Illinois Lawmakers Propose 75 Percent Income Tax Hike

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (CBS) — Gov. Pat Quinn and the leaders of both houses of the Illinois General Assembly have agreed on raising the state income tax.

If the bill passes, the plan would raise the personal income tax rate from the current 3 percent to 5.25 percent. That’s a 75 percent increase. In real dollars, that would mean if you currently owe $1,000 in taxes, next year you would owe $1,750.

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The increase is for four years. After that, the personal income tax would go down to 3.75 percent.

The Democratic leaders in the Illinois General Assembly believe this income tax increase, a corporate tax hike, and a $1-per-pack tax increase on cigarettes would erase the state’s $15 billion budget deficit.

The permanent portion of the increase would be used several ways. Some would be devoted to schools and some to repaying an $8.5 billion loan that would be used to pay overdue bills, state Senate President John Cullerton said.

Another chunk would go to property tax relief in the form of annual $325 checks, he said. The checks would replace the property tax exemption that homeowners can now claim on their income taxes.

“I want to emphasize that it is just an outline that we’re working with, and that we’re talking to our members about,” said Cullerton spokeswoman Rikeesha Phelon. “But we’re looking at, possibly, a quarter of a percent that would possibly go for permanent property tax relief. We’re looking at .5 percent of that going toward paying unpaid bills.”

Cullerton said House Speaker Michael Madigan and Gov. Pat Quinn fully support the tax proposal, although Quinn once promised to veto any increase of that size.

Madigan’s spokesman said he couldn’t discuss the speaker’s position. The Senate has approved tax increases in the past, so the biggest question about this proposal is whether Madigan can find enough votes to get it through the House.

The governor’s office put out a statement that stopped short of saying the three leaders had reached a final agreement. Rank-and-file legislators said Quinn described the tax plan to them earlier in the day and portrayed it as a deal among all three of the powerful Democrats.

Democrats say they have no choice but to raise taxes as one part of a solution to Illinois’ massive budget crisis. The state deficit could reach $15 billion in the coming year. The government is borrowing money to cover some obligations, letting bills go unpaid for months and cutting corners everywhere from state prisons to state parks.

The state House is expected to caucus and discuss the income tax hike later Friday, but most likely vote on it next week.

The state Senate is not back in session until Monday, which is the earliest it would vote.

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  • taxpayer

    Anyone that believes the corrupt government of IL will reduce the tax rate after four years is an idiot. Not gonna happen!

    • Ray Magee

      I agree with come to Florida but don’t vote. We have too many transplanted northerners demanding more spending by our state.

    • jslab

      “The increase is for four years. After that, the personal income tax would go down to 3.75 percent.” Once taxes go up, they NEVER go down.

    • Jer in CA

      Yep, welcome to California.
      9% income tax
      9% sales tax
      34% federal tax
      1% property tax
      10% federal fuel tax
      10% state fuel tax
      … Hey! Where you going?

    • clyde

      ?. what caused the 15 billion $$$$ defict.
      Need to get to the root of the problem.
      something tells me its obligated public penions.

    • Susan

      I agree wholeheartedly with Taxpayer. I think a better solution to the deficit would be to eliminate the current lawmakers.

    • wombat2704e98

      It’s amazing how incredibly stupid these radical Democrats are. A huge % of Democrats are Tea Partiers and the the Obama agenda was slowed down by moderate Democrats in their own Congress who didn’t agree with the extreme effort to turn us into a Social Welfare state a la Europe. If we look at the Social Welfare states that are bankrupt in Europe due to government overspending we can easily see where these Democratic party policies will take us. Tea partiers are just regular people who work and have to deal with their own household budgets. They know they have to balance the books and it’s far past the over due date where governments at all levels will have to forced even if dragged kicking and screaming to end the corrupt ponzy scheme gravy train that they’ve created for themselves at the taxpayers’ expense. WE HAVE BEEN VICTIMIZED BY A POLITICAL SYSTEM RUN BY CORRUPTION AND IDIOCY FOR SO MANY YEARS THAT THEY’VE PUSHED US TO THE VERY EDGE OF THE CLIFF. Repubs & Dems both!!!

