Woman Calls 911 To Try To Force Boyfriend To Propose

CHICAGO (WBBM) — A woman from Chicago’s Northwest Side wanted to start the New Year with a marriage proposal, with help from police.

As WBBM’s Julie Mann reports, the woman is now facing criminal charges.

Ana Perez, 40, called 911 around 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, claiming her boyfriend was attacking her.

When police arrived, she changed her story, admitting she was trying to scare her boyfriend into marrying her.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Julie Mann Reports

Police in the Grand Central District were not amused, and charged Perez with disorderly conduct.

“She called 911 to scare him and have the police force him to marry her,’’ according to Grand Central District police Capt. Grand Central District Capt. Ronald Pontecore

Pontecore said the officers raced to the scene, believing a woman was in danger, “only to find out its something ridiculous like that.’’

The boyfriend, according to police, had no intention of marrying Perez and was in the process of breaking up with her.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report

  • April Holman

    seriously??? oh brother!

  • Mom of 3

    RUN BUDDY, RUN AWAY FAST!!!!! She’s psycho to do something like that!

  • Jennifer

    Amazing that people like this are allowed to vote, drive cars, own guns, and raise kids.

    • Jane

      I Agree, there needs to be a test for all those things.

      • Steve

        There is…

  • Clarence E. Gideon

    And she will get a government financed lawyer to defend her.

    • mest

      These days if you go into any court without a lawyer you’re doomed. If this woman can’t afford a lawyer on her own, she would be well advised to request legal aid.

      Everyone is entitled to fair and equal representation, otherwise the well heeled will rule.

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  • iris

    She needs a shrink.

  • guest

    Probably a good thing the cops showed up. She may have killed him.

  • Sunny

    I saw a video of a man having a cop friend pull them over, go through ‘get out of the car, walk back towards my car’ bit, before the boyfriend proposed. But this is comnpletely rediculous.

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  • whatswrongwithpeople?

    Shame on this s for brains. Domestic violence is real and b’s like this who make up stories about abuse make me sick. Fine her and put her in jail.

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  • James Donaldson

    I dated a woman like this… I was saving up to buy a lap top (at that time they were really expensive) and she started begging me to let her loan me money. Really. She accused me of not trusting her. I could have waited a couple of months but to convince her that I did trust her I finally agreed and gave her four post dated checks totaling the exact amount borrowed, so she could cash one every pay period for the next two months (I was in the Navy at the time). However, almost immediately after I borrowed it she started threatening to cash them all at once if I didn’t start treating her “more nicely.”
    I believe that she thought this would lead to us getting closer…

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