Immigrants Fear Loss Of Opportunity If DREAM Act Fails

CHICAGO (WBBM) — A vote on the “DREAM Act” in the U.S. Senate has been put off because Democrats don’t have the votes to get it passed right now.

The legislation would offer a conditional path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who earn a college degree or enlist in the military. Newsradio 780’s Mike Krauser talked to some young women who would benefit.

Cindy came to this country when she was 3-years-old. She’s a senior in college and wants to be a teacher. She wants to continue her education but can’t get a job and can’t get a college loan.

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“If the DREAM Act passes, I’ll be able to get loans,” she said. “I’ll be able to work as a teaching assistant and I’ll be able to become a teacher and help out my community, which is what I would like to do in the future.”

She says she’s every bit an American as anyone else.

“I am an American. The only thing is I wasn’t born here. I don’t have anything that says that I can work legally. But I am an American. I grew up here. I listened to the same music growing up as every other child out there. I went to school here. I learned English and I am an American. I take the American values to heart and that’s what I believe in.”

Rayna Wences is in this country illegally.

Passage of the DREAM Act, she says, would allow her to pursue her education, and “to be a sociology professor at some point in my life.”

A majority of Republicans, including Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk, oppose the DREAM act. They say the bill amounts to forgiveness for illegal immigrants under the age of 30

  • bobhaaga

    AWWW! My heart bleeds. Someone my have to pay for something they get instead on on my $. PS I was not Born here.

    • Honest Guy

      Right on!!!!!!!!

  • Starbuck Avon

    I’m sorry, but if you came into this country illegally, you have no right to anything. You’re ILLEGAL. I can’t get a job or a student loan either, and I was born here. What you should concentrate on, girlie, is getting your damn citizenship. You aren’t American unless you’re naturalized. You AREN’T as American as everyone else.

    • nw

      Amen to that

    • Honest Guy

      Illegal is ILLEGAL!!! Too bad for these law breakers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sickofit!

    Too Bad! Blame your parents for entering the country illegally, your current situation is their fault not the American people.
    Americans are sick and tired of illegals invading and demanding your rights, you have no rights here! Go back to Mexico and demand your rights there.

    • JM

      Unless you were reading a different article, it mentions NOTHING of this person being from Mexico.

      So, tell us how you really feel about Mexicans, illegal or not!

      Wow. Unreal.

      • Mie

        Just an educated guess – over 85% of ILLEGALS come from Mexico. Pretty good odds he an ILLEGAL Mexican.

    • Honest Guy


  • sick of you all

    but your country did not deny you so just go back cool. u are behaving as if america forced your parents and their kids to come here ilegally. when you come here ilegally and finally end up being legal then you guys start suing aimlessly to take advantage of the system. you guys work on the job with other minorities and you treat them as if you own america whereas the owners themselves are sympathetic to all

  • choze

    without illegal immigrants this country wouldnt exist..americans are lazy and dont wanna work,so u needs mexicans

    • KE

      No .. we don’t — we don’t.

      We need legal immigrants

    • sickofthePCbs

      We are not lazy, and we do want to work. It’s just that companies would rather hire a bunch of non english speaking illegals than to hire a legal us citizen because we will demand that we’re paid fairly for our work.
      The leeches from across the border won’t.
      I’m gonna assume by your id, your an illegal, since you asume I’m lazy. Why don’t leave? And take your low brow illegal brethern with you.

  • Whatever

    So sad.. whatever!!! Your illegal get out of this country and bring your kids with you!!

  • Javier A. Magdaleno

    And the epidemic continues in the United States of America. “RACISM”

    • Mie

      And Mexicans are not racist?? They have a newspaper called ” The Race” . Stop trying to change my country and go change yours.

  • Javier A. Magdaleno

    Why can’t we all just get along!

  • nw

    The truth is that we are so upside down financially that we should not take on anything else that would burden us further. Just as when you have no money in the bank you do not write checks ! Take care of our own then help others when and if we can.

  • funny

    Let’s see… Where are these kids to go… Back to their country where they were born? You guys are a joke! Some of these kids have never been there and don’t even speak the language… How would you feel if we sent you to a country you know nothing about. Just in case you all want to talk garbage about who deserves to be here or whatever… Everyone except native indians in this country is an immigrant. If any of you took history lessons or global studies you should know that. So maybe we should send you back too since you really aren’t from here and it’s too bad your parents decided to come here. All of you want to judge people who want to help the country… Judge illegals but then again all the people in this country are a bunch of immigrants… The only real americans are the native indians.

  • det

    They are here to stay

  • funny

    What made your ancestors legal immigrants? The fact that they took over land? Or the fact that they torture indians so they could stay here?hmmm… Let me think I believe they made their own rules didn’t they. Times have changed..

  • Lou

    Cindy’s parents broke the law.If she becomes a citizen, then she can bring over many relatives just because she became a citizen. I am a teacher and I cannot find a job. Sorry Cindy, blame your parents. Go back to Mexico and use your U.S. education to help your people in Mexico.

  • Lou

    To funny

    10 to 1 you are hispanic.

  • funny

    Easy you don’t want them to bring more people then make that part of the act. Accept the act but don’t allow them to bring relatives and then again they wouldn’t be eligible either way until after 15 years

  • def


  • funny

    You wanna put it that way let’s see yes my background my whole family was born here so what difference does that make

  • daf

    I guess it’s Mexico’s way of reclaiming their land. Ha!

  • American

    People like “funny” are incredibly dumb products of the urban public school system. Allow me to assist. Before white European settlers came to North America, and before the Founding Fathers (Washington, Jefferson, Adams, etc.) created and founded “The United States of America”, there WAS NO “America”. There were only nomadic Indians. There was no government, no military, no roads, bridges, highways, schools, hospitals, banks, currency…no nothing of consequence. Legal immigrants from Europe created and built America. I know it’s hard to accept, but sorry, the truth often is.

    • funny

      you can be so wrong… and ignorant… I am not a product of an urban area, and i did not go to public school… and yes you are right there was no america… its funny to see how everyone thinks its ok to settle, and create but not to give anyone else and opportunity… when then again… american citizens are the ones who use medicaid, welfare, and all the public assistance. Its funny to hear people say that these kids are gonna take all of that when they will not even be eligible for any of that. Whats wrong with then being able to pay taxes in the country they live in… they might as well… they are here without giving a dime to our country, they might as well be eligible for that… instead of being here, living here, making money and not contributing

  • funny

    if its a way to reclaim their land then what about the russians, albanians, indians, chinese, koreans, africans, south americans and everyone else who is not mexican?

  • daf

    Exactly! Maybe it’s a problem with the world and other countries. Don’t point the finger and blame the people.

  • daf

    Believe it or not they do contribute…more than you think “funny”

    • funny

      i know they do… they buy, pay rent,purchase homes, some actually pay taxes… which contributes to our economy… there is a comment above that says they will be a burden, which i can’t see how… if they would’t be eleigible for any assistance

  • Honest Truth

    HEY! it won’t let me post comments anymore!

  • JeanSC

    There is already a “path to citizenship” for these illegal aliens whose parents brought them here when they were minors. This path begins in the countries where they are already citizens. Many foreigners who want to immigrate here legally start on the path from the correct starting point. As for the “loss of opportunity,” how about the millions of U.S. citizens who, many with college degrees, are unemployed and in more deserving need of opportunity? These people should come first.

  • funny

    there are millions of Americans unemployed, but then again these illegal immigrants already have jobs, or most of them do. The difference is they don’t pay taxes. They might as well do

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