    • Mary Murphy

      I think its crazy that the State of Illinois penalizes the regular hard working person for their bookeeping errors and greed. How dare you. We cant even use the school system in our area because of gang bangers and you want us to pay their property taxes. Are you crazy. Do the people of Illinois have a say in what is happening to them or do these politicians play with our lives and take the freedom of making our decisions away.

    • Russ

      That was my same reaction. Once they get their hands on a flow of money they will spend it. This is why we cannot just raise taxes “on the rich” and have our deficit addressed. Only spending cuts and restraint can do that.

    • Other

      After four years we’ll lower it…
      The check’s in the mail…..
      Trust me, I won’t . . . . . . .

      • SerfOfObama

        …virtually unsinkable…
        …peace for our time…

    • Rich

      The same merry band of Cullerton, Madigan & co. have big plans for these tax dollars so I am sure four years won’t be near enough. Who knows what they’re cooking up in that house of horrors in Springfield. These guys couldn’t run a popsicle stand let alone a state government…they’ve more than shown that over the last few years. We have no leaders in Illinois just political hacks feeding at the trough.

      • Ray Magee

        I think the working people of IL should stay there but put in place the solution . of the French revolution

    • Bob

      You said it brother!

    • Aunt Bee

      “Government is a broker in pillage, and every election is a sort of advance auction in stolen goods.” ~ H. L. Mencken

    • James

      EXACTLY!!! This tax hike is it for us. We’re moving to Texas where the state budget is balanced WITHOUT a State tax. ILLINOIS is ruined by corrupted politicians and unions. You can have it!

    • walter12

      This is what you get with years and years of leftist Democrat rule in Springfiield and Chicago. You will just drive more of the white middle-class out of Illnois and be left with the welfare crowd, the criminals, the communists, and of course, illegal Mexicans.

    • Joe

      Liberals are like parasites or the aliens from Indepndence Day. They move to the good areas and implement their same failed policies that they moved from in the first place. Every good state will be run over by these nutjobs if nobody stands up to fight.

      • skwilax

        Democrats=Thieves. Republicans=Thieves. What part of these equations don’t you understand?

      • Lance

        The key is rule for any parasite is that you cannot kill your host. Tapeworms die when their hosts die. Therefore, it is imperative that the parasites not overshoot and drive out the workers who pay for their benefits. Otherwise, like the poor tapeworm in a dead gut they too will suffer,



      • JR Cash

        Let’s not get all crazy, now. My property tax is enough to choke a mule. What Texas does have, though, is a pro-business environment. That’s why we’ve been crushing all the other state economies.

    • Pete

      Well folks what do you expect? Stupid dumb Illinois voted BACK IN Quinn and other tax-hiking Democrats. Heaven forbid that state would actually look at budget cuts and stopping the massive entitlement mentality. Getting free stuff from the government is NOT a right. Wake up lemmings of Illinois.

      • Historyshowsus

        The people that vote leftists back in power are the ones that:
        1. Dont make enough to pay income taxes
        2. Dont own a home to pay property taxes
        3. Consume the services that the tax income provides.
        The number of those people gets larger every year.
        At the beginning of 2000 the percentage of non tax paying employed was at about 40% by the time Bush left office it was at about 44% (yet the left still says the tax cuts were for the rich) and now that Obama has been in office for 2 years it is at 47%.
        Think about what our country will be like when the number of tax payers is overshadowed by non taxpayers.

    • mike

      Vote as a Democrat and Die a Slave

    • Dave

      Come to Florida, no income tax here! Did anyone notice not a mention of cutting spending? The parasites own your government (seniors, unions, educators, etc.) and will drive you into the ground before giving up their hand outs.

    • William E. Cox

      Quinn told the tax payers of Illinois he will have to raise taxes. He did not mention spending cuts. The tax payers of Illinois voted him in to office. You get what you you all voted for…

      Bill Cox
      Schaumburg Illinois

      • Russ

        Unfortunately, Bill, it looks like you do too. A lot of those people who put him back into office don’t pay any taxes anyhow so what do they care?

    • Marvin

      You are absolutley correct. Here in Georgia, they told us once the toll road was paid for we would not have to pay the .50 cent fee. Well the road is paid for and they are trying to raise the toll fee. Go figure. Illinois tax payers make them put it in writing and watch them go back on their word.

