Another Dog Attacked By Coyotes In Wheaton

WHEATON (CBS) — The coyote problems in west suburban Wheaton continue.

For the second time in the past month, a small dog has been attacked by coyotes in that city. Unlike a fatal attack in November, though, the Bichon that was attacked by three coyotes in the far west suburb last week survived and is back home with its family, police said.

The dog was outside in a residential rear yard on Marywood Trail when it was attacked late Thursday night, a release from Wheaton police said. A few minutes after letting the dog outside, its owner heard the dog yelping, police said.

The owner looked outside and saw three coyotes attacking the small dog. As the pet owner ran outside the three coyotes ran to the rear of the yard. The owner then yelled at the coyotes, which caused them to leave the area, police said. The dog suffered numerous bite wounds, but it survived. The dog was taken to a veterinarian, where it was treated and released.

On Nov. 19, a small dog was fatally attacked in the 100 block of south Gables in Wheaton. The dog was outside in a backyard for less than 20 minutes, police said. When the dog’s owner went outdoors to check on it, the dog was found dead in the neighbor’s yard. While no one observed that actual attack, a coyote was seen in the area shortly after the police arrived. Police believe it was possible that a coyote was responsible for the attack on that small dog.

Wheaton police remind residents that small pets and small children should always be monitored by an adult when outdoors. When residents see coyotes, they should take action, such as shouting or making other loud noises or threatening gestures at them. Coyotes are wild animals, and are not domesticated. Residents are also urged to call 911 anytime a wild animal acts aggressively toward humans.

Coyotes are increasingly common in the Midwest and have been sighted within Chicago. Last week, city firefighters rescued one of the wild animals after it became trapped on breakaway ice on Lake Michigan near Fullerton Avenue.

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  • PreferCoyotestoYipYaps

    Watch your little dogs and they won’t get attacked; or put up protective fencing to keep the coyotes out of your back yard. The way I see it, we are invading the coyotes’ territory and the coyotes are just doing what is instinctual.

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  • Dee

    Don’t leave your little dogs unsupervised. I agree that the coyotes are only doing what is instinctual. If we are going to keep taking away the space in which these animals reside then people need to adjust and learn how to coexist.

  • Natasha

    Residents of Wheaton are very blessed to have so much forest preserve open land. The city recommends 8′ fences for dog owners. Perhaps this media attention will encourage Wheaton dog owners to comply and become responsible going forward. We have coyotes now, people! Deal with it! (Sorry to the little bichon that was left by its owner without protection.)

    • Guy

      I doubt that 8 foot fences are allowed. Most areas are restricted to 6 foot or, in front of houses, 4′.

  • Ann

    Sorry for the little dog, but this has been going on in Wheaton for a long time. Watch your dogs people, how many more have to get hurt or killed because you can’t keep you eye on them.

    • Tony Christopher

      Ann, you are right, people want dogs but don’t want responsibilty to care for them properly.
      Wheaton should check for fences before giving out licenses for dogs. if no fence, remove the dog for it’s own safety..

      Too many people have dogs, cats as a status statement. Really don’t care/,

  • T. Diddy

    I trap coyotes shoot them in the head and skin em. I would like to see one mess with my German shepard.

    • some people

      Wow. That’s real nice. Sicko. In the eyes of the Coyotes your “German Shepard” is a snack.

      • Guy

        Guess again!

  • Josie

    So sad to keep hearing that people are continuing to leave their animals unattended in an unsecure area where there are known coyote attacks. You must leash your dog and walk them OR build a fence around your property. The wildlife in the area is not something new. They have been there a long time and are adapting to all of the people that are living there. The people are not adapting and stubbornly trying to fight nature. If you have a small dog, you need to watch for hawks and fox as well. It really is common sense and good pet ownership. Sorry for the sweet dog that got attacked. I hope your family makes it more secure for you to be outside.

  • delano

    Suburban areas are not the only being occupied by coyotes as a resident of southshore/rianbowbeach i encounter them often

  • Tony Christopher

    People apparently are not paying attention to news. More coyote activity in area, why would you leave an animal outside/ If you care about it, don’t leave it alone.

    People who caan’t care for animals properly should not own them

  • Ann

    Tony, Love your idea about the fences. Some people can’t afford them, if that is the case, they need to stay outside with their small animals, especially in the evenings. My Dog means too much to me, to have her go out alone in the evening. No matter how cold or wet it is, I go with her.

  • jc

    I live in Bloomingdale and have seen a coyote twice in one week right behind my three foot chainlink fence with a cat in its mouth!

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