Moseley Braun: Sun-Times’ Steinberg ‘A Drunk And Wife Beater’

Mayoral Candidate Rips Journalist After Unflattering Column

CHICAGO (WBBM) — Carol Moseley Braun drew applause from supporters today when she lashed out at Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg.

Steinberg on Monday wrote a column that painted the Chicago mayoral candidate in a negative light – and he suggested she lacks common sense.

During a news conference, Moseley-Braun called Steinberg “a drunk and a wife beater.”

“It’s the truth,” she said, with a laugh. “The Sun-Times ought to do better by Chicagoans than to give this man a platform … for his divisive rantings.”

Steinberg was arrested in 2005 after hitting his wife, but prosecutors dropped domestic battery charges after he completed a court-ordered alcohol treatment program.

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The Monday column, titled “Carol, I Miss You Already,” mocked the idea of a Moseley Braun administration, and treated a Rahm Emanuel victory in the mayoral race as a foregone conclusion.

“I’m half tempted to go into denial, after Emanuel is elected, and write columns tracking, not his advent, but the lurches and stumbles of an imaginary Mayor Moseley Braun,” Steinberg wrote.

Sun-Times Editor Don Hayner said the paper stands by Steinberg’s right to express his opinion.

Steinberg responded on Wednesday: “The difference between my past and hers is that I have done the hard work to change myself, while she remains exactly what she was, alas. If a person cannot tolerate one teasing column, how can she hope to be mayor of a great city?”

  • Vicky

    Emanuel is already as good as mayor; everyone knows that the Crook County elections are rigged. p.s.- Moseley-Braun is a racist.

    • KE

      Yes she is

  • Norm

    Carol, O Carol—Thy Tolerance Level is running on empty.

  • formoso

    Stick to the issues, Ms. Moseley-Braun. You could take a lesson from Rahm Emanuel, who knows when to be a gentleman. Surely you have more pressing matters to attend to in your run for Mayor of Chicago.

  • ucity88

    LOL! THIS is why I will never vote for Sista Girl again…1992 was enough. Go back to your organic whatever business, Ambassador.

    • Cloud9

      Some of us have not forgot the 1992 scandal with her Mother and her Ex-Fiancee’. She still hasn’t paid back all of the campaign money from ’92 and she can’t pay her mortgage or pay the guy who fronted her money for her defunct organic whatever. Bill Clinton sent Sista Girl to New Zealand for a reason. LOL~

  • jack

    what the difference between him and tv jesse same platform

  • Cloud9

    They both are RACIST. Danny Davis just stated “There’s no doubt who I am, I’m black.” as if my vote should automatically go to him for him being black and nothing else. They both keep talking about the Black Community and ghetto voters. I’m black and they don’t speak for me.

    • ChgoMike

      I applaud Americans like yourself, being a hyphenated citizen and representing only one group of people prevents this country from moving forward. Do you know what they call Black people in England? British.

      • LeeBean

        @ Cloud 9 – I agree with 100%. I am so sick of the “race card” that’s being played in politics. Let’s get to the issues. I am Black as well but more importantly I am a citizen of Chicago…an American. The tile is Mayor of Chicago, not Mayor if African-Americans. Thank you for posting that.

        @ ChgoMike – Yes, I agree with you on the British thing…so true.

  • Robert C.

    As an African American who is a staunch Barack Obama supporter, it amazes me to see fellow/lady African Americans rebelling against Rahm Emmanual’s candidacy. Mr. Emmanual is endorsed by President Obama, which is good enough for me!

  • Larry

    This whole election is a joke. There are no issues. Voters have already made up their minds based on things other than issues. Rahm should just remain reticent until the election, and, sadly, he’ll coast in. None of this will be good for this city.

  • jesse jr.

    I have not seened the issues fully discussed in this election.
    Stick to city issues and how to resolve them .

  • Bill Keegan

    You are a Crook,Racist.Thief and Habitual Liar. Leave Steinburg alone and stick to the needs of the People. How does his Rehab for Alcohol Addiction play into your Campaign. He Made a Mistake.Can you say that you have never had a Moral Lack of Judgement. Your Mother and Ex Fiance may beg to Differ. Shut up and watch Rahm Emanuel get Elected and take your Racist ass back to the Black Hole you were living in before Mayor Daley decided to retire!!!!!!!

  • t walker

    I think carol handled the situation like she should have, just because you can beat and stump on other women because they allow you to does’nt mean i will let you.

  • S Gerrnberg

    We all can agree that a man should never put his hands on a women, carol did right thing by making chicagoans aware of whom the chicago sun-times give platforms privileges to.

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  • streamwood bill

    Geez, carol. Grow up. Sticks and stones. You are the crook, You are the one wth the sordid past and you want us to trust you with the government of this great city? I hope the citizens of Chicago are onto you ! Some of us have not forgot the 1992 scandal with her Mother and her Ex-Fiancee’. She still hasn’t paid back all of the campaign money from ’92 and she can’t pay her mortgage AND YOU WANT TO MANAGE THE CITY?

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