Illinois Lawmakers Approve 66% Tax Hike

UPDATED 01/12/11 10:43 a.m.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (CBS) — By a single vote, Illinois lawmakers approved a 66 percent increase to the personal income tax overnight, and soon, your paycheck will be shrinking.

But as CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine reports, Democratic state lawmakers have said the tax hike is necessary to get the state’s outstanding bills paid. Lawmakers also say cuts and spending limits will be part of the plan.

Around 1 a.m. Wednesday, the Illinois Senate approved the tax hike by a vote of 30 to 29. The Illinois House approved the tax hike on Tuesday evening, by a vote of 60 to 57.

Gov. Pat Quinn still must sign the bill into law, but he has supported a tax hike all along, although this plan is double what he originally said he’d support.

But Quinn agreed to the deal in closed-door meetings with top Democratic lawmakers this week and he was on the Senate floor when the vote was taken.

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The hike increases the state’s personal income tax rate from 3 percent to 5 percent.

In real numbers, if your gross income is $50,000 a year, your state income taxes will rise from $1,500 to $2,500 a year.

As CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports, the tax hike wasn’t sitting well with Chicago residents Wednesday morning. She spoke with dozens of commuters Wednesday and none of them supported the tax increase.

“I don’t like that. I’m already losing enough money,” one woman said.

“My taxes are high, so I just really … I’m really struggling as is,” another woman said.

The hike will also boost the corporate income tax rate by nearly 50 percent, from 4.8 percent to 7 percent. In addition to the corporate income tax, many businesses in Illinois pay a “Personal Property Replacement Tax” of 2.5 percent of income, bumping their corporate tax rate to 9.5 percent.

Democrats said the tax hike will help plug a $15 billion budget hole.

“We’re going to pay bills on time, and that’s a huge change,” said state Senate President John Cullerton (D-Ill.)

Cullerton emphasized that the tax hike is only one portion of a solution to the state’s budget crisis.

“The taxes are going to not borrow anymore; to make our pension payments without borrowing our pension payments; to make up for the loss in federal revenues. They’re not going for any new programs or any new spending,” Cullerton said. “There’s going to have to be further cuts, even with this tax.”

The tax hike will be coupled with strict 2 percent limits on spending growth. If officials spend above those limits, the tax increase will automatically be canceled. The plan’s supporters warned that rising pension and health care costs probably will eat up all the spending allowed by the caps, forcing cuts in other areas of government.

But Republican critics say the hike will harm middle class families.

“This means hundreds of dollars for Illinois families that they’ll be paying more to the State of Illinois, and the irony is the money they have been sending to the state has been so grossly mismanaged for the last decade,” said state Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno (R-Lemont.)

The tax hike is not set up to be permanent. After four years, it drops to 4 percent.

“This is always tough to raise taxes,” Cullerton said. “We’ve done it before under Republican governors, and when there’s been big recessions, and that’s what we responded to.”

The higher taxes will generate about $6.8 billion a year.

The tax hike followed fiery rhetoric on both sides of the Senate aisle.

“We don’t have a better choice today!” state Sen. David Miller (D-Dolton) said in a raised voice. “Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die!”

Miller, an unsuccessful candidate for state comptroller last year, later collapsed while watching the Senate debate, although he seemed awake and alert when paramedics responded and took him for further treatment.

Critics have expressed doubt about whether the tax hike will really solve the state’s budget problem. Earlier this week, the Better Government Association called the move to pass a tax hike plan “closed-door backroom dealing,” and bemoaned the lack of public hearings or answers to questions.

Radogno also said she believes lawmakers have failed to address the factors that are contributing to the ballooning deficit.

“That’s the big lack in this whole bill. No one’s addressed the spending yet,” Radogno said. “I don’t just mean spending at the state level, but there’s so much work that this body could do to make Illinois more efficient.”

Republicans also fundamentally reject the idea of raising taxes after years of spending growth.

“We’re saying to the people of Illinois, ‘For eight years we’ve overspent, now we’re going to make it your problem,”‘ said Rep. Roger Eddy (R-Hutsonville.) “We’re making up for our mistakes on your back.”

