Income Tax Hike Is Retroactive To Jan. 1

CHICAGO (WBBM) — Now that Gov. Pat Quinn has signed the 66 percent Illinois income tax hike into law, you will soon see the effects in your paychecks.

The increased taxes will be deducted from Illinois workers’ paychecks in a few weeks.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports, the tax increase is retroactive to Jan. 1, so technically, we’re all about two weeks behind in paying.

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But the state has figured out how to get the income tax from workers for the first two weeks of the year, since until the tax was passed, employers had not yet factored in the increase in their payroll formulas.

According to the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget, the state will get its money when you file your 2011 tax returns next year.

You will put down your income for the entire year which will include those couple of weeks in which the total tax was not withheld, and the total tax the state will say is due will either mean you will get a smaller refund or a larger tax bill.

  • george the working stiff

    man these money grabbing aholes QUINN YOU LOSER HOPW YOU ALL THE BAD , YOU TURNED YOUR BACK ON US

  • Sick&Tired

    We as voters can out him like we did Blago. I say we all get together and send him on his merry way!!!

    • BC

      Actually, Blago did not get voted out; he was impeached and removed from office. But I know what you mean.

  • HeorShe

    As if I needed another reason to move out of Illinois.

  • willy

    Thanks democrats!

    • Kelly

      You’re welcome!

  • mike

    Alll you great democrats voted in another a—le in who had promised not to raise taxes..Next election, clean house!!!. Get rid of him and all other blood suckers working for him..The state doesn’t pay it’s bills on time but does get penalized. Heaven forbid you do not pay yours on time as the penalty is waiting to be added by the state.Illinois is broke and i do not see the governor trimming his budget but giving everybody a raise as he claims that he needs qualified people to work for him. I am certain that there are many unemployed people that would for for him for less than the current bloodsuckers currently employed in Sringfield. What an arrogant governor you elected as i did not vote for him? .

  • Jim

    We should all be greatful that the Democrats did not make this retroactive to 2010. I’m sure those idiots looked into that too! I’m curious if this is even legal?

  • rstarre

    The idiot voters in Illinois voted the Democrats back in. The same leadership in the hat has bankrupt Illinois. Wait until they see their property taxes go up 50 to 60 % in the next 5 years as the Illinois as the Illinois House has planned. I am a lifelong Illinois resident who is moving to another state this year. You morons you voted the same tax and spend politicians back into office deserve what you get.

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  • gee-reg

    And these are the same Democrats that always say the Republican party wants to take away your money. The Republicans want EVERYONE to pay a share not just the WORKING MIDDLE CLASS like the Democrats. Have you ever heard the Democrats say that they want to trim down the free give aways to the do-nothings ? Ofcourse not, they just want to keep on raising the taxes on the working people to keep the do-nothings voting for them.

  • FR

    Instead of increasing taxes, Illinois should fine companies that cheat Illinois consumers. KFC is the clearest example that comes to mind with with the web coupon that they then made people jump thru hoops to redeem. KFC’s parent, Yum, has a yearly profit of about 1 billion dollars. Illinois should fine them that much for such an egregious example of false advertising. Then go after any other companies that cheat consumers. Don’t raise taxes on all businesses, just the dishonest ones.

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    […] Income Tax Hike Is Retroactive To Jan. 1 Now that Gov. Pat Quinn has signed the Illinois income tax hike into law, you will soon see the effects in your paychecks, and you’re going to owe for the first two weeks of the year too. Read more on CBS Chicago […]

  • Denise Steinbauer Kober Meyer

    Let’s kill everyone with homelessness, hunger, and lack of medical care….all because the state is taking more and more of the worker!!!!! My sister is LITERALLY DYING daily because all four family members need medications, including diabetic shots, seizure meds, etc. We have written all the way up to the president for help because this family “falls thru the income” cracks!!!! Now they will take away more. Worse than that….I will be attending the funeral of the LAST family member I have alive!!!! The should walk in the shoes of half the people who will suffer drastically from this…AND SEE IF THEY LIKE IT!!!!!

  • FAH-Q IL

    Ofcourse they did, the rotten f-ing theives!!!!! Just when I thought these dems couldn’t get any lower, SUPRISE!!! I hope these crooks rot in hell!! BTW- Thnx to all the fools that voted them in!!!

  • Robin Brady

    How dare you! I haven’t had a pay increase in 3 years. You have no right to do this.

  • fed up

    We have had enough. After 45 years here, we are leaving Illinois.

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