The Bears have risen to the top of the NFC, in seemingly surprising fashion to everyone but themselves.

But there are still those who doubt the team, and it seems like these doubters are always voicing their opinions.

“We’ve won ten games,” Bears tight end Greg Olsen said. “We’ve beaten some pretty good teams. People can still say what they want about what we can do and what we can’t do.”

And they most definitely will, but the team’s response to these doubters goes back as far the criticism itself.

“Since the first day of training camp we have had the same answer that we do today,” Olsen said. “We’re not really worried about what these ‘so-called experts’ say.”

It’s been since the criticism began in training camp that the Bears have been preparing the biggest “I told you so” possible.

Their stance has always been that they believe in each other and their schemes. And that if they stay the course, all will be fine.

However, it seems as if the Bears’ self-confidence was never enough.

“I think everyone wants to just be the guy standing there saying, ‘I told you so,’ if God forbid we slip up. But we’re not going to. And they’ll eventually all be on our side after it’s all done.”

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