Man, 3 Teens Charged In Gang Rape

UPDATED 01/13/11 11:46 a.m.

STICKNEY, Ill. (CBS/WBBM) – What began as a social media rendezvous turned into a brutal gang rape in suburban Stickney, and authorities say it was all videotaped on a cell phone.

As CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports, a 14-year-old girl was the victim of the attack.

A man and three teenage boys have been charged in the attack. Alex Picallo, 16, Majeed Khalifeh, 18, and Jonathan Leanos, 19, all of Stickney, were each charged with two counts each of aggravated criminal sexual assault in the incident at Leanos’ Stickney home Saturday, according to Tandra Simonton, a spokeswoman for Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez.

Stickney Police Detective Mark Kozelka told Newsradio 780’s Steve Miller that he has seen that video.

“After seeing the video, there’s no doubt in my mind that what happened is what she alleged actually happened.”

A fourth suspect, Vicente Hernandez, 22, of Cicero, was also later charged with two counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault in connection with the case, Stickney police said in a news release.

Picallo was ordered held on $500,000 bail Tuesday. Khalifeh and Leanos appeared in court in Bridgeview on Wednesday and were ordered held in lieu of $600,000 and $750,000 bail, respectively, Simonton said. All are charged as adults.

Hernandez was to appear for a bond hearing later Thursday at the Bridgeview courthouse, the release said.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Steve Miller reports

Police call the assault disgusting and outrageous.

“It’s disturbing,” said Kozelka, “multiple times, multiple offenders, over a long period of time – it’s just alarming.”

Leanos met the victim online last summer, and they met several times before Leanos took the victim to his house Saturday, Simonton said.

The alleged assault happened in the 3900 block of Wesley Avenue, the release said. Leanos, who met the girl on MySpace in the summer of 2010, allegedly asked the girl to have sex with him.

When she refused, he allegedly took the girl to pick up Khalifeh and Hernandez, then returned to his home where Picallo met them, the release said. Leanos allegedly told the victim to have sex with his friends and the encounter was filmed on a cell phone, the release said.

But, Jonathan Leanos’ older brother, Jose, is defending the teen.

“He was getting a job; he was turning himself back around,” Jose Leanos said.

Jose Leanos said the cell phone video would prove his brother’s innocence. He said his brother initially had been excited at the prospect of having a girlfriend.

“He thought he had a girlfriend. He thought everything was good, ‘I’ve got a girlfriend! I’m in love!.’” Jose Leanos said, “and now she turns around and to be like this.”

Detectives say they spoke with the victim and her family since Saturday, and she told them she doesn’t know how she’ll ever forget about the incident.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • c

    Show the criminals’ faces and charge them all as adults, even the 16 year old, just like you would if they were Black…

    • Average Guy

      Rape is a crime that whites typically commit.

      • Lisa

        Um. WHAT? Rape isn’t a “white person’s” crime. That’s just pure racism right there.

    • NR

      Who cares what color they are! They need to pay for what they did AS ADULTS! Everyone is so busy commenting about they are surprised it wasn’t black people or white…etc…. I live in stickney & its a wonderful little town! I have two little girls of my own & when I heard about this it scared the c r a p out of me! Has anybody even mentioned how the poor little 14 year old must feel. Maybe she will ONE day pass this memory but she will NEVER forget it! & those men still had the nerve to record that! I hope they sentence them good!

      I hope the little girl is able to move on with herself because its not an easy thing to do believe it or not!! A long time ago I was almost raped! Nothing happened to me because I was able to get away, but somehow that feeling…that horrible feeling has never gone away!!! It took me about 3 years to pass that memory….. now I have moved on…… but somehow every here & then it still hunts me!

      & like Dan said below, she didn’t get raped one time, she got raped 4 times!

    • stu

      this time its not it’s us

    • anne

      Do some research. Get the facts. Sad but true.

    • Al

      I would like to see them charged with rape of a minor. Prison is not friendly to child rapist. An eye for an eye.


      This entire situation did not even need to happen if Local police would have took action on crimes JOhnathan leones had commited previous to the rape. Before this happened Johnathan Leones had burglarized 2 homes in berwyn. With more than enough evidence(tex message admittin he did it, the thiefs he was with admitted he was involved, and much more) berwyn police let him go. The reason police let him go was because he is a INFORMAT….police stated there wasnt enough evidence bs…he isnt a man so he tricks off on drug dealers and etc and anyone who knows him will tell you hes a snitch and B@#$%…its ashame a little girl has to get raped and recorded before the law will do its job of locking up punks like him… i hope he goes to jail for a long time and get a BIG DEBO punshment….

      • Catholics

        I’m with you. That Leanos looks like bad news. I’m sorry he ever met that girl.

  • Cub

    I have a 14 yr old.. they would prefer to be in jail then in my hands..let someone rape them, let them see how it feels to be violated,,

  • stu

    i agree show their faces…when a non black commits a crime the media tries to hide their identities…..white pple commit crimes too

    • OK.......

