Man, Dog Caught In Hunter’s Traps

GENEVA, Ill. (WBBM/CBS) — A west suburban man and his dog found some illegal traps set in a wooded area – the hard way.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Nancy Harty explains, Jeff Henry heard his dog, Smoakie, yelp last Sunday, shortly after the dog took off through a field and into the woods near Route 31 and fabyan Parkway in Geneva.

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The Daily Herald reports the 65-pound husky-collie mix was caught in a lasso-style trap anchored to a tree. Henry could not get the trap off.

Henry called 911, and firefighters were able to free Smoakie by cutting the trap.

Henry went back later to leave a note for the trap’s owner, saying, “Your trap almost killed by dog. Please get rid of your traps,” the Daily Herald reported.

But on his way out of the woods, was snared himself in a rusty-toothed claw trap around his foot. The fire department had to come back to free him.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is investigating. Department Capt. Neal Serdar tells the Daily Herald the traps were set illegally.

  • Herb

