Boy Convicted In Derrion Albert Murder Trial

15-Year-Old Boy Is First Of Five Defendants To Face Trial In Beating Of Fenger H.S. Student

UPDATED 12/8/10 – 6:07 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — A 15-year-old boy has been convicted of murder charges in Juvenile Court in the beating death of Fenger High School honor student Derrion Albert.

Jurors deliberated about half an hour Wednesday after two days of testimony in Juvenile Court.

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The 15-year-old boy, who has not been named because of his age, collapsed in his chair after the verdict was announced. One of the defendant’s female family member screamed “lord, lord, lord” and ran out of the courtroom.

Members of Albert’s family wept as the verdict was announced.

Albert’s grandfather, Norman Golliday said, “I think he (the defendant) was acting. He was obtuse throughout this whole thing.”

The verdict came after Prosecutors had rested their case against the 15-year-old Wednesday afternoon and defense attorneys had declined to call any witnesses following two days of testimony.

CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reports that Albert’s family left the courthouse vindicated by the guilty verdict, yet still somber over Albert’s brutal beating and killing last fall.

Earlier in the day, prosecutors displayed a 7-foot wooden board used in the attacks last fall, resulting in Albert’s death. They also showed a cell phone video showing a crowd of Fenger high school students beating, kicking and stomping Albert.

The juvenile defendant was 14 when prosecutors say he punched Albert, knocking him unconscious. The fatal beating on Sept. 24, 2009 in front of the Agape Community Center, 342 W. 111th St., was captured on a cell phone video that was broadcast worldwide.

When Albert, a 16-year-old honor student at Fenger High School, was beaten and killed in a mob brawl on his way home last year, the case made news around the world.

The sight of the video of the wounded teen even brought a few jurors to tears, and several of his family members had to leave the courtroom.

Kloak argued that Albert got up after his client punched him, and therefore, his client should not be charged with murder. He argued that the single punch didn’t cause Albert’s death.

“You don’t have to prove he’s innocent, because that’s not gonna happen,” Kloak told jurors in his closing argument. “You’ve got to show his act caused death.”

But prosecutors said in their closing statements that the punch was part of a chain of events that caused Albert’s death. The pathologist who conducted Albert’s autopsy reviewed graphic pictures of his body — a sight that sent his family out of the courtroom in tears.

Dr. Hilary McElligott said she concluded the defendant’s punch, combined with the other board beatings and kickings, all contributed to Albert’s death.

And in closing arguments, prosecutors that defendant’s punch helped sign Albert’s death certificate, as the only thing that broke his fall from that punch was the pavement.

The defendant was the first of five people charged in the case who faced trial.

The other four were charged as adults. They are Eugene Riley, 19, Lapoleon Colbert, 20, Silvonus Shannon, 20, and Eric Carson, 17. Their trials are scheduled separately over the coming months.

Asked how the family would get through four more trials, Golliday said, “I don’t know how we got through this one, but we pray everyday and just get out of the way.”

The four defendants charged as adults face lengthy prison sentences, but the boy who has been convicted in Juvenile Court can only be locked up until the age of 21.

But if he misbehaves in prison, his sentence could be converted to that of an adult. His sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 18.

CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli and Vince Gerasole contributed to this report.

  • veenod patel

    good job. every crimainal must be punished whether he or she is 15 or 95 in order to keep our neighborhood safe for our kids.

  • David

    He will be released when he is 21, and then will eventually rob, rape or murder someone else. Then he will get 25 to life. The never-ending products of liberal social and welfare policies.

  • N

    Did they motion to A.T. (automatic transfer) the juvenile who was found guilty? At fourteen he could have been, and should have been tried as an adult…

  • The Best

    I agree. This Punk should have been tried as an ADULT!.

  • Rickey

    These stupid, devilish, dumb punks should all get death penalty by legal injection. No more babying these stupid, devilish, dumb punks. Enough is enough of this kind of nonsense. Sooner or later they will get the message.

  • Let's Be Honest

    The problem in this situation is that this young man, and it is in the video, placed his self in the position that caused his death. When this fight started he was not just originally involved and he was not walking home from school as they would have you believe. He actually ran into the mist of the fight a attempted to hit someone, placing himself in this situation. By the way lets not forget the police station is walking distance from where this occurred and there are cameras that allowed the police to watch this happen live. These young men should not be the only ones on trial.

    • EDUBB

      Youre stupid Let’s Be Honest… that don’t justify them killing him in cold blood.

      • Let's Be Honest

        I’m not justifying anybody doing anything. I am saying that yes it was wrong, but to act as though this young man was completely innocent is wrong. Any murder is senseless, but we also have to be aware of our own actions and what happens to the police officers that allowed this event to occur. By the way please don’t disrespect me and my opinion because everyone has the right to feel the way that they do.

  • Personal Responsibility

    You have the right to an opinion Let’s, but your opinion is stupid and you are insinuating that law enforcement officers watched this kid get killed through cameras? Its everyone elses’ fault. Lets never blame an individual for their own actions, lets blame the SYSTEM! The bottom line is these kids made poor choices and they need to be held accountable for their own actions.

  • Personal Responsibility

    How can you blame a police officer? You’re insane. The police are responsible for the actions of every person in their area? So… if I go punch someone in the face I can blame the police for not stopping me? Your logic is why we have so many lawsuits. Take some pride in yourself and some responsibility for your own actions and just plain grow up.

  • The Best

    He is now being held accountable for his actions. And maybe,just maybe he will come out of PRISON a better man.

  • Lady D

    HEARTLESS and CRUEL…Let’s send them to vent some of that anger in the Afgan war……Bet they are not as BAD as they make out to be….The 14 year old knows what hes doing….no excues…he should have been tried as an adult

  • sadandheartbroken

    Something is not right about this case. 1st, How in the hell can a huge, nosy brawl that stretches over to the other side of the street, directly in front of the school entrance NOT be heard by the school employees? 2nd, those kids acted like savages. There is no mistake about that. Cowardly savages at that, ganging up to jump one person. And unfortunately some of our young men are lost because their parents aren’t raising them right. Plain and simple. But why is the young man, Derrion walking TOWARD the school??? If he is going home why isn’t he headed in the other direction? 3rd, Watch the video. Don’t believe the hype! Derrion, punches a kid as he is walking TOWARD the school. But it is apparent that the thugs have SET HIM UP. His (the victim) body is turned slightly over to the right after punching this kid. Because his body is turned, he doesn’t see in is periphery this kid to his left getting a 2×4 off of a truck RIGHT BESIDE THE SCHOOL ENTRANCE (WTH?!?!). The kid doesn’t hit him, though. Another kid in a red jacket, runs up and hits the young man in the head. My God! You can hear the board hitting his head. I know a mother’s heart would be crushed from watching this. I cried as I heard the sound. The other young men, savages as they acted commence to punching, kicking, hitting him. My heart is sad at watching this because it is utterly senseless. But I feel a lot of bad decisions were made. Why didn’t the young man go home???? Why was he going right up in the fight? Why were these young boys acting like animals? Where is parent responsibility? Community responsibility???Why are black people always REACTIONARY? Why didn’t the school have security out there???? What were the employees doing as a literal hell was breaking forth outside?!?!?!What the hell were the cameras for if not, to watch for such a situation just as this and STOP it?????

    • sadandheartbroken

      I mean, personal responsibility of the young men involved and parent responsibility in how they raise them..

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