There’s a saying in the NFL, that on any given Sunday, any team can win the game. While the Vikings and Bears might be having two different seasons, either team could win tonight.

In a game where the stadium and weather conditions have received more talk than the game itself, the Bears could find themselves under prepared mentally for a Vikings team with nothing to lose.

Teams with nothing to lose can either act as a spoiler or can give up on the season, because for them there’s also nothing to gain.

“No, that was a weird situation,” Paul Allen, the voice of the Minnesota Vikings, said on the Mully and Hanley Show when asked if the Vikings quit against the Giants, last week. “It was a pretty competitive game up to halftime. Then the Giants got a touchdown, they got the ball in the second half and when they went up 21-3, that was it.”

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According to Allen, the Vikings didn’t give their best effort in the second half. And some of the team’s most reliable players were anything but.

“One of the strange things in the second half is that…two of the three best tacklers on the team, E.J. Henderson and Chad Greenway, had really bad second halves,” Allen said.

The second half wasn’t the typical Vikings’ performance. On short notice, the team’s game was moved from their home stadium to Detroit’s Ford Field when the Metrodome’s roof collapsed.

“I think focus waned,” Allen said. “And it was just a very unique situation and it was just another distraction in a season full of distractions.”

While that may have been the case in last week’s game, Allen assured Mully and Hanley that that wouldn’t be the case against the Bears.

“The Bears are going to get [the Viking’s] best tonight. I don’t know if the Vikings’ best is going to be good enough to win, but the Bears will get the get the best effort that these fans have seen in a little bit.”

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