Sheriff Busts Dogfight In Progress In Maywood

Updated 1/03/2011 at 10 p.m.

MAYWOOD, Ill. (CBS) – Seven people were arrested and two wounded pit bulls rescued by Cook County Sheriff’s police who raided a dogfight in progress in the west suburbs last week.

Last Thursday, the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Animal Crimes Unit was in the process of serving a search warrant for animal cruelty and neglect of owner’s duties involving a pit bull in Maywood.

While conducting surveillance on the residence, located on the 700 block of South 3rd Avenue in the west suburb, investigators observed a man entering the home with a different pit bull on a leash, and a number of additional people going into the home as well, a release from sheriff’s police said.

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Minutes later, sheriff’s police officers surrounded the home and executed the search warrant.

Inside, police came upon a dogfight in progress, with the two pit bulls locked in battle on the basement floor of the home. After being forcibly separated, workers from the Animal Welfare League removed the two dogs and took them to their facility in Chicago Ridge for immediate veterinary care.

“We didn’t enter a moment too soon,” cook County Sheriff Tom Dart told CBS 2’s Mike Parker. “The one dog, honestly, if we were five minutes later, that dog was dead.”

He says there was no betting going on.

“This was just their form of entertainment. They’re coming out there to watch a dog get killed,” Dart said.

In total, seven people were arrested at the house, according to the sheriff’s office. But only six have been charged.

Jonathan Holt, 28, of the 700 block of South 3rd Street in Maywood has been charged with dogfighting.

Tara Jackson, 19, and Ebony Jackson, 21, both of the 2000 block of South 13th Street in Maywood; Kevin Hicks, 25, of the 2700 block of West Maypole in Chicago; Aaliyah Jackson, 18, of the 500 block of South 5th Street in Maywood; and Andre Gaines, 24, of the 1900 block of 5th Street in Maywood all have been charged with attending a dogfight.

Gaines was also arrested on a Cook County warrant for weapons possession, aggravated assault and possession of a controlled substance, according to the release.

Bond has been set at $10,000 for Jonathan Holt, Ebony Jackson, Kevin Hicks, and Aaliyah Jackson, according to the sheriff’s office.

Tara Jackson received a $5,000 bond and Andre Gaines is being held without bond. The next court date for all six offenders is January 4 in Maywood.

Charges are pending for another man arrested at the dogfight who was hospitalized for an unrelated condition.

Dart says he wishes he had more troops to throw into the war on dog-fighting. His budget, he says, is too tight right now.  

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Karen Madsen

    Very sad. I”m glad the dogs were rescued. Funny, you never see dog fighting arrests in Barrington! Throw the book at these thugs.

    • sam

      True… al the dirty laundry is kept behind the manicured lawns. Be serious!

      • LOTD

        @ Jim…………………VERY WELL PUT!!!

      • Jim

        Serious is that these things are 20times more likely to happen in a minority neighborhood. For God sake, people in “nicer” parts don’t get a kick out of their dog being mauled, or worry about making a quick buck at any cost rather they take care of their pets. Look at the facts before being so quick to jump

  • Diz

    Bob, that’s not even a bit humorous—it’s cruel!

    These people should be imprisoned for a long, long time. They are sick people who could probably never be rehabilitated like Michael Vick has shown!

    • bob

      Vick is only rehabilitated to a tune of 1.6 mil this year and 5.3 mil next year. He’ll say or do anything to get that fat paycheck. You hate these people but love Vick. Why, because he can play footbal. Football addicts show a blind eye to any heinus acts as long as their guy wins the game. The owners only care about winning the game.

  • kat

    I want the judges to come down hard on these people.
    I want the people that we elected to Start Doing Their Jobs.

    • sam

      Run for office and make a difference, that’s the key, then you can make the changes. GOOD LUCK.

  • Nan

    This is so sad. These poor helpless creatures don’t deserve to be treated like this. Those arrested should be locked up for a good long time and be forced to learn to be more kind to animals.

  • barb smith

    What the hell is wrong with these people – maybe they should be put in a ring with some pit bulls and see how that comes out – or at the very least, they should be locked up for a long time and never be allowed to have contact with animals or small children – people who do these sort of things are cowards and that’s why they prey on innocent children and animals.

  • Stewart

    ANYTHING BUT WORK!!!! Prosecute them to the fullest

    • sam

      I concur!

  • Moe

    Wonder when they get out of jail and get jobs will the President of the United States call their bosses to say thank you for hiring them? Yes, lets give VIck his job back so others think hey its ok to do this. Nice job politicians and the owner of the Vikings.

    • Lisa

      What he did off the field should NOT stop him from getting a 2nd chance, hence one 2nd chane!!

    • sam

      He plays for the EAGLES… duh!

  • sam

    nope but I think ur mother was knocking at the door

    • Lisa


  • sam

    This is a crime and they should be prosecuted, as I owner of a beautiful choc lab, I can’t even imagine her going thru this abuse. However, the humor isn’t funny and the sarcasm is juvenile. Be an agent of change and quit ur complaining.

    • sam

      correction (as I am:)

  • Josh

    was michael vick there???

  • Lisa

    I WISH I could PUSH people like this into a pit FULL OF LIONS!!! I’d do it too with no after thought!

  • Lisa

    It ISN’T a RACE thing! Michael Vick lived in a VERY RICH neighborhood!!

  • Elisa

    This is very sad! Thankfully there are some people in this world that fight for the rights of animals outside of humans. Does anyone know what will happen to these poor unfortunate dogs!? I

  • Terry

    Have you all lost your minds???? This is about animal abuse and not about cultural or racial issues at all. Geeez! Get your priorities in order…all of you.

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