      @ average guy. Then why do the blacks outnumber the whites in the prisons by such a LARGE MARGIN???? I suppose you are going to play the race card there also…………………..”poor blacks get treated unfairly by the justice system”

      • Average Guy

        Yeah, you are right. Poor African-Americans get treated wrong all the way around. Our homes are devalued first. We are the last to be hired and, the first ones shown the door. Providing we get the job, we get paid less by employers. Your problem is that, you see the world through the eyes of a Chicagoan, because that’s what you are. You were raised in a family in a segregated community. So, you wouldn’t know any better. You think that the prison system is loaded with African-Americans. “News Flash” it is not! There are more whites in the prison systems then African-Americans. O.k., you want to talk about fair? Jon Burge. Should I say more?

    • anne

      Open your eyes and look at the areas where crime is rampid! Rape, drugs, theft, morons running the streets with guns, killing their own daily, destroying property they don’t even own or pay for, dog fighting, abuse of children and women, even their own, abusing teachers and decent children trying to get an education so they don’t end up like what they are forced to live with. Taking from the government, who they attack and complain about, but have no trouble picking up the welfare check and food stamps. Always finding time and money to smoke, drink and whatever drug to keep them in their self induced misery and stupor. Time for the trash to be exposed for what and who they are. God Bless our Police and Firefighters who have to risk their lives daily for some who do not deserve to live. Sad but true.

      • Average Guy

        Ann, I see you had some time on your hands this morning. But, work on the facts. Stop believing your friends and family. White-Americans commit more crime in the state of Illinois and the country. White-Americans just don’t want to believe it. White-Americans kill their own families, rape their own children (daughters and sons), buy, sell, manufacture and use more drugs than any other race in America. Get the facts right and stop trying to blame other races for a White-American problem?

      • Deb

        Wow…not a racist comment in any of what you said (sarcasm intended).

        Stu…absolutely right. People of ALL COLORS commit crimes, deal drugs, shoot people, etc.

  • Steven Mark Tobin

    I always thought that a minor’s name was not to be released. The Sun Times may have broken the law here…

    • Justice

      Not if he is charged as an adult. State law allows the release of the identity of an individual after they are charged with a crime, including minors who are at least 14 years old and are charged as an adult. They can only be charged as adults under certain offenses, and sexual assault is one of them. I agree with the above posters also, their photo should be released, including the minor. We all have a need, not a right, but a need to know who the predators are that are lurking in our communities who pose a significant risk to the wellbeing of our families. And STOP with all the race BS – the black male is not habitually discriminated against by everyone else in society, no matter how badly you want everyone else to believe it. Race, gender and ethnicity don’t commit crime– people do. Change the social custom in your community and you will see the balance equalize.

      • Average Guy

        Yeah, and race, gender and ethnicity don’t matter, “give me a break.” Habitual discrimination of African-Americans is the norm in the City of Chicago and Illinois. It’s so pervasive African-American policeman are doing it to African-American citizens. I had an African-American policeman yell, “hey you.” I didn’t reply. He then yelled “didn’t you hear me.” I looked in his direction but kept walking. He then turned to his partner who was white and said, “I hate ni&&ers like that,” which froze me. I instantly reply, “What, the kind you dropped off at school this morning, or the one that patted your head you were a little boy. Let me guest, it was the one that kissed your lips before you left for work, which one.” His partner was speechless. He probably couldn’t believe that he, being African-American also would call an African-American citizen that word. I filed a complaint with the Mayor’s police review board and it went nowhere. They covered it up.

      • ea

        they need to show the girl also
        what is good for the goose is good for the gander

      • Deb

        ea, what on earth are you talking about?! The girl is the victim. “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” implies that she’s one of the guilty parties here.

    • anne

      And this is the LAW that you are concerned about being broken? You are part of the problem too.

      • anne

        As for “ea ” your comment shows your ignorance and immoral state of mind.

    • jsd58

      I was thinking the same thing….

  • bill

    There not white, im sure ! first cicero then berwyn now stickney

    • Stay safe.

      Stickeny is not bad! Even in rich and “good” towns these kinds of things happen. And the 16 year old is white. 110% positive.

    • Mesa

      i know one of them and they went to my school…lol your right they arent white.

  • partyboi

    What’s her name “A 14-year-old girl”? Secondly why must race be the first thing out of every bodies mouth. Red or yellow, black or ,white we are all children in his sight. God bless the victim & all of you.

    • partyboi

      furthermore the 16 yr old was charged as an adult there for he gets treated as one

    • anne

      The remarks about race come out of the mouths of those who are also the root of our trouble in the world today. Let’s deal with the facts….the Police know the truth ….they deal with it daily. Let’s do some research on the areas where the most crime is. Facts are facts. Sad but true.

