Bears Have Some Things To Work On

The Bears lost to the New England Patriots 36-7 on Sunday afternoon, in a snowy and cold day. It was the Bears’ first loss since October, and while they were able to keep their first place lead, the loss might also serve as a wake up call.

“When you get towards the end of the year, you get sloppy in your tackling. You get sloppy in your technique. And you think you’re good enough to go out there and you think you can overcome it,” former Bears’ quarterback Jim Miller Said on the Danny Mac Show.

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After winning five consecutive games, the Bears were riding high and were very confident in their abilities and their schemes. There’s a chance that they may have been too confident, and weren’t fully prepared for the Patriots.

“The Bears realized [on Sunday], when you play the best team in the National Football League, how far they have to go [this season]. And it was sloppy play,” Miller said.

The Bears found themselves in a hole early in the game. A few breaks and bounces went the Patriots’ way, but it was clear who the superior team was.

“[The Bears] basically gave New England 17 points. You take away the 17 points and they still lose 19-7 at the end of the day,” Miller said. So the Bears have a lot of work to do to sure it up. and Lance [Briggs] was right, this was a good wake up call for them.”

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