Coroner: Dale Shannon’s Blood Alcohol 3 Times Legal Limit

RANSOM, Ill. (WBBM) – It was almost two weeks ago when 40-year-old Tanya Shannon disappeared after a car accident in LaSalle County — an accident that killed her husband Dale.

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Now, LaSalle County Coroner Jody Bernard says toxicology test results are back on 41-year-old Dale Shannon, the driver of the car that crashed into a utility pole.

Dale And Tanya Shannon: Car Crash

Dale Shannon was killed in a car crash over the weekend, and his wife, Tanya, is still missing. (Credit: LaSalle County Sheriff's Office)

“With the finding of a blood alcohol level of .266,” she said.

That means Dale Shannon’s blood alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit of .08.

Dale and Tanya Shannon had been at a party in Streator.

The LaSalle County sheriff says Dale Shannon was not wearing a seatbelt.

Tanya Shannon disappeared after the crash.

Authorities say searches of the field surrounding the accident site haven’t turned up anything.

  • soxside rick

    nice seeing a mother care about her children or child…why dont you let the kid have a puff of your cigarette and a drink off your beer since you guys like to party that hard…

    • Dave

      it looks like shes holding it for the kid to smoke. LOL

  • AlCC108

    Well it doesn’t matter now because both of her parents are dead. Show a little compassion.

  • Stash

    Hey Southside Rick,you put a R instead of a D in your posting name

  • Stash

    Hey Dave what are you holding?

  • Gerald Veselsky

    Very nice with that cig in her hand right in the kids face whats the matter iwith people? I mean where in the hell could she be how far could she have got after a horrific crash like that? Is someone doing a misery on her?

  • not sayin jus sayin

    she looked ripped out of her mind…. she also have devil eyes…. dont have em if u cant raise em….. something up forsure and it aint right……….poor kid…..she will eventually reunite with her child on jerry springer…..lmao!

  • A caring person

    Wow! Sometimes people just blow my mind! People make mistakes. We are not all perfect like all of you! Have some respect for the family and friends that might be reading these messages. That is…. if you know what respect is.

    My thoughts and prayers for the family and friends.

    A caring person

  • soxside rick

    not that i dont care, i just dont like the way children get put in these nasty environments……this poor kid had two parents that cared enough to get hammered more than that one time…..i hate the smell of cigarrettes and the destruction they do to people…i lived in a house with two smoking parents, i have bad asthma and allergies to the smoke… wife quit smoking the day we found out she was pregnant, my mom doesnt dare smoke in her own house around my kids….i hope she does not have any head trauma for her to just get lost in the cold and die, but maybe this was her escape….who knows, but that picture does not help in her story or defense…..

  • John R

    I’ve got a feeling the lady is gonna turn up alive, and charged with murder.

  • righttrack

    A lot of people have already commented on what I notcied in the pic. She’s got that damn cigarette right in the kid’s face. For that, she should be charged with child endangerment. Poor parenting, hillbilly white-trash.

  • KL

    Regardless of what the parents did have some compassion for the 4 children that are left behind. I’m sure they are hurting and miss there parents very much! What a tragic situation for all involved.

  • liza

    Let him that has no sin cast the first stone….

  • kimberly

    4 kids are now orphaned because their white trash parents had no common sense. They are better off. Their white trash father drove drunk, the stupid as-ed wife got in the car with him and look what happened? When you are non- educated, from a low economic background and in desperate need of AA, these tragedies occur. Yeah, people make mistakes, but not ones like this. Tanya probably would have survived if she didn’t walk off. They didn’t know the dangers of drunk driving? They never spoke to their oldest daughters about it? I feel sorry for those girls…. I hope they come out of this wiser and sharper.

  • melissa

    omg i knew this family personally, i babysat their kids. THey were not at all white trash. They loved their girls very much. Obviously noone has ever been smoking a cigarette and had a child run up to them. They were at a x-mas party for the company he worked for. Most people who go to company x-mas party’s drink. that does not make them bad parents. Or is everyone who goes to x-mas party n has kids r horrible ppl for enjoying the company of their spouse and havin a few drinks. obviously they were goin through a hard time. could u ppl think about their girls? they just lost the 2 most important ppl in the world to them.

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