Bodies Doubled Up At Cook County Morgue

CHICAGO (WBBM) — WBBM Newsradio 780 has learned that the cooler at the Cook County morgue is so crowded right now, bodies are doubled-up on some of the trays.

Why are there so many bodies?

“We had this huge upswing in deaths right at the end of the year, and with the holidays being on Saturdays, it really created a backlog because the funeral directors weren’t coming in,” Cook County Medical Examiner Dr. Nancy Jones tells WBBM Newsradio 780’s Steve Miller.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Steve Miller reports

Jones adds that more bodies could not go out because coffins were on back order.

But Jones says the coffins are now in, and a mass county burial is scheduled for next week.

“The cooler really isn’t in bad shape right now,” Jones said. “We do have a fair number of bodies, but it has had more bodies in it at other times.”

Jones says in some cases, bodies are doubled up on one tray.

“My rule is, if you have two bodies on a tray, you have to have two thin bodies,” Jones says. “We’ve been doubling people up for decades.”

But Jones says it doesn’t happen that often.

In the past, there have been occasions where overflow at the morgue has reached critical levels, most notably during the infamous heat wave of 1995.

As triple-digit temperatures baked the city, the morgue overflowed to the point where refrigerator trucks had to be brought in store the dead. Workers averaged 13 autopsies an hour.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office is located at 2121 W. Harrison St. in the Illinois Medical District.

  • cuthean

    illinois is regressing more towards Africa than Europe.

    • Tutu

      Kenya actually

    • montana transplant

      Such a great city to visit- SO glad I don’t live there and got out of Illinois while the gettin’ was good…



    • omstrat

      Thats Obama land. See what decades of social engineering by liberal Dems get you

    • Watchdog

      What did you expect? After all that dirty dog Rahm Emmanuel is back in town with his Mob -style politics. All those corpses will probably vote in the next election (twice even) . . . A straight liberal ticket as usual . . .

  • Clutch21

    Install a crematorium on the spot. Would pay for itself very quickly.

    • Patrick

      But then who’d vote Liberal Democrat???

    • Ginamarie

      Does this mean they will start using those stacked plastic coffins that FEMA is storing down in Georgia? Let’s ask Alex Jones.

  • snip

    The Chicago Way at work.

    • JDCM

      The epicenter from which corruption breeds.

  • Geo

    Wow. A plethora of democratic voters for the next election!

    • bob

      wonder if they’ll get up and vote in alphabetical order and their ballots be “found” in the trunk of a judge’s car during the next tight race when the mob thug,excuse me, union backed canidate is gonna lose

      • roald

        bob, did you know meme came from Al Franken’s senatorial election and was found to have been made up?

  • Kelly kafir

    Thank God they implemented a gun ban… I can see it is working!

  • Missouri Walleye

    But at least the corpses still get to vote twice in each election.

    • JDCM

      Hahahaha so true!!!

  • Missouri Walleye

    At least the corpses would still get to vote in upcoming elections… Twice!

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  • Reality

    And our president was a senator from this state. Sigh….

    • hitechsailor

      Yes, but he spent more days campaigning for POTUS than actually serving as Senator, so does that really count?

  • me

    13 post-mortems an hour? That can’t be per technician, but man that’s still a lot!

  • Deanne

    why is this news? If people claimed their loved ones then there would be no need to “double bodies up”? I agree that the bodies should be cremated. Its cheaper.

    • Nobama

      Cremated! Please let’s not give the libs anymore ideas. Here’s a novel idea. How about not killing each other.

  • John Dodge

    There will be many more when the new state income tax rise of 66% sinks in.

  • AL JOE

    you are an idiot!! Get a job or a girlfriend instead of spending too much time reading conspiracies on the internet.

    • HoratioAlger

      bite me

  • Lady Texan

    I’ve always been glad I don’t live in Illinois, but with each passing day I’m even more glad I don’t live there. What a mess of a place.

    • MusicforMovies

      I used to live in IL – news of this; plus the insane income tax hike makes me glad I moved this past year.

  • rex dart eskimo spy

    I’m surprised the bodies aren’t being charged an impound fee or being made into soylent green.

    • CLCyeahyouknowme

      Tee hee…good one. You know that’s coming next. The impound fee, that is.

    • WOODY

      OH NOOOOO SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tracy

    They are being stockpiled to vote for Rahm

  • whip5209

    Start a Soylent Green factory…

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  • Vanessa

    Wow! Thirteen autopsies per hour? I am sure people can be completely confident in the results of their findings.

  • Bob

    It’s Bush’s fault.
    Cause: Global Warming
    Cause: Evil right speach

  • Mr. Happy

    Another Democrat Machine success story.

    Now do they vote with absentee ballots, or do the votes just show up at the polls by some kind of voodoo?

  • will

    Nothing good in IL. Enjoy your taxes.

  • Aunt Bee

    “No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough to keep up.” ~ Lily Tomlin

  • [Typical Drudge-head]

    [Insert snarky conservative-leaning comment bashing liberals and Chicag here.]

    [Place arrogance here.]

    • Illini Steve

      60,000 murders a year in the USA, mostly in large urban areas controlled by democrats and where’s the national outrage? Snarky enough for you?

      • B-diddy

        You could have done a little better, though it was good enough for me. Thank you.

      • Regulas

        Well said, except I would call them by what they really are, Fascist Liberals.

      • Fascist Liberal

        As in murder occurs more frequently in densely populated areas (seems intuitive), or just in cities with more fascist liberals in charge? I’ve never heard of any statistics showing conservative leadership leads to less violent crime.. I’d have to see Glenn Beck connect the dots on the chalkboard before I’d believe it

  • Kevin

    CASKET. The word is CASKET, not coffin.

    • ZEROID

      Then what a “COFFIN” be ???

      • roberto Blanco

        a casket is a box that you put something in to that you hold near and dear to you no matter the monitary value.
        a coffin is a box to bury a corpse.

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