Up next for the Chicago Bears is the 10-4 New York Jets, a team that entered the season with high expectations, but is still looking for an identity.

There’s plenty of talent on the Jets’ roster, but the Bears can quickly limit their offense by doing one thing.

“Here’s what the Bears have to do,” Brad Biggs said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “They have to stop the run. Because [Mark] Sanchez could be somewhat effective, throwing the ball, if they’re in an eight-man front, and they’re having difficulty stopping the run, and he can bait them in with some play-action.”

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That’s not exactly a stellar endorsement for the Jets’ passing attack, but it’s pretty accurate considering their entire roster.

“If you evaluate that Jets roster, from top to bottom and side to side,” Biggs said. “The quarterback is the problem there. Let’s be really honest.”

With any young quarterback in the NFL, getting pressure on them is the easiest way to force them into making mistakes. But if the Bears have to commit eight defensive players to shutting down the running game, they’ll be able to get less people in Sanchez’s face.

“If they shut down the run,” Biggs said. “They can get after Sanchez and really put a hurting on this Jets team. Which I think has been overrated, for the most part, this season.”

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