-Schatz

    What’s a TWENTY-year-old doing in high school?

  • Adam Quade

    Ok this “kid with problems” is a good friend of mine so i actually know what his situation is. Why try to throw your two cents in when you literally don’t know anything about the situation

    • nina1960

      Had it been your sister, I am sure your sympathy for this “MAN-with-problems” would be miniscule!!!! Not something to be fooling around with!!! And I DO know about the situation!!!!!!

      • Nina_is_Old

        Nina, you’re 50, get a life and stop stalking high schoolers. And you obviously you don’t know the situation because you weren’t there…they don’t allow old creepers in…

  • ChrisAcubbiesrock

    She is 17 years old. Didn’t your parents teach you respect? I guess that’s what happens when your daddy runs out on your mom. no male role model.

    • show some respect

      Omg who ever wrote this comment obviously doesn’t know what the hell their talking about. you dont even know this girl OR her parents. So shut up and stop trying to start rumors that arent true.

      • hahah

        they’re talking about the person who said I’D HIT IT….

  • anon

    yay for Adam yeah seriously this whole news thing is bogus. it was an accident and the drill wasn’t even anywhere near her actual skull. Scalping is when a persons actually scalp (SKIN FROM THE TOP OF THEIR HEAD) is ripped off, reveling the brains, along with blood, and such. im pretty sure this BALD SPOT is nothing close to being scalped.
    Also this kid with problems actually is totally normal, kids at this school would say hes one of the nicest people they know. Yes he was not thinking and it was a total freak accident. her hair will grow back, and shell get over it. people are getting the wrong idea and theres no way to fix it I feel worse for him and not her

    • WakeUpAnon

      1st of all anon yes it technically wasn’t a scalping but it still caused migraines and external and internal damage. And her hair will not grow back because he ripped her roots out. And people who keep saying it was an accident is b.s. He is a punk adult who was trying to joke around and was too stupid to not think about the consequences. He is 20 years old and should have common sense. No wonder he is still in highschool.

    • imominous

      The accident was caused by giving some special ed 20 year old power tools. Personally, I would not want my teens going to school with mentally challenged adult males.

  • Student

    I know of this 20 year old and he’s absolutly pathetic. But this poor girl is scarred for life. The assistant principle or whoever should lose their job. 5 days? Really. Not even a week that’s how pathetic our school is. Go lions

    • Anonymous

      Scarred for life? It’s hair. It grows back half an inch each month…and 5 days is a school week hun. You can’t suspend him over the weekend lol.

      • ThinkBeforeYouOpenYourMouth

        No it will not grow back you idiot because he ripped her roots out. I hope you get a bald spot.

  • Student

    Ok whoever is commenting is prob his ugly ex or his friend. Get some education. And he’s normal? Um no. His brother who is 17 and in his grade is normal. Jail time is necessary and him and his family better end up paying all medical bills. But luz your still beautiful. And everything will be okay.

    • Annonymous

      jail time? ugly ex?
      I think your too young to be on this site…
      grow up.

    • HAHA

      Luz is fuglyyy.
      Watch the video again. that bald spot made her even more repulsive.

  • Teacher

    Did the teacher supervising the students that were building the set, give proper and detailed instructions on safety and proper behavior in that environment? There should have been quizzes, test, and demonstrations that would allow the students to understand the importance of their actions.

    Sorry to hear about this accident, I hope the school steps up and takes care of her medical bills. They do have the cash.

    • Student

      I absolutly agree. But I know the teacher and he does his job but a 20 year old adult should know better not to play with power tools and hold it up to a girls head then laugh when her hairs pulled out.

  • parent

    Did the children have proper safety instruction prior to using the power tools? Is the school OSHA certified or do the teachers just make up the safety standards? Was the teacher involved licensed to instruct this program with power tools? And if the school knew this 20 year old had “problems,” should he really have been in a class with power tools? The school has a great deal to answer for with reagards to this situation.

  • frostyyyy

    she should hold a power drill to his head and see how he likes it. then she should laugh

    • idiot

      that is no where NEAR what happened. i know what happened first hand. learn the facts, not the “news”

  • Classmate

    Yes this is why our school won’t answer any questions. They don’t want to lose money. People working at that school have no brains. The school should be sued. The assistant principle should be fired and that challenged boy owes them alottt of money

  • So Abercrombie

    omgzzzzz this poor girll she must be traumatized her beautiful hair is gone. classmate i totally agree with u all those teachers are way overpaid and the assistant should be fired omgzz

    • Classmate

      Ok chrisilicous shutup

  • Student

    For one, people shouldn’t bring up his “ugly ex”…that doesn’t have to do with anything. And he would definitely not do this on purpose. If no one noticed, she has super long hair. He probably didn’t have to be too close to catch her hair in it. Her hair will grow back I don’t see it as a huge problem…people just over react. I’m not friends with either of them but I think some of you people are just ridiculous…

    • L0v3

      You wouldn’t be saying that if she was your friend or if it happened to you. I was there and saw what happened. Solo um yeah. And it was on the news. So get a clue.

      • Student

        haha WOAH it was on the news…I had no idea thanks!

      • p3n15

        it was on the news…point being? is the news like the damn bible now? it means nothing. this CBS reporter is a real f’ing nut.

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