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya has taxpayers’ reactions

Other pieces of the budget plan failed.

Lawmakers rejected a $1-a-pack increase in cigarette taxes, which would have provided money for schools. They also blocked a plan to borrow $8.7 billion to pay off overdue bills, which means long-suffering businesses and social-service agencies won’t get their money anytime soon.

Quinn has been ducking reporters for the past week, but he is expected to have more to say on the tax hike on Wednesday.

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  • Deena

    ‘m done. Illinois just increased the income tax at a point when many cannot even feed their families properly. Between gas, state taxes, every other increase is only going to hurt the economy. What are the irresponsible going to get with their hands out? How are the unemployed, the families that are trying to survive on $40k a year going to keep their houses?? Politicians do not think of that. Politicians only think of what benefits government and government Pensions. For a family making 40k in Illinois, they will now have to pay an additional $800 a year in state taxes. Hey Quinn….Hey all you that think giving hand outs to those that are irresponsible, Hey Democrats…..What will you do when the families that are struggling…just give up. Will you give us handouts?? Or should I encourage my son and daughter to have a child without marriage or money? With unearned income credit and dependent credit, Link, section 8, free college, hmmmmm…….Not a bad idea. Looks like I am the stupid one for teaching my children self respect and earning what you spend. Who would have thought the USA would come to a Nation of elitist helping a Nation of Lazy…. survive at the expense of those struggling to survive by actually working?? Some have several part time jobs to do so.
    I know one thing…….I am moving out of ILLINOIS. A state where Politicians spend, while the struggling lose everything. WHY would you people vote Democrat? aka Quin???? This country is a joke, It’s time to move…. NOW.

    • Barack

      Illinois residents need to feed the government union pensions with their hard earned paychecks. So shut up and keep working.

    • John Hansen

      I live in Kalifornia and Jerry Brown is cutting everything, BUT, he’s going to come back and jack up the taxes everywhere and keep in place the” Temporary Taxes Arnold put into effect. People and Business will just leave and go to other States. Any Democratr comtrolled State is a BAsket Case.

      • Sharon L. Mix

        You are absolutely correct! States controlled by Democrats have spent themselves into insolvency in order to fund their constituencies, welfare, unions, lawyers, illegals and criminals that must be accommodated.

      • Lou

        At least he proposed $12B in cuts. Illinois politicians have proposed no cuts so far.

      • Greg

        “Cutting everything”?!?! That’s silly talk John. There are NO cuts to K-12 (i.e. the teachers unions), not one state worker is going to lose their job, and he is offering ZERO pension reform.

      • Greg

        He is “cutting” 12B. But our deficit is 20B. Where is that 8B? Under the couch? Did the dog eat it? I wonder where it is!

    • ByteRider


      On behalf of ARIZONA, I INVITE you to come on over! We have plenty of jobs, our bills are paid [now that we have a conservative in charge], the weather is great, housing is cheap, cost of living is MUCH cheaper than Ill.

      So, please… allow me to roll the red carpet out to you and any other MAKERS looking for a new home. And you’re not alone, we’ve been absorbing Makers from CA for the past 3 years… hence why it is getting better and better here… more jobs, more money… more stability!

    • F. Thomas Cain

      All states run by Democrats are insolvent/bankrupt due to their out of control spending on welfare, unfunded public employee pensions, and all the other social programs that only consume tax dollars and produce nothing in return.

    • milster

      Deena….we will see a mass exodus out of the state of people AND business….remember the corporate tax was doubled!! Any business with common sense and a profit motive(which is what ALL business’ except non-profits have) will pack up and leave…..Until the left realizes that people do not go into business to support the government,…but rather to create profits and jobs….we will never get out from under. Whatever was left of the housing market is dead too….without a recovery in housing….there will be no recovery….. WELCOME TO ILLINOIS…..the most corrupt state in the nation.

    • MTR

      I moved out of Illinois in October. It was just getting too damned expensive to live in the Chicago burbs anymore. And considering the fact that there seem to be fewer and fewer jobs there, I made my way to Raleigh NC.

