Corey Wootton’s first NFL sack might be the last sack that Brett Favre ever takes. But if it wasn’t for all of Wootton’s hard work, he may not have had the opportunity.

Some rookies are thrown into the fire right out of training camp. Others, and many times with the Bears’ rookies, they spend some time on the practice squad before they’re put into NFL games.

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This was the case with D.J. Moore. After spending his rookie season on the practice squad, he’s now filling an important role as the nickle back on the Bears’ defense. While it initially looked as if it might take Wootton until next season to start seeing meaningful minutes in the NFL, he has improved and earned a spot and playing time on the NFL roster

“I think it’s just a little bit of everything,” Wootton said on the Danny Mac Show when asked what about his game has improved to give him this opportunity. “The coaches have told me that they’ve seen my improvement with just about everything, puss rush to my technique in the run. Just every aspect of my game, they’ve seen noticed improvement in.”

Wootton is in a great opportunity to learn from, possibly, the greatest defensive end to ever play the game, and he knows it.

“Just looking at the way he practices,” Wootton said of Julius Peppers. “A player like him, someone who has been in the league eight, nine, ten years. He Practices like it’s his first year, like he’s trying to earn a spot. And I have a lot of respect for a guy like that.”

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