No quarterback in Bears’ history has put together a better two-year stretch than Jay Cutler has in his first two season in Chicago. But, Cutler has no playoff experience in his five-year NFL career.

“I tend to undervalue, I guess, playoff experience,” Aikman said. ” I mean, is there a benefit to having it? Yeah, I think there is. But that’s not to imply that if you don’t have it, that you can’t go out there and play great and play well. Even if you’re a young football team.”

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While some Bears’ players have experienced the run to the Super Bowl a few years ago, many of them have little or no playoff experience at all. And as Aikman said, that shouldn’t stand as too much of a deterrent when establishing expectations.

As the number two-seed in the NFC, the Bears will have a week off before they start preparing for their game. That rest will play a big factor in how far this team can go in the postseason.

“I think that the time off next week will serve [the Bears] well,” Aikman said. “They’ll play at home. I’d be surprised if they don’t play really well. And I know that that’s not a guarantee, but I will be surprised if Chicago is not advancing, and not at least playing in the Championship game.”

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