      • Schteveo

        when you moved here to Raleigh, did you vote for the conservatives or did you vote for the same kind of lib spend thrifts you had up there in Chi Town? I grew up here and most northerners vote for the same kinds of stuff HERE they caused up there!!

        And what’s the definition of crazy? Doing the same things over and over, but expecting a different outcome!

        I’ve lived here in NC and I’ve lived there in Chicago too. TX is looking better all the time. (thanks to silly liberal voters!)

      • MTR

        Oh man, please don’t accuse me of voting for libs. There are conservatives in Illinois, and I was one of them.

    • KE

      Well said!
      I feel the same way!

      Except I would also add — if you want to WORK in ILLINOIS you must LIVE in Illinois –especial when you are a STATE worker.
      EARN your money in Illinois and SPEND it in Illinois.
      The same should be said for COUNTY workers — if you work for Cook County you must LIVE in Cook County
      These out-of-staters (and brown baggers) come to Chicago for the higher rate of wage, yet they spend their money in their home state.

      • Thomas

        Gee I wonder why that is????

    • Lisa

      But I thought it was only the republicans that raised taxes. That is what all the democrats run their campaigns on.

      • chris

        The reason taxes in Illinois were raised to such an astronomical amount is because of George W Bush and Sarah Palin. it has to be , everything the liberals do is their fault

    • john

      you think too much… and for that, I’m gonna raise your taxes.Here in Illinois we prefer that our subjects not question the public elite. Now kindly stop thinking, go to work, … and of course…PAY YOUR TAXES!!

    • ReddogDave

      I agree with you tatally. What kind of GOVERNMENT DO WE HAVE HERE in ILLINOIS? I think all these polititians who voted this tax increase better consider trading there seat in congress or senate in on a new Park Ranger uniform so they will be able to charge people coming into Illionis to see the new National Park after they have run all the businesses out of Illinois and the fed up population has fled the state also do to OVER TAXATION and the fact that when businesses move out of state so do the people in order to follow there jobs. So when all they have to govern is themselves the National Park Idea is about all they have left since they’re trying to run a CIRCUS right now but nobody is buying the tickets. They better take a long look at the other states that are offering Illinois residents with wecome arms who have a much lower cost of living, jobs and you can bring home most of your paycheck without some Clowns in government seats taking thier hard earned money before they get it home.
      I wonder if they made themselves exempt to this law as they do all the other
      bull_ _ _ _ laws they pass that doesn’t apply to them. One thing the polititians who voted to pass this tax hike can be sure of they can probably kiss there seat goodbye next election, that goes for the ringmaster of this circus if he signes this tax increase. Remember we the people of Illinois have a good memory and if any of these polititians that voted for this tax hike ever run for another office of trust and responsibility I’d say they would be wasting their time as thrie polical carreer could possibly be OVER!
      WONDER IF THAT MIGHT EFFECT THEM when their world comes falling down around them the way their laws have tumbled all the Hard Working People of. Illinois?
      Wonder if they will honor my nationalparks senior pass to enter the new national park or will they change that too?

    • Tony

      I AGREE WITH YOU 100% I’m not sure though that other state’s aren’t watching closely for reactions and they will eventually do the same thing. Here’s a call, to the tea party, HELP !!!! Four years, start planning now.

      • Millster

        Frankly….anyone who voted for Quinn is a fool, he said he was going to raise taxes…..but unfortunately the election was stolen,plain and simple.

        We are now well on the road to becoming JUST LIKE THE STATE OF MICHIGAN.
        I watched the Michigan economy almost come back in the 90’s….then Granholm was elected and RE-ELECTED by the the good people of Michigan…the Democrats successfully RUINED any recovery in the state…with higher taxes and more regulation….subsequently the. economy went into the toilet. This happened long before the rest of the country went bustI The people of Michigan had to learn the hard way …as will we here in Illinois. Michigan just turned into a red state…..let’s see whose unempoyment rate is higher a year from now.

      • Glenn

        You’re right–we don’t have a State income tax but Perry put our deficit at about $27 Billion. How to you think he will reduce that debt? Increase our property taxes, maybe 8+ percent sales tax? It ain’t that pretty in Tx either.