    • Orion

      Cry me a river. Yoiu guys have only ben paying 3%.. Come to Calif.., or almost the rest of the country. You/ve had it lucky..

    • Derek Elliot

      corrupt politicians + greedy unions = high taxes and a moribund economy

    • Avenger

      Hey Dave……….”Where you stand on an issue depends on where you sit”. YOU will be a “senior” someday and it will be interesting to see how YOU feel about giving up YOUR “handout” from the Govt. Get Real, you ignoramus!

      • UnmitigatedTruth

        Dave was talking about the “handouts”, not what he paid into all his life. If the Government had NOT taken money from him, he would have a heck of a lot more now.

        The handouts he is talking about are for those who are the parasitic members of the society, taking without giving back anything.

    • bob

      Anyone who doesn’t move out of llinois is a fool

      • steve

        Remember that the dems have destroyed the housing market. Not all of us can carry two mortgages at once. Believe me, Illinois has a LOT of conservatives that would love to see the corruptocrats here out of office. Unfortunately, it would appear that the majority here are the sort of societal parasites and usefull idiots that perpetuate this destructive foolishness.

    • Lu Zia

      “temporarily”……lmfao Yea, right.

      Time to start dragging the pols out into the streets and beat them…and I’m NOT kidding!

      • carl6352

        watch out the secret service accosted a man for stating “he would love to box obama for all the problems he has caused” no kiddin a true story. they actually came to his house and interragated him. the world of obama. we caused it and now we have to bear the consequences till 2012 plain and simple. lets hope we have a country left to save!

    • Jack

      You don’t make a out of control gov’t more efficient by feeding it more money. Before taxes are raised, slalries should be cut by 25%, pensions frozen or reduced, and cut gov’t workforce by 25%

      • worldwatcher

        You must be talking about state employees? They seem to be fair game these days, but are just trying to raise their families like anyone else. You probably won’t be happy until fast food workers make more money than them – and they retire after working all their life and have to go on welfare to survive you will then complain about that. Would that make you happy. When no one can support their family, and the lines are long in all state agencies you will be satisfied? State workers work as hard or harder than anyone I know, but get no respect. You probably make more $ than me, but I don’t begrudge your paycheck. Start thinking about who is really at fault, and stop turning on your own friends and neighbors.

      • Bob

        Ya, state employees with million dollar pensions in IL. Don’t see anyone working fast food making that take. Gov employee entitlements are bankrupting the USA.

    • iniki


      Once the tax rate goes up to 5.25%, don’t ever expect it to drop from that level for the rest of your lives.

    • alpo

      this is exactly why I did not vote for Quinn. for all of you who did…….you get what you deserve!

      • Gary

        The people who vote democrat ARE getting what they deserve. But unfortunately, folks with brains in their heads, like yourself, are getting hammered too! Maybe it’s time for all the good, decent folks living in Illinois, Kaliforni-cate, etc. should start voting with their feet!

      • justin

        The people who voted for Quinn are getting what they deserve. More state funded social programs for lazy union non workers that hard working non union people in the state already worked and got shaked down for. Nothing here in illinois is ever done thats good for the state just done for the good of Chicago. Illinois citizens outside of the chicago area hates chicago because they always get what they want.

      • Mike

        Alpo, as one whom lives in Western IL, I can speak for and say he (Quinn) did not carry our county. In fact he did not carry or even run political ads in most of the southern parts of the state as he knew he would and could not win there. His money and efforts were more and better spent in the Chicagoland area. I think it would be better for numerous counties down state to separate from the Chicago area, and become a state of our own. We could then have separate representation in Senate & Congress at the federal level, as well as set up separate statehood and representation. The days of what’s good for Chicago is good for the rest of the state need to end, as well as downstate IL money going to take care of them up there.

    • dicer

      What do you expect. Those idiots keep electing democrats. .

      • Nico

        Exactly. They suffer from a major case of masochism.

    • Dave

      IL…clearly you have NOT paid enough in taxes yet! Hahahaha!!!

      Seriously…in my book…when I buy something from a store…and pay WAY too much for it…and the service and product STINKS(!!!!)…my first reaction it certainly NOT to go back there …and PAY MORE(!!!) for said product and service.


      • Do the math


        Well said.

