Woman Caught On Tape Stealing $500 From Dunkin Donuts Customer

OAK PARK, Ill. (CBS) – A 66-year-old Oak Park woman has been charged with theft after allegedly stealing $500 in cash that a customer had dropped on the floor of a donut shop. As CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports, the entire incident was caught on surveillance video.

It happened just before Christmas in a Dunkin Donuts shop in the 7100 block of North Avenue in the western suburb.

Several security cameras were rolling as a local businessman accidently dropped a wad of cash on the floor and fails to notice it.

Moments later, another customer who police identify as Agnes Capello of Oak Park, walks up behind the man and picks up the cash. As the man turns around, the woman appears to conceal what she has, then leaves the store.

Oak Park Police Commander LaDon Reynolds said, “It doesn’t seem that she wants anyone else to know that she has picked it up.”

Based on the video, Reynolds said, “A reasonable person would conclude that she had the opportunity to return it to its rightful owner.”

Police arrested the woman, a regular customer at the shop, several days later when she returned.

On Wednesday night at her apartment, an unidentified man said Capello was not home and that he did not know when she would return.

Capello is due in court for a hearing on February 7th. She is facing a misdemeanor theft charge, and could escape jail time if she is convicted.

  • ron

    The right thing for her to do would have been to return the money. With that said, she didn’t go in the guy’s pocket and take the money. Therefore, she didn’t steal it and shouldn’t be troubled.

    • Erica Petrillose


    • Her Neighbor

      HAHAHAH this is hilarious I know this lady…

  • ko

    Finders Keepers… Not very Moral, but not a Crime. Not like she picked his pocket.

    • Cielo

      EXACTLY my point! Thank you.

  • jstcnw

    Get the money back to the stupid man and let her go. That was just too great a temptation just before Christmas! She did NOT see him drop it.

    • beth

      Why is he stupid and she’s not a thief??

      • Cielo

        He’s an idiot because he carried that much cash around with him in the first place. SHE is not a thief because 1. she didn’t pick his pocket and 2. she didn’t see it fall from his pocket. Why should she assume it was HIS money? I would have taken it, too and dropped it off with the police. If it wasn’t claimed then I could keep it..Maybe she was going to do the same.

  • hang em

    who cares. the law is the law. it wasnt her property,you cant have it. there is no ‘finders keepers” law..thats urban bunk

    • As I See It

      It seems the government has played “finders keepers” for centuries. So much for your “urban bunk.”

      • Erica Petrillose


  • JJ

    Who carries that much cash these days, thats why I like my debit card. I would’ve given the money back, then again not everbody makes as much as I do. IM RICH BIAAAATCH!!!!!

  • OPRF

    She did not see him drop it. She was walking away, saw the money, and picked it up. I do not think anyone would announce that they just found money on the ground. The right thing to do would have been to contact the police as lost-and-found. That way, you would be able to I.D. the rightful owner. I do not think she should have kept it, but it should go to the rightful person. Judgement call…

  • sgw

    George W.Bush robbed our treasury of our surplus, when will he be charge with theft?

    • SGEE

      Yeah, right. It just took two years for it to catch up?? Another DEM who wants to blame today’s ills on the past!

    • Smash Crasher

      Oh leave it alone already. You sound like a senseless Chatty Cathy doll, repeating the same liberal mantra over and over and over. Aren’t you tired of yourself?

      • Bruiser

        Now now – play nice.

  • eurethia

    i think she shouldn’t have to pay for something she didn’t do nothing.next person would have done his stupid fault he should had it in his walet..

  • JeanSC

    A $500 wad of cash should have been treated like other valuable lost items or pets, in which the finder reports it to the proper authority but requires the person who thinks it’s his property to provide some descriptive information known only to the real owner. More than once I’ve been the happy finder of greenbacks of various denominations, none over $5, on the sidewalk or on the floor of a crowded store. I’ve always looked around to see if anyone’s looking for it, before unobtrusively picking it up and moving along. Someday I could be the dope who loses a bill and is far gone before realizing it.

  • Vicky

    Every fart that you blow is on camera these days……peace out.

  • Vicky

    Welll, look at the video. how the hell should she have known who it belonged to?

  • Nick Chicago

    she will easily beat that in court,only her lawyer will bill her a 1000.00 for the

  • Jim

    I always try to pick up garbage off the streets to keep them clean, but according to this story I can be charged for stealing and should stop. It’s so stupic that they are charging her. My wife found $50 at a store, brought it to the front desk, and the guy that was behind us followed us and told them he lost the money. He came from his car so was the money sitting there while 100 people walked into the store or did he just “steal” the money. I have always taken the philosophy that if I find it I hold it for 2 weeks; if I see a sign stating that it is missing I will call the person and give it back to avoid it getting back to the wrong person. The right thing to do in my mind is a crime I guess…

  • Jackwagon

    Hey all u CSI investigators, its called theft because she has possession of LOST OR MISLAID property. And that is a crime. So all u lisberal bleeders out there STFU unless u know what ur talking about!!!!

  • http://www.streetwisepundit.com/chicago-crime-report-01-06-2011.php Chicago Crime report 01-06-2011 |

    […] via Woman Caught On Tape Stealing $500 From Dunkin Donuts Customer « CBS Chicago – Breaking News, Spo… […]

  • SGEE

    I really don’t think the video is conclusive. It looks to me like she didn’t see who dropped it. MAYBE, she thought she dropped it! And as far as her “efforts” to conceal it, it doesn’t show that to me. Since her back was turned when he dropped it, how would she know who dropped it?? Have any of you ever heard of the premise “Innocent until proven guilty”?

  • bill

    The principle is one of rule of law. All states have a staute that says one must make a reasonable effort to return found property. Not doing so is considered theft. However, if you support Obamacare, then you certainly support this woman’s choice to steal from someone else.

    • ah Ha moMent

      amen brother

  • http://darnellthenewsman.com/2011/01/06/woman-caught-on-tape-stealing-500-from-dunkin-donuts-customer/ Woman Caught On Tape Stealing $500 From Dunkin Donuts Customer « Hot Off D's Press
  • Breezio

    Based on information in the article, Agnes Capello is a thief. She took money that did not belong to her and she knew it. She revealed understanding of her guilt by trying to conceal the money she picked up from the man who dropped it. If she did not have the decency to try to return the money to the rightful owner, she should have kept her hands off of it and left it on the floor! When we omit acts of decency and integrity from our lives, we descend to the more base part of our nature and make the society we live in more hellish.

  • Down the Block

    hahahaha oh wow what a small world I know this lady…

    • Next door

      I know her too… That is so funny…

  • lovedinthekeys

    Not being judgmental (not my role) of the lady, I have found dropped money several times at stores, including coincidentally at a local donut shop. Since it was not my property, my PERSONAL decision was to turn it into the manager each time. People must make decisions that fall in line with the guiding of their conscience.

  • gee-reg

    She found it and did not see who dropped it She did not steal it. If she asked any one in there if they dropped the money they would have said yes now give it back to me Oak Park should go after the goons who walk around beating people and stealing their money but that won’t happen cause they are probably not little old white ladies

  • rex dart eskimo spy

    chicago is just upset because they didnt get to steal the money first.

  • Perseus317

    While I don’t condone the theft of the money, I’ve got to wonder about the judgement and outright carelessness of the man who carries such a big amount of cash so carelessly in his pocket. Someone like that is almost asking for trouble.

  • FunnyGuy

    I think everyone is failing to see the reason why the cops found her,….she was in a dounut shop

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