      • Steven

        Welcome to the Lone Star State (Thats Texas for Y’all yankees). We have no state income tax and get real nasty with ANY politician who even mentions the idea.

      • Nickolas

        I’m w/ Steven I moved from Michigan 4 years ago to Texas. Apparently my family helped increase the Texas population by 20+% over 10 years and reduce Michigan’s by -1%. No Income Tax, and similar cost of living, plus we actually have jobs done here for the most part. There’s plenty of space we’ll take you all in.

      • Mike

        I see a few props for the Lone Star State. Yes, I will agree that all are welcome, but please if you’re liberal, don’t bring it here. Otherwise Texas could in up like Michigan or Illinois or California or New York or…

    • LOTD

      AGREED 110%. Very well put!! I have been asking how people could’ve voted these theives into office. I’m disgusted and at a loss for words. Thanks for writing this as I sit and shake my head!!!

      • Sick of Chicago Polictics

        It’s a problem with the district layout. Look up the recent Illinois governers race. Pat Quinn won only 2 counties in the entire state and still remained in office. The Illinois districts up north in the State of Chicago need to be torn apart and cut down into smaller districts and the Unions needed to be disbanded. How can racketeering be illegal in other form other than Union tactics?????

      • Illinois Minuteman

        I agree LOTD, funny thing is, obama said what he was giong to do to the US but no one listened. Here is a fun fact; Illinois and California have the top two largest deficits in the country. They also have the most illegal aliens.

      • Dr. Bombay

        Government is a broker in pillage, and every election is a sort of advance auction in stolen goods. ~ H. L. Mencken

    • Jason

      Good for you. I moved from Maryland to Florida for the same very reason. I will not even visit certain states based on their policies like California and Illinois. We are all at fault for letting it happen. Stop supporting them be moving out and boycotting them.

    • Spanky T Smackme

      I agree……Me and my family, 2 brothers and 2 sisters left Chicago when we felt that the property taxes were too high. That removed 5 tax payers from the rolls, and we always talk to our friends that remain as the possibility of thier MOVING out…….Now with this slap in face income tax hike, 6 of our remaining friends are now preparing to move, and one of them is a small business owner who has had enough of the constant BURDEN of HIGH TAXES.
      This will only BACKFIRE on the politicians, amking more tax payers LEAVE the state, and more small business close as they determine it IS NOT WORTH THE EFFORT to continue in Illinois.
      They need to CUT SPENDING FIRST, identify were the cuts are for the people to review to see if they are really cutting the PORK AND FRAUD in the budget, and not required services.
      My example to start with would be to have ALL state county and city pensions frozen and converte to 401k like the rest of us. Another is to make sure if anyone is pulling a taxpayer funded check that they are IN FACT WORKING, not off on a sabatical or othr non performance holding area.

    • Mahakala

      I say raise the rates ten fold. You get what you deserve. The voters keep putting these tax and spend democrats into office. Time to reap what you sow.

    • Brad

      If you have raised your children to be good, contributors to society, and you are someone who believes in pulling your own weight, you are welcome in Minnesota! While we may have Franken, and Ventura, we are good people, and we work very hard to carry our own water!

      Also, our recent conversion to a Republican leg, will be great for families and businesses.

      Property taxes are nearly 1/3rd of what they are in Wisconsin!

    • John

      I am the CEO of a small high-tech business based in Naperville, and this afternoon I instructed my COO to begin the process of relocating our headquarters to another state, probably Wisconsin or Indiana to make it simpler for our employees to make the move. Most of our staff, though, like many high tech companies, is distributed and remote, so we can pretty much choose anywhere to make our base. Why In the world would we stay in Illinois?

      • Chicago Escapee

        The Phoenix metro area is ready for your company. We have millions of available sq ft of commercial space, built in the last decade during the boom years. You can get your facility for a song, Bring the employees worth keeping, their lives will be better for it. For the rest of your needs, we have hundreds of thousands of educated and talented potential employees.

