Plainfield Teacher Charged With Sex With Student, 16

Updated 1/5/11 – 9:53 p.m.

PLAINFIELD, Ill. (CBS) — A suburban high school teacher was in jail Wednesday, charged with having sex with a 16-year-old student.

Ashley Blumenshine, 27, was arrested behind a Kohl’s department store in Plainfield on Tuesday. Police caught her in a car with a 16-year-old boy and determined that they’d had sex shortly before the officers arrived.

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Blumenshine’s attorney said she is innocent.

CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports that Blumenshine, who most recently lived in the 4300 block of Nutmeg Lane is Lisle, has taught dance and physical education at Plainfield North High School for four years. But her popularity might have gone too far.

“I remember she’s a really nice lady,” Plainfield North High School graduate Michael Deland said.

Around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, a Plainfield police officer arrested Blumenshine after allegedly catching her in a car with a student outside the Kohl’s department store at 11860 S. Route 59 in Plainfield.

“The person in the back was partially unclothed,” said Plainfield Police Chief William Doster of the 16-year-old boy.

Police noticed two vehicles in the parking lot were sitting much farther out from the store than other vehicles in the lot.

On Wednesday, the Will County State’s Attorney’s office charged Blumenshine with aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

“They made certain statements to the officer that led them to believe that that’s what went on,” Doster said. He said the affair appears to have been going on for a month or so.

“Sad for the teacher, sad for the student, sad for the school, sad for the community,” said Doster.

“Our first priority is always the safety and security of our students,” said Tom Hernandez, Dir. of Community Relations for District 202.

When asked if Blumenshine would be allowed to teach while out on bond, Hernandez said, “At this point, she is not in the building.”

He says a substitute will take over Blumenshine’s classes at Plainfield North High School.

The school also provided students with counseling.

“There are certainly students who are upset by the situation,” said Hernandez.

“It’s kind of shameful to our school and, I don’t know, it’s upsetting a little bit,” Deland said.

Doster said, “Some of the students are upset about the whole thing. It does get to be a little traumatic for the students.”

Tyler Recek, who graduated from Plainfield North High School last year, said news of the arrest spread quickly around town.

“I found out just a little bit ago, but my friends found out last night over the phone, Facebook everything else,” Recek said.

CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman reports that after Blumenshine bonded out of jail Wednesday afternoon, she covered her face. People close to her walked her to a car and helped her into the backseat before driving off.

Recent Plainfield North High School graduate Nikki Conway says, “It was like losing a friend, I guess, to some of the senior girls.”

Conway said that Blumenshine was a popular staff member, and fellow male students would often talk about her.

“No one’s going to lie, she’s really pretty,” said Conway. “It was always just a joke though, I mean, everyone flirted with her. She was always nice to all the guys, all the teachers.”

Conway said Blumenshine was also nice to all the girls.

“So it was never expected at all,” she said of the charges.

  • Meaty Chud

    Good lord, don’t you know it. Lucky kid. She’s not a 10, but she’s a PE teacher, so probably nice bod. Pretty stupid to do that in freaking public, though. Geez drive out to a field somewhere, there’s plenty of them around Plainfield. Morons.

  • bfife

    Don’t tell me the kid didn’t pursue her!!!! He knew what he wanted!!!!

  • Chris

    Nothing like a little rape to raise the blood prssure.

    Educational Background:
    Major: PE
    Minor: Rape

    • bfife

      No rape here! He consented and wanted her!

      • bfife

        yes he can consent!

      • moron

        He can consent all he want’s, still illegal.

      • educated

        it’s statuory rape–he is only 16 and legally cannot consent

  • Dave

    So many questions…

    She’s not that bad looking, why do it?

    Why do it in a Kohl’s parking lot?

    Why do it at 6 pm?

    Precisely how did the police determine “that they’d had sex shortly before the officers arrived”?

    • Get in there nice and deep

      Why do it? Because it’s awesome and she kinda hot

      Why do it in Kohls Parking lot? Because after they were done she bought him some Sponge Bob Square Pants Boxers

      Why at 6? He had to finish his homework first.

    • mark

      PLEASE, as a 15 year old boy in 1975, one of my lady teachers showed me the same lesson… It did me no harm, and I was a GOD to my friends!

      The boy was not harmed. Sure, it’s not legal, but then again, a 16 year old is not a BOY, he’s a young MAN.

      Give her a day off without pay, make her pick up trash for three days on the highway and get over it.

  • Laura

    Plainfield cops are a joke. No witness, no admission of guilt, no crime. She should walk.
    And the “boy” (gimme a break, a 16-year-old isn’t a boy) will walk with a swagger.

    • Mike

      Laura are you kidding me with this comment?? Have you not read any follow ups to this case?? Apparently not. Both parties admitted to having sex and the used condom was recovered from the car. And Im sorry did the Police do something wrong in this case?? Oh maybe just their jobs!!
      Yes we all know the boy consented to sex even though it is not legal he wanted to sleep with her. But bottom line is its illegal and she as the adult knows better and needs to make better decisions. Lets reverse the genders around a bit and say its a 27 year old male gym teacher and a 16 year old girl student. Your comment would be totally different as would most. Illegal is illegal period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Van Halen

    Hot for Teacher!

  • FR

    She looks good enough (about a 9) that it benefitted the boy greatly. She should not be charged.

    • Jim

      A 9??? Dude, come to L.A. She’s an L.A. 6 at best.

      • GO

        We’re not in L.A. + in LA their all PLASTIC.