        Not only overpaying for items you want to buy, overpaying for items (services????) that you don’t want, don’t use, or don’t need or wouldn’t pay for yourself (but take it from the govt if it is free).

        In NYC, govt workers accused of slow down during blizzard.

        Same people who clip a coupon to save a dime vote for D’s because they think they are getting something free (I know them, they do think like that. Wouldn’t do it for themselves, but expects it from the govt)

    • lindyboggs

      L-O-O-O-O-V-E IT!
      Even more of the productive people will be moving out of CA, NY, IL to Texas.

      • JR Cash

        Guys, there’s a little known condition for moving to Texas:

        Leave your Hawks jerseys in Chicago. Really, now.

      • Debbie

        I know I will.

      • FEDUP

        Yep. You will leave the “takers” to find another source of income besides the producers whose money the government seizes on their behalf. A bribe is a bribe and that is all the Democrats know. So stop voting for them.

      • Ignorancecosts

        Dave..from another Floridian…NO! If blue voters flee their blue states, and come to FL, and vote blue, there will be no states left with a fighting chance at economic recovery, and letting their citizens create wealth.

      • Adam Smith

        The problem is that the liberals leaving the blue states are so stupid they then support the same stupid collectivist policies that drive up taxes in the red states they flee to. Ask the people of Colorado. The liberals should stay in the blue state cesspools they created instead of polluting the red states. Meanwhile the people who believe in limited government, low taxation, free enterprise and freedom should head to Texas and Florida.

      • erik

        true. but soon enough, the feds will make texas bail out CA, IL, and NY.
        no more rearden metal for you.

      • William

        Slobby is right. I live in a Southern state and the liberals from up north love to visit because prices are lower and the people are friendly. They also like the lower taxes and regulations, businesses in particular. However, they start moving down here and before long some start agitating for the same programs and other things that led to the bloated government and high taxes in their own states. If they hated it at home so much they left, why push for the exact same thing in your new home?

      • Red Duke

        Come to Florida. New parachute FActory in South East, Oshkosh opening a factory in Tampa and Clearwater. Our New Governor is so business-friendly it isn’t funny. We’ve never had an income tax. Counties and townships are giving great tax breaks to corporations.

        Now I know where Obama gets his ideas. What a mess.

      • jds

        You do realize you’re allowed to deduct state taxes from your federal income taxes.

        All moving to texas would do is have more money go into the federal government.

        Oh, and Texas has its own budget problems. Its hole is as big as California’s.

      • polly

        The comment and replies are pointing out a phenomenon I too have noticed repeating itself across many states. Leftists, like locusts, devour and ruin a state, and then fan out to surrounding states, whereupon they look around and declare, “Wow, this place is great, but you know what it needs to be perfect, More Government Services!”. And thus the plague rolls on, hollowing out our once great country from inside.

      • juan


      • TexasRes


        Texas does not have a budget crisis right now. They are one of the few states with a budget surplus. Plus, you can deduct either Sales Tax or State Income tax from your Fed Taxes, so there is still a better advantage to paying taxes in Texas. Get your facts straight.

      • pepper

        Texas welcomes all hard working Americans!

      • Jason

        lindyboggs is correct. As a NH resident NH, once conservative state, all of the big commie libs crossed the border from Massachusetts in the 90’s and this past decade to buy “less expensive property” and overtook our state and forced putrid liberalsim on everything and everyone they could. They also drove up property prices to as high as the state they came from. NH is making a turn back however and it is my hopes that it will make the Progressive rodents go back to the hole they came from.

      • Edward

        The fight is on in Keene!

      • Ragnar

        Amen Jason – NH resident here too. IL would do well to look up the last “temporary tax increase” that Massachusetts imposed about 20 years ago. It’s still up there!

      • slobby

        the problem is that these liberals ultimately start to try and change the laws of their new states… it’s happening

      • unnecessary1

        Unfortunately, the very ppl who vote for the politicians who enact these laws then decide that it is too expensive to live where they have voted. And when they move to more conservative, lower taxed areas… they take their liberal ideas and votes with them to pollute the freedom pool.

    • Carrol Quigley

      Oh, come on, already. Enough of this fraud.

      Search tax law for “excluded income”
      ECFR dot GPOACCESS dot GOV
      (title 26)

      Or, just GOOGLE: excluded income

      –(0 0)-
      \\ `

      Don’t be sheeple.
      Enough abuse of our wallets, already.
      We are not tax slaves.