        I left Chicago 10 years ago, and never looked back. Out here we are amazed that any of you actually stay there. The quality of life, the cost of living, the weather, the year round golf, the wide and fast roads, the beauty of the deserts and mountains…

    • Delphinus13

      Cross Illinois permanantly off my list of states to consider retiring in. I note that one lawmaker says, “Now we don’t have to borrow to pay pensions”

      Two points.
      1.) Why not CUT pensions and switch state employees over to 401Ks like all the people who pay their salaries are on.
      2.) THis might boost revenue in the short term, but when workers and busineses start relocating to other states, Illinois is going to be worse off in the long-term. Watch the exodus that occurs in the years ahead and the accompanying free fall in the state’s revenue.

    • Andrea

      I so agree with you. My husband works in Indiana & we have gone back and forth about moving away from family to live in Indiana. This has made our decision easier. I couldn’t believe it when Quinn won the election. I’m wondering now how many of those same people who voted for the ass are mad about this. This wasn’t a surprise. Quinn said way before the elections he was going to raise the taxes.

    • Neil A. Wurzer

      I have started an online petition to recall Gov Quinn. Please put this site on air so the IL voters can decide if recall is justified.

      Neil A. Wurzer

    • Cactus Jack

      Don’t come to Texas we don’t want ya, we have too many of your type here from California and New York. Texas doesn’t just need a wall between it and Mexico but a wall around the whole state to protect us from all the out of state people flocking here. Especially Austin that place is turning into damn San Francisco East with all the liberals, trendies and artists moving there.

    • Kevin

      I am running in 2016.

    • Jim

      Move to Wisconsin!!!!!!!Walker is gonna fix this state that the Democrats FED up!!!!!!

  • Retired and out of Illinois

    I agree with you 100%! That is why I moved out of Illinois in 2008.

    • Jon

      I’m not even near retirement and I’m looking to get the hell out of here. With Chicago sales tax over 10% and now this??? I love how the naive journalists don’t even get it. At the beginning of the article they write about the tax hike from 3% to 5%. Then at the end, “The tax hike is not set up to be permanent. After four years, it drops to 4 percent.”. How is that not a permanent tax hike???

      • milster

        There is no such thing as a temporary tax….remember the toll roads???? Those tolls were supposed to be temporary……HAHAHAH!!!!

      • KE

        And do you REALLY think that theya re going to repeal it and keep it at that rate after they got a taste od a 5% rate???

  • lee

    All of this to cover bloated pensions and ridiculous union contracts with cops, teachers, etc. blah blah blah blah.

    • alicia

      exactly – flipping vampires

  • Steve

    So they believe that raising the buisness tax by 50% will add more jobs? What a joke . Not only will more people suffer from this increase, buisnesses will move out of the state and so will the jobs. I hope Quinn and the rest of the democrates are happy, but his staff is still spending their raise, yet the people of this state vote him back in. I’m from NJ and thought that state was bad for spending and government. But this state is far worse……

    • Doug Rose

      So they believe that raising the business tax by 50% will add more jobs?

      Well…those Dummies in Illinois believed the BS that Obama was spreading(and still is), so they get what they deserve!

      “Hope & Change” Baby !!! lol

  • Frederick Jones

    State and City Government has continue to raise taxes on the poor for decades and have always found way to get the american people in more debt. It would be much easier if the Law start cutting there on salaries and stop wasting the tax payers money on things that they don’t need. Chicago is one of the highest city in the country with no regrards to burden that is place on the people.

  • leecarlquist

    Let us not forget we are also paying throug the nose to send our governers to jail! Millions of dollars gone because of the crooks that make the laws! WHAT A DEADBEAT STATE! WE need to clean house . Its time to make a law of no confidence to get rid of the garbage in charge of this state!

  • Vicky

    They should vote themselves a pay cut based on job oerformance.

  • Jay

    the root cause of this financial crisis, and the depression-state into which our IL government has spent us, is corruption. Pervasive theft and corruption through the usual channels – sham contracts, no-bid sweetheart contracts for the politically connected, nepotism, favoritism, highest-bidder politics… it’s at the nucleus of government in IL. It’s a disgusitng insult to the poeple of this state. It’s not all about pensions people. the state has been short-funding pensions in favor of mismanaging money for many years. Now they have to make up all the lost ground.

