Oversized Flag In Libertyville Draws Controversy

LIBERTYVILLE, Ill. (WBBM) — An oversized American flag on an oversized flagpole is the object of some controversy in north suburban Libertyville.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Pat Cassidy reports, Roch Tranel first asked the Libertyville village board in 2006 for permission to fly the big flag on the bill pole outside his Milwaukee Avenue financial firm.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Pat Cassidy reports

But the Daily Herald reports free speech issues and potential lawsuits caused him to drop the request, then revive it – a 600 square-foot flag on at 45-foot pole showing his patriotism.

Some trustees worry it might distract motorists, whiole others say it would set a precedent, and still others fear it would open the door to inappropriate flags on other flag poles.

Tranel is suggesting using a boom truck to fly his big flag so village leaders can see what his looks like.

  • ChippewaDave

    The level of a person’s patriotism is not defined by the size of the flag they fly. Patriotism is more about being a good citizen and voting, being a good neighbor by helping the elderly couple next door shovel their walk, participating in civic events such as volunteering to clean up after the 4th of July parade and, respecting and knowing the Constitution among many other ways that one can show their patriotism. I think Mr. Tranel is missing the point.

  • Craig Stevens

    Hey Roch Tranel , BRAVO for your ‘right’ to display our nations flag. Its funny how all these local communities allow other countries religious temples to be constructed with gaudy colors and outrageous towering pillars but when we as a people of the United States of America have to get consent for our display of patriotism it has to be considered. What is next, changing the stars on the flag to crescent moon shapes? If you need to start a legal fund please contact me first I WILL make a sizable donation for the cause of our rights.

  • Shane

    It’s good to read someone with a cool head and solid beliefs in what has for years been the real cornerstone of American patriotism. thanks ChippenwaDave for reminding people what we’re truly about. Not defaming others because they have a different religion but welcoming them in to share this Great Land and sit beside those of other faiths and views. We are a land of people, Craig, not hate or discordance rather people who in times like these see the glory of pulling together and making it easier for each other on a day by day basis. We also welcome the Craigs of the world to join and maybe one day they can participate in the true patriotism which is so real now in our land.

  • Carol Loreth

    There is a huge flag flying in Country Club Hills right along I80. It is a pleasure and joy to see it waving in the wind. It is certainly NOT a distraction to motorists. When it comes down for needed repairs from time to time, it is sorely missed. We need to worry more about all the violence in this country, and not about a symbol of our freedom being displayed.

  • rixter

    Good for him, tell them n/siders to travel down I80 in New Lenox to see another just as large a flag that has become a landmark to people. If you cant look at a flag without having an accident, park the car, you got no business driving.

  • shane

    It’s at times like this I am reminded of a line from a movie….’I can’t help but think how many little roofs that one big one could make’. This flag is more like a sign of how ostentatious one can be to show off for others rather than producing a patriotic effect to be felt by them. Sad, how much money is spent on 4th of July parades and things like this when so many of our neighbors have been made jobless and worse. I would suspend this sort of thing until everyone within the community it is held in can participate with a genuine smile on their faces. until every child goes to bed fed and warm…this is the Greatness of the land I was born in, we need to make it happen now.

  • Just an American Opinion

    Wish we had an oversized American Flag for every oversized political ego,
    the world would be a much better place!!

    To all Americans Support our USA Together

    • shane

      Talk and Flags are cheap!! Support by being a true American help our people in these troubled times with work and making sure stores buy American so our neighbors keep their jobs as well. Stop buying Chinese, they don’t by American!!!

  • Lesley Korthase

    There are several of these rather large flags flying along I-80…. they are majestic, and command allegiance!! But nobody has ever gotten in to an accident because of them.

  • John R. Bosanac

    What difference is it, if this business or a gas station flies a over sized american flag. It has been citisized, scrootinized, and looked at in everywhich way, and the flags still fly. It is about time that we as Americans stand up for our country. If the propieter can afford to install a huge flag pole, and purcahse a over sized flag then more power to him. So, lets gat the soldiers, police, firemen, scouts.and every patriotic american to salute that flag and at least thank this propieter for reminding us who we are, AMERICANS.

  • shane

    I’ll bet the majority of them are ‘Made in China’……grow up people it’s your country you’re selling down the river. Stop buying from a country that won’t by from us.

  • Another guy

    Kudos on the comments from ChippewaDave and shane. I doubt drivers will be distracted by the flag, but I think the trustees have other good reasons to put limits on oversize displays in their town (flags, crosses, billboards, etc.). How about flying a smaller flag and showing support for your country in other more helpful and perhaps less self-fulfilling ways. I would applaud Mr. Tranel for that.

  • Brian

    Lady Liberty is a symbol of freedom. Why is OUR flag different in Midwest?! Local Govenment has no clue! Thats where system breaks down. Mom and Pop mentality is the problem.

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  • Daniel

    If you knew of Roch Tranel, you might say he’s trying to fly a really large flag to represent the size of his ego. I can’t question his patriotism, but as others have said, there are many other ways to display one’s patriotism. May I suggest he tone down the size of this flag to a more reasonable level and provide some of his resources to the families who are directly involved in the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    Even if this is not approved, he’s getting free press about his company and brand. Talk about a great country!

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