      Make government follow, and then OBEY the law.

      • bn

        If you live in Illinois you are not actually a slave because you can pack up and move. However, you apparently are a “rented tax mule.” I’ve loved my visits to your state, but don’t need a reminder now not to move there or make it a principal place of a business effort. Good luck with that corruption thing going on…

      • Carrol Quigley

        All state tax laws are dependent on Federal tax laws.
        So, yes. US Govt and State tax laws are tied together.
        Read the law. Don’t be ignorant.

        And, republican or democrat, it doesn’t matter.
        They all belong to CFR.

        Despite any of this, the law is the law. Read it.
        Be sure to search for “excluded income’.
        It’s the law, not some opinion.

      • Morior Invictus

        You are a tax slave because you voted democrat. The stench of liberalism is the way of life for you.

      • Carl

        Hmmm, are you that stupid to think that the US Governement and Illinois State Government are the same thing?

      • joe

        As long as you keep electing democrats you will always be tax slaves…

      • p3orion

        Be sure you also search “Wesley Snipes,” to find out what happens if you follow this ridiculous tax advice.

        If you want to lower taxes, don’t waste your time looking for super-secret magic words that let you avoid taxes. Support and vote for politicians who don’t consider every dollar you make theirs until proven otherwise.

    • Dawgin Dem Libs

      any mention of “spending cuts” ???…amending exhorbitant and extravagant pensioons for public employees????…spending cut??? not in their vocabulary…vote ’em out !!!

    • hey fool

      You realize you are admitting to tax fraud public forum. The IRS can easily track you (yes even if you are someone else’s network the Feds have the ability to track down by computer unique address which is recorded every-time you connect to wireless) down if they wished to proceed. Can you be any dumber?


      taxes will down in five years? BS! OH, and now that there is a Daly in the White House, Chicago has a license to steal. Way to go Chicago

    • Seg


      To all you guys thinking about coming to Texas:

      If you plan on coming here and voting democrat just stay in ILL.

      Voting Democrat is what is ruining your state. You guys almost pulled off a Republican gov. and senator in the last election so there may still be hope for Ill.

      • SerfOfObama

        Actually the GOP carried the living vote but for some peculiar reason corpses are very passionate about liberal policies.

    • tom

      The people of Ill are nuts to stand still for this outrage. Sure glad I don`t live in that state

    • Clif

      God forbid we try cutting state spending first. I’ll be moving out as soon as I can.

    • JenniferL

      totally agree

    • Completely fed up

      I think every resident of the state of IL should go to this website:, fill out the form and bombard the state capital with mail. What they are doing is wasteful spending. It should not be the residents responsibility to bail out the politicians poor spending habits. Blow the whistle on IL politicicians’ wasteful spending. This has to stop!

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  • keith

    Only one able to afford to live in Illlinois will be the Madigans and Quinn

    • Aunt Bee

      “The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury.” ~ George Washington

    • Donna

      If they raise Corporate tax rates, unemployment will probably go higher. What a shame.

  • Jim Schmitz

    And I have a bridge to sell you!!!! enough of this madness, I am still out of work. And by the way where is all the lottery money going???? And the revenue from the gaming?????????

  • Jennifer M

    It’s no wonder that IL is # 2 in people FLOODING to leave their state. I knew it was time to get out, glad I did before this tax increase. It matters not how much $$ IL collects in taxes, there is so much corruption there will never be enough.

    • Kenneth Glenn Koons

      Well like Ca. and other messed up liberal Dem states, ILL is just making things worse. Tax cuts should be going on not hikes. And stop regulating the economy because we need new job creation and Dems never get that. Ronalidus Magnus????!!! Remember. JFK, W,??Remember? Why voters keep putting liberal Dems into office is the question of the day. Absurd. 2012 has to sweep out the libs or we all lose our Republic. That includes the Bamster of course.

    • Sharing News

      Right? I was so happy when opportunity knocked in Northwest Arkansas. We left March 2008 and everyone made fun.

