By David Schuster–

After scoring 78 points in their 2 preceding games the Bears offense went into hibernation up here in Green Bay. The old bug a boos returned as the offense line failed to protect Jay Cutler witness 6 sacks. At times Cutler was running for his life and at others he was (again) throwing it up for grabs. He ended up with 2 interceptions on the day but it easily could have been 6 or more.

Matt Forte ran hard and reached a milestone becoming the only other Bears running back to reach 1,000 yards rushing and 500 yards receiving but that was about it. The wide receivers never could get open all day and the line continually collapsed.

Greg Olson said the Bears held nothing back and that actually makes it even scarier. If they would have gone into the game with a vanilla offensive plan it would have been one thing but they say they threw the kitchen sink at the Packers, whether true or not.

So now it’s a look ahead toward the post season and plain and simple the offense will have to score points. The New Orleans Saints will be the Bear’s likely first opponent and they have a very potent offense so to take the pressure off the defense, the Bears will need to put some touchdowns on the board.

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