    Until the corruption is cleaned up in IL, things will never change. A tax increase will mean nothing, change nothing. They’ll only mismanage the new revenue and steal more. More taxes in IL has never, ever fixed any problems. And FYI, don’t hold your breatht that this will be reverted or rescinded in 4 years, like they claim. That’s a ruse to diffuse public rage. It’ll never go down, only up. When the expiration comes, they’ll pass a new law to keep or increase the taxes.

    BOOOOOOOOO ILLINOIS! Everyone who votes, keep this in mind. Never vote for a politician who voted for this increase.

  • Jim

    “The higher taxes will generate about $6.8 billion a year.” for the 1st year, then the 2nd year it will be more like $4 billion as people and businesses begin the mass exit out of the state, and then $3 billion, so on an so forth. An oz. of common sense does not exist with the DemocRATS. How will the state run when there are only state and federal jobs in the state? It makes no sense to punish the private businesses out of the state. Quinn just proved that he is a liar and gave the taxpayers a big fat middle finger. We voted for change, and the DemocRATS pushed all the problems down our throats. I wish we had an AMERICAN party, you know one that actually looks out for the regular people instead of lining their pockets with gold. Pension reform anyone?

    • libertyfirst1776

      You are surrounded by states anxiously awaiting your arrival. Pack up your business, your kids and your bank accounts and get out of Illinois as fast as you can. Do not take your liberal politics with you – it will only destroy the new place you call home. Are you beginning to undersand that liberalism is an unsustainable cancer on your host economy? Good.

      • RickDouglas

        It’s a short drive to Iowa. Liberals, please stay home.

    • Jeff

      You said “Quinn just proved that he is a liar and gave the taxpayers a big fat middle finger.”

      And the people of Illinois have noone to blame for this but themselves. If I recall, the former governor had warned about Quinn’s obsession with raising taxes after he’d been impeached out of office, well before this last election in 11/10.
      So for Quinn (and Madigan too…don’t forget it’s a team effort…and to which I’m glad to say not 1 Republican signed onto this tax increase) to sign this tax increase, breaking his promise of only a 1 percent increase, should come as no surprise. The good but naive people in Illinois have hopefully now learned something about trusting government.

      • Tom

        Quinn promised Unions that if elected he will not tax their nice pensions and benefits,The Union members voted for Quinn.Illinois does not tax pensions.Let the little smucks burden the costs.

      • bob

        Don’t blame me for this. I didn’t vote for any of the sleeze that passed this.

      • Jim

        The problem is that the state has 47% Unions and Politicians that will always vote these idiots into office. They probably get COLA and will not be affected by this. It’s a move to strengthen the Democratic party in this state and allow business as usual (corruption) to thrive. Either that or they really are that stupid, but I can’t come to grips that we live with people that stupid.

  • Agent Smith

    Leave Illinois if you live there.

    Austerity. It’s time.

    • Tommy Boy

      Yeah, but leave your liberal voting habits there.

  • Gator

    Hey, maybe I should go to MY employer and DEMAND a raise because I overspent. Anybody think that would work? Who works for whom?

  • Anonymous

    I earned in the seven figures in 2010 doing niche consulting work. My clients are worldwide, and they don’t care where my office is. I grew up in Chicago. But I just finished building a family home in Florida, and I will be re-establishing by business there. By living in Florida (no state income tax at all, comparable if not lower property taxes), what I will save in income taxes in this year alone will more than pay for my move and office space rent, and long-term, my expenses will be lower. Congratulations, state of Illinois – your legislative idiocy just cost you 400K in tax revenues these next four years…

    • anonymous

      Welcome to Florida. Just do NOT vote the way you did in Illinois! There is a reason there are less taxes down here- there are less tax and spend liberals running the government. However, they keep trying to get in and raise our taxes. VOTE WITH YOUR CHECKBOOK, NOT YOUR CONCIENCE.

    • dudefromdixie

      if you phsycially do work in other states then you are require to file returns for those states so miving to FL may not solve your problem.

      • borntobepolitical

        I think he is safe, he is not physically doing work outside of FL. He is a consultant. doing business in FL so that is where he would file.