      But it isn’t so fun when Todd Stroger, Treasurer in Cook County, rubs in your face the highest taxes in the NATION, while hiring his cousin and giving her a 9.5% raise while the sky was falling. Isn’t it Palatine that is still trying to secede from the county? But Todd Stroger refuses to keep his promises to be there at scheduled meetings, and instead taunts people to “come to the Southside, my turf, if you want a discussion.” With who? All of his ghetto-guards’ AK-47s??

      Anyway, we were so happy to leave after listening to people compare Obama to Christ. We’re so lucky we did it two years ago.

      Toodle-ooo mini D.C., we don’t miss you, or Michigan, either.

      Warmest Regards,
      Sharing News

      • SerfOfObama

        One of the things that makes the Blues Brothers such a great flick; I’m sure that during the, um, “collection process” the county ate a whole lot more than the $5000 that Jake & Elwood delivered to them, hehehe…

    • vlad

      Great news for the Florida housing market !

  • FAH-Q IL.

    ’nuff said!!!!

  • SDK

    Oregon raised its income tax on the richest 2% of its residents last year to fix its budget hole, but now the state treasury admits it collected nearly one-third less revenue than the bean counters projected. …
    In 2009 the state legislature raised the tax rate to 10.8% on joint-filer income of between $250,000 and $500,000, and to 11% on income above $500,000. Only New York City’s rate is higher. Oregon’s liberal voters ratified the tax increase on individuals and another on businesses in January of this year, no doubt feeling good about their “shared sacrifice.”
    Congratulations. Instead of $180 million collected last year from the new tax, the state received $130 million. …
    One reason revenues are so low is that about one-quarter of the rich tax filers seem to have gone missing. The state expected 38,000 Oregonians to pay the higher tax, but only 28,000 did. Funny how that always happens. These numbers are in line with a Cascade Policy Institute study, based on interstate migration patterns, predicting that the tax surcharge would lead to 80,000 fewer wealthy tax filers in Oregon over the next decade. …

    • B. Samuel Davis

      The problem is that this information is contained in a blog comment – the newspapers and television news never seems to get around to pointing it out. The columnists don’t either. Ask yourself why is the media so liberal? While you are searching for an answer, vote with your feet – STOP patronizing media that isn’t responsive to your needs – including Hollywood, and DO patronize media like Fox, the internet and talk radio that tells the truth.

      • HOTPLATE

        that is word for word a WSJ article from several weeks ago.

    • SerfOfObama

      The “millionaire’s tax” blew up in Maryland’s face even more so– a HUGE DECREASE in revenues. Ya gotta love it.

  • Woody

    Illinois: The New Michigan.

    • SerfOfObama

      Lol, 4 years from now (or sooner) Felonois will DREAM of being Michigan. Michigan’s a brutal mess right now, obviously, but their voters FINALLY decided to get (at least somewhat) serious about unbleeping their state last November.

  • jay

    bwahahahahahaha! bwaaaahahahahahaha! You libs are awesome!

  • Gerry

    I’m leaving Illinois. Good luck guys. Haha!

    • No Bomba

      Lucky you!

  • Old Guy

    We are losing tax revenue. We have no choice but to drive industries and taxpayers out of the state.

    • AJ

      You do have another choice… cut the size of Illinois state government by a third to a half. Then live within your means.

    • patches12

      yes… good thinking… continue to drive out the revenue producers and then you’ll have all entitement people and the poor left with no one to tax.. sounds like a plan!

  • sean patriot

    Thats going to make the natives more restless

  • RufusVonDufus

    Just leave it to the ignorant thieving Democrats in IL and Chicago along with their complicit unions and all of you fools up there will be broke. Broke completely. You had better find out where all of the money they are collecting is going because it does not seem to be going to help the citizenry, only the sycophants.

  • Johnny

    Instead of raising taxes, cutting expenses didn’t even occur to them did it?

    • Stevo

      The did ‘cut’ spending remember, the budget only grows 1% next year! A cut has always been defined as slightly less than the planned increase in spending. Here’s an idea, tell every department they get 10% less next year and they can’t let anyone go, any ‘manager’ worth his salt could slash 10% for a year, it wouldn’t stop the world. Here’s a bettter idea though, kick a Democrat in the nuts the next time he opens his mouth asking for new taxes.

      • Cam

        I’ve been on the floor laughing for the last 10 minutes after reading your last line. Best idea I’ve heard in a long time!