      • Average Guy

        Have you been on Broadway lately or Belmont?

  • Paul

    You idiots. It only matters their ages. The 18 and 19 year old will be shown when they’re arraigned. The 16 year old won’t. Period.

  • alex

    people have no morals these days

  • Marc

    A crime is crime,there young and will get raped in jailed themseves….payback is a B

  • sentry99

    Relax, there’s justice! Pretty soon, these three punks will understand what the phrase “wedded bliss” means. Once they’re confined to the big house, With or without their consent, they’ll find themselves as the significant other.

    • Average Guy

      You think that’s funny? They will get out of prison one day.

    • Bstensland

      …and at that age, they can be sure to be in for a LONG-TERM marriage.

  • Deb

    What’s really sad about the whole thing is that the rapists were so proud of what they were doing that they recorded it. Can’t wait to hear their parents tell us how they are “good kids”. smh

  • richard

    anne it seems as though you have your own problems,stick to the topic which is the fourteen year old.thats going thru a rough time right now.dont use this as a forum to take your trash out.its obvious you have your own problems,please keep them to your self.

  • faboutlaws

    From the names it looks like we have a Hispanic, a muslim and either another Hispanic or a Greek. Not a black guy in sight. Unless the muslim is African where they often use Arabic names. Don’t be surprised about the muslim being involved. Even though they comprise only 1% of the population, they commit 49% of the rapes in America according to 2007 FBI statistics. It’s not surprising considering their barbaric attitude toward women, especially infidel women.

  • sandra

    rape comes in all colors of a man

    • Average Guy

      And women also.

  • Roberta Waker

    ea, Show the girl?? Why? She has already gone through a rape and will have to live it over and over and over in detail as these rapists are prosecuted in a court of law. Would you like to be photographed after a horrible crime was committed against you and you had to tell the details over and over? Talk sense or please don’t comment.

  • Jason Barlow

    Wow, Sandra. Feeling a little angry towards men? Women rape, too… Let’s keep this fair–just say “Rapist can be any color”. Stop being so sexist!

  • dan

    This girls didn’t go throuugh a rape Roberta, she got raped 4 times

  • Average Guy


  • Tim

    I love you Anne….my kind of woman….marry me.

  • Tired of Morons Who Post Irrelevant Comments

    Interesting comments considering all the mass murders that have taken place in this country, including the one that took place in AZ last week.

    • Average Guy

      What I was trying to understand is what does the Arizona massacre have to do with a rape in the western suburbs of Chicago? And why everyone in Chicago wants to blame poor minorities on every problem that comes to light? Crime, it must be the poor black criminal thugs. Higher taxes must be the poor black criminal thugs who are causing it. Drug abuse, if the poor black criminal thugs did sell drug there wouldn’t be a problem. Every problem in society is the cause of the poor black criminal thugs? This is what I trying very hard to understand.

    • Average Guy

      I am Tired of Morons Who Post Irrelevant Comments also. Why don’t you post something relevant to what others are posting on this blog?

      • Tired of Morons Who Post Irrelevant Comments

        If you weren’t such an idiot Average Guy, you would understand the relevance. Don’t you have a job? You spend way too much time posting on this site…and by job I mean one that actually pays.

  • Average Guy

    Tired of Morons Who Post Irrelevant Comments: One could say the same for you.

  • Average Guy

    What you want to tell my boss I’m on the internet?

    • Latasha Vandermeer

      just want you to know that there is a support page for the 14 year old girl on facebook. You can find it under ( Prayers for Annabelle Campanelli ) Please some and show your support! She needs to know that they are people out there that love her and that they are there for her!!!

  • Betz

    Let’s get to the root of the problem — their mothers (and fathers if they just might be somewhere in the picture). These boys were never taught to have respect for others, particularly women. They are the common result that comes from a home where back-talk, profanity, and all manner of disrespect is tolerated. Because they have no self-respect, to them the logical next step is to debase another human being, preferably the victim. “Training” them to be a civil part of society likely will not be possible at this point, and the public should be protected from them. As for the victim, how is it that she was allowed to pick up guys on the internet, much less be allowed to leave the house to meet up with them. Parents, please wake up. The future is your children, unless you, yourself, have no future and could care less.

  • Stop.

    I hate when people are racist. Reading these comments disgust me. Stickney is not a bad place, I live here. This does not have to do anything with race everybody is the same on the inside no matter what color you are on the outside. And don’t ALWAYS blame the parents it could be the kids fault too, it’s not right to generalize people. I know one of these boys parents and they are terrified and embarrassed. This crime truly is gross, terrible, and immoral. I send prayers to that poor girl and her family.

    • Catholics

      Yes, I agree. The parents of one of these boys are kind, hardworking good people. HE should not have been there.

  • Bret

    What’s with the Man, 3 teens headline? 18 isn’t considered a man anymore? Should read 3 men, teen charged. I hope they throw in a child pornography charge as well for the video.

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