Bears Enter Fourth Quarter Of Season

The Bears, despite what many predicted before the season, have played themselves right into the middle of the playoff race. But there still seems to be wavering notions around Chicago, and the NFL, to just how good the Bears really are. But through all of that the team still remains focused on the task at hand, not looking to the potential that the future holds.

“You stay focused by looking at the next team, no more than,” says Lovie Smith. “We break down our season into quarters. We just finished up our third quarter, [we’re] going into the fourth quarter of the game.”

The fourth quarter of the season will be the most important. With games against the New England Patriots, New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers, the Bears have their work cut out for them. But they also know they can’t win all four games at once.

“[We’re] excited about playing the Patriots at home this week,” Lovie said. “No More than that.”

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