      • SerfOfObama

        What nuts?

  • Riley Smiley

    Enjoy your Progressive paradise citizens of Illinois. By the way African Americans how does it fee to have gotten so little from the Democrats since the 1960s. You still live in ghettos and the Progressive Whites live in the urban redevelopment zones. How nice.

  • RufusVonDufus

    Hey Illannoyers (get it), it’s called retribution–retribution for sending us Obama, his wife and all the fools he brought with him. Thanks loads!

  • bfree

    NO SPENDING CUTS INVOLVED. These guys need to be impeached and Quinn recalled. No pension reform, BTW, those huge pensions PAY NO STATE INCOME TAX. This state is a joke, a very unfunny joke.

    • Hapoily Leaving IL

      Quinn said during his campaign, he was going to raise taxes, the fools in IL got what they deserve. What is that saying…….

      Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

      ~ Albert Einstein

  • Craig

    They do this all the time. Raise taxes “temporarily” for a “limited time”. But these idiots that run the government get drunk with power and money and will find somewhere to spend it and won’t be able to roll it back. Example, tollways, gas tax increases, sin taxes…etc. Give them a $1.00 they want a $1.10, give them a $1.10 they want a $1.20 and so on. Anybody that thinks that this extra revenue is going anywhere but to line the unions pockets is crazy. Come to Illinois! High taxes, crooked politicians, lousy weather and no scenery. Great place to live…I’m outta here.

    • papabear47

      You hit the proverbial nail right on the head,taxes are very rarely lowered unless there is a catch.

  • FedUp

    So if you drive to WI or IN and get your cigaretts, you save the 20 dollar incease, and the original 20 dollar tax goes to their states. Real smart. And as far as education goes they said this about the Lotto, then they took the regular money and spent it elsewhere. Then they raise these taxes they will now spend that Lotto money on something other than education. Wonder what tax will be next for education so these taxes can be spent elsewhere too.

    • Jamie in WI

      We in Wisconsin usually come down there to buy our cigarettes! Guess IL just lost that revenue. I swear they are either very stupid or very smart. They seriously must be trying to kill their economy just like Obama and the FED are trying to do to our country.

  • gommygoomy

    And who does most of the smoking? What Income Level does most of the smoking?
    I’m afraid it’s gonna take BODY BAGS, to get these people to understand. They refuse to listen to WE THE PEOPLE. Perhaps a few well placed FUNERALS will get them to sit up, and pay attention.

    • Crashemt

      ‘Thus Always Faithful”

      Interesting tag line

    • IMsnooping

      BTW, I think you meant to say “Sic Semper Tyrannis.”

      “Semper Fidelis” is the Marine Corps motto, and it means “always faithful.”

      “Sic Semper Tyrannis” is what Booth shouted after he shot Lincoln. It means “always thus to tyrants.”

      • gommygoomy

        I thought it didn’t look right. Thanks

  • IMSnooping

    Congratulations Illinoisans, from a nearby neighbor. But remember: you voted for this.

    I remember hearing the chants: “Raise my taxes, raise my taxes.”

    Best of luck.

  • Jazz Hamilton

    C’mon down to Sunny Florida! No state income tax, no outrageous property taxes and we still manage a balanced budget. Or, stay in the Land of the Terminally Corrupt and rust away to make a gaggle of greedhead politicians happy.

    Your choice.

    • Moises Dominguez

      Please, do not encourage them to come down to Florida. They come to Florida to run away from high taxes, but bring their Liberal bad habits with them.

    • Greg

      Only problem is they come to Florida and continue to vote for liberal Democrats bringing their problems to us. I like out low tax state. Please do not bring your big government/high tax/big entitlement voting preference with you. That is why places like Chicago are in trouble and people are fleeing those places.

  • Adam

    Great… More people are going to come to Atlanta to make traffic even worse.

    • MaggieLyn

      I don’t know why anyone would want to come to Atlanta! I live outside the city and never, NEVER go downtown! It is the pits. No parking except in over-priced garages. A crime problem IMO! Poor schools and horrible traffic problems. I hope to move by the end of this year.

  • MarkJ

    I’d tell the last person living in Illinois to “turn off the lights,” but, hey, the electric company will have already cut off the juice by then for non-payment. ;)

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