        I am a sole proprietor in TX and have customers all over the US. My income is not taxed by TX and I do not need a 1099 from my customers.

  • David

    It’s official… Private sector workers (that is, the productive class) are now tax slaves to public sector union pensioners. What a crock. I hate my home, this state is an embarrassment.

    • libertyfirst1776

      This scam is being pertetrated at the Federal level by Obama and the liberals. All of those unionized government employees Obama has hired are sucking at the Federal Taxpayers teat.

      UNIONS = death of businesses and economies. Since UNION = DEMOCRAT, one can extrapolate that DEMOCRAT = death of businesses and economies.

  • Whoever

    Policitians wonder why people are going crazy and blowing them away? keep taking about people’s ability to live and there is your outcome. I can’t believe that legally they can get away with this, totally appalled.

  • Neo Noircat

    Led by Dumocrats, get your taxes hiked to pay for graft and corruption. Red states don’t have that problem. Oh, those evil republicans can actually balance a budget.

    • robertsgt40

      Like Bush?

  • TG

    Isn’t the next election in four years ? That tax rolls back just in time for the next election. People will forget (they’re betting on it) and in four years the same people that voted this in will be re-elected. I can’t leave yet, but even if I do, someone else will just move in. Here’s what I never understood. If I perform badly and spend more than my budget, I would immediately get terminated. If I made promises to my boss and than did not fulfill that promise, I would get fired or demoted. If I stole money from my company, I would get fired. If I moved money from one bucket to another just to pay things, good-bye to me. Am I missing something?

  • Tk

    How’s that “hope and CHange” going? Sometimes you actually get what you voted for.

    • Skyroller

      they took the dollars and we keep the “change”!

    • chris

      hope and change is going very well thank you. I hope for a change in 2012.

  • Aaron

    Obama cut Social Security tax by 2 points. He is from Illinois and always takes care of his Illinois cronies and in turn Illinois raise its income taxes 2 points. What a coincidence. The fix was in when they passed the bill in Congrees last month. It was a bailout for the states.

  • Layla

    To those of you still in the Democrat party who voted for these thieves….they will not stop until you are working FOR THEM. They are stealing from you.

    Why is it that politicians will DO ANYTHING BUT reduce their spending and cut the size of government.

  • Topinka: Why Didn’t State Lawmakers Make Cuts? « CBS Chicago – Breaking News, Sports, Weather, Traffic, and the Best of Chicago

    […] The state Senate voted early Wednesday morning to approve a 66 percent hike in the personal income t… The state House had approved the legislation Tuesday evening. […]

  • Hank Warren

    Obscene tax increases, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  • Dadaspider

    Please move to the Gulf coast if you are a business owner: Florida to Texas wants your business! Responsible governors slashing, lower taxes, better business environment, good workers, low housing costs (and in many Fl counties, property taxes have been declining). We moved all our business south and have been relieved to be able to put money back into the business rather than into government coffers. 50% business tax increase? See how many more intelligent people flee the state. Watch tax revenues decline rapidly as they did in the other couple of states that foolishly did the same thing. Politicians seem to be a special kind of dumb. Keeping spending growth to 2%???? How about slashing by 10% and start getting things under control. All BS of the first order.

  • AJ

    This just feels like a money shift. The Feds are cutting our social security tax 2% and IL. is raising our tax 2%. Looks like the rest of the country gets a raise and IL gets nothing. Oh well, one hand gives and the other takes away. Can’t wait to see how they’re going to cover the social security shortage.

  • natb1

    “But as CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine reports, state lawmakers say the tax hike is necessary ”

    In other words, CBS 2 is “educating” us hicks.

  • Mike in FL

    Hahahahahahahaha. You get the government you deserve.

    “But I just finished building a family home in Florida, and I will be re-establishing by business there. By living in Florida (no state income tax at all, comparable if not lower property taxes), what I will save in income taxes in this year alone will more than pay for my move and office space rent, and long-term, my expenses will be lower. ”

    That’s great. Welcome to Florida. Just one thing: Leave your stupid Illinois politics in Illinois. We get so tired of hearing you Snowbirds talk about how things were done “back home”. Remember, you left home for a reason.

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