Praise Continues For Man Who Killed L.A. Tan Gunman

Tanning Salon Gun Matches Gun In ‘Honeybee’ Spree

ORLAND PARK (CBS) – Authorities on Monday released a photograph of the gunman who entered an L.A. Tan store in Orland Park over the weekend only to be stopped and killed by a customer.

Sources tell CBS 2 that suspect Gary Amaya’s vehicle and preliminary tests on his weapon link him to the so-called “Honeybee Killer” shooting spree earlier this fall.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker spoke with the hero who stopped him: 29-year-old car salesman Jason McDaniel.

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“I want to give my daughter the world and I can’t do that if I’m not here,” he said.

McDaniel says his goal in life is to go home every night to his 15-month-old daughter, Alexi. So, on Saturday evening when he walked into the Orland Park L.A. Tan salon, interrupted a robbery and came to face to face with a gun, he tried to explain that to the gunman.

“Listen I’m a new father,” he told the gunman who confronted him at the strip-mall store, where the suspect had restrained a female employee. “If it’s about the money. You let the girl go, you let me go and you’ll be fine.”

Added McDaniel: “He basically looked me right in my face and said ‘I don’t care.’”

Police say the gunman was Amaya, 48, of downstate Rankin. They also believe the trucker is the “Honeybee Killer” because the gun Amaya used in the attempted armed robbery is the same one used in the October shooting spree in Illinois and Indiana that left one man dead and two men wounded. 

McDaniel said he had no clue about a connection. He said he just saw a terrified young woman tied up behind a counter. And then Amaya demanded he tie himself up. But when the gunman reached for the rope, McDaniel reached for the suspect’s gun.

“As soon as I seen him take his hand off the trigger, that’s when I rushed him,” McDaniel said.

After a struggle, McDaniel shot and killed Amaya. Orland Park police said in a news release that Amaya was shot in the side and had a fracture on his skull, possibly caused when McDaniel struck him with the gun.

Nick Patel owns the tanning salon. He’s giving McDaniel a $5,000 reward. The company also says McDaniel and his wife can tan free at L.A. Tan forever.

“I believe he’s a super hero,” Patel told Tucker.

McDaniel became emotional as he named his greatest reward: being able to see his daughter again.

Orland Park police also praised McDaniel — they did not identify him by name — for scuttling Amaya’s plans. He “showed extreme bravery and courage and clearly may have saved the lives of the two females inside the salon as well as his own,” police said in a news release.

  • jason

    wouldn’t that be his 15 month old daughter? not 15 old month daughter?

    • Vicky

      This is Chicago. You don’t need a brain to get a job; just a friend.

      • Gina Pocan

        What does that have to do with anything Vicky, and that Orland Park, anyway.

    • Gina Pocan

      yeah I know right? The Grammar in this article was awful.

  • law abiding citizen

    jason you’re a hero.score one for the good all will be robbers.take a could happen to you

  • Centurion

    Jason McDaniel. Occupation: MAN!

    • Sniperwax

      Aside from the fact that he was at a tanning parlor, which is sooooooooo not manly, yeah this guy freaking rules. If I were stuck deciding between several cars to buy I would go with the one that this freaking Rambo wannabe car salesman was selling. He rules, period.

      • Vicky

        He is a metrosexual superhero!

  • Common Sense

    Time to legalize conceal and carry in the State of Illinois.

    No reason criminals should have the upper hand.

    Stuff like the HoneyBee incident would not happen if the bad guys knew they would get smoked Texas-style.

    See what happens when the GOOD GUYS have the guns?

    • Vicky

      It’s time for Illannoy Liberalism to be a bad part of our history.

  • Sniperwax

    Hey I’m all for conceal carry but you are way off track here. The bad guy had the gun. The good guy shot the bad guy with the bad guys’ gun. How did you not read that in the story?

    And when you have a gun pointed at someone the odds of them physically overpowering you and shooting you with your own gun are very, very unlikely.

    • Gina Pocan

      I agree with Sniperwax. This is something you want to attempt yourself. Wouldn’t be smart. That car dealer got lucky cause that fat dude already killed people before, and as he said, he didn’t care.
      Apparently a lot of the article got lost here. You all need to read more. Practice makes perfect. Ah! you probably didn’t even get that.

      • Gina Pocan

        correction- I apologize for my typo. I meant to say, its NOT something you want to try at home.

  • Muhranda

    think the grammar is terrible in this story? well, every time you cancel your subscription, a copy editor loses her job and hence, you have poorly written stories hitting the streets. click on the ads if you stop in to read the article. nothing is free, except your snide remarks.

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