  • wouldntyouliketoknow

    First of all this teacher is an Ace. Secondly, I would like to know how the police “determined” that they had sex. For all we know this is another bs charge brought to you by the nothing better to do Plainfield Pig bellys.

  • Ian

    On the one hand, this is a 16 year old boy. I was a 16 year old boy once, I know all about the raging hormones. I’m willing to bet any money that HE came on to HER.
    On the other hand, reading the comments has given me the impression that nobody really thinks this was wrong. What if it were a male teacher (who is a “9”) and a 16 year old girl? Or a (gay) male teacher (who is a “9”) and a (gay) 16 year old male? Would y’all be so quick to let them off?

    • Female

      I don’t think everyone’s acceptance is because of her gender. Yes, I’m sure it has something to do with it because it doesn’t seem as bad, I guess. But, I think it is because this is happening so often now (or it is in the news so often) that its turning into something “normal.”

      Either way, I don’t really think it is “bad” (wrong, definitely) as long as the student is consenting, I mean we all know that high schoolers aren’t innocent.

  • John

    Bottom line is she should have waited 2 years for the kid. It’s pretty stupid.

    • kelo

      She should get someone her own age !!

    • bob

      One year or less, Illinois consent laws are 17. And him being a junior about to start 2nd semester i’m sure hes very close to being 17.

      • Mike

        Actually Bob Illinois laws are 17 UNLESS the person is in a position of authority. Which in her case being a teacher she is.

      • hot4teacher

        bob, age of consent when a teacher/student is 18..dont ask why but it is,otherwise its 17

  • Katie

    Ashley blumenshine was my teacher, I never saw this coming but I must say it is sad because Plainfield north is loosing an amazing teacher.

    • SmoothmoveKatie

      She obviously didn’t teach you how to spell. Losing is spelled with one ‘o’ not two of them.

      • Female

        She is a PE teacher, she wouldn’t have much to do with teaching them how to spell.

        so, smooth move, “Smoothmovekatie.”

    • Isabel

      My brother had her. He said she was really nice and would never do anything like that. My Mom and her would talk at conferences. She was nice to me to. She couldn’t wait for me to join the dance team when I get there (I’m a dancer and I’m only 11) and now I’ll never get to see her!

  • Judy

    These most ridiculous comments I’ve ever read. Kids, this is a comment section for adults not heavy breathing little boys!

    • Senser81

      Judy’s jealous.

    • lolJudy

      “These most ridiculous” English is a hell of a language! Before bashing “Kids” for leaving comments here, because it’s “for adults”, I would suggest you learn to spell like one.

  • Kels

    She obviously lives with her parents to still have high school tendencies to have sex in a car?!?!!

  • Bill

    Is there a difference between a 16 year old male student being seduced by an 27 year old female teacher and 16 year old female student being seduced by an 27 year old male teacher? If the answer is “Yes”, what does that say about sexual equality? It really goes back to thinking in terms of dominant male and submissive female role relationships. For some enlightened person who believes in sexual equality and looks upon the 27 year old male teacher as a sexual predator and yet when the roles are reversed, think of the 27 year old female teacher as experiencing sexual liberation, that enlightened person is nothing more than a hypocrite.

    • Average Guy

      No, more than a hypocrite. That enlightened person would be perverted. Minor means under age, under age means off-limits.

  • Larry

    Damn, she could make my Blum Shine anytime.

  • kelo

    Cant she find a MAN her age? EEWwww, disturbed I’d say, its like her little brother or something! And in a parking lot? How stupid! What a waste of a career! Shame on her!

  • me

    I’d have to wonder why she’d need to shag a 16 year old, she looks like she wouldn’t have any problem finding a man her own age. But then again maybe men her age don’t have the stamina and endurance of a 16 year old that she needed. I wish I could have back half what I had when I was 16!

    • rblake

      Cuz 16y/o’s are known for sexual stamina. More like 2 pump chumps.

  • Tom

    Based on the comment of Laura (above) she sounds pretty frustrated with the Plainfield Police Department. Sounds like she got turned down for similar activity by by the entire Plainfield PD.

  • Centurion

    In Aurora, they would have been accused of being drug dealers, and the cops would have impounded their cars, taken their cash and any other personal possession they could hock at the local pawn shop.

  • Lew

    She looks like Trishelle from the Real World Las Vegas

    • rblake

      oh em gee. Nobody else watches that. Just you…

  • Jake

    Wow, how is that rape, rape happens only if you’d not want it, anyone in there right mind would take that, and get it in ;D

    • rblake

      I say have sex with her…she wants it. Even if she doesn’t know it yet.

  • A citizen

    More and more I read about underage-sex being perpetrated by female teachers on teenage boys – but the double standard in the judicial system continues to amaze me.

  • Van Damme

    I wish i could be raped by this Teacher. It feels so good

  • Dan

    Is it just me or is this country not in a recession with very HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT??? Why would you just give your job/ carrer away to be with a kid in the back seat of a car out in PUBLIC???? Are you that desperate to be with a male you have to pick a student?? PITIFUL.

  • teacherdoer

    why couldnt i bang a hot teache rlike that when i was in high school? the “kid” needs to step up big time. hes no victim lets be honest. he needs to deny it big time and help save her ass or come to court and look the jury in the eyes and tell them he wasnt “raped” and it was all consentual and hes no victim. call it like it is.

    • Female

      I agree, apparently it was consentual and they probably don’t have much evidence so they should both deny it.

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