Kyle Orton was a key part of the trade that brought Jay Cutler to Chicago. He was supposed to be a quarterback that the Broncos could win with. Now it looks like Orton will be on the move again.

The head coach that traded Cutler away from Denver, Josh McDaniels, is no longer part of the organization. And according to a report by the Denver Post, all it will take is a second round draft pick for Orton to meet the same fate.

After drafting Tim Tebow, the clock started to tick on Orton’s Denver career. When the team made the decision to start Tebow, that clock had run out.

Orton, more than likely, doesn’t want to become a backup quarterback to Tebow, and Brady Quinn, the Broncos third quarterback, could easily fill that role. So as a result, Orton could find himself in a trade once again. This time it probably won’t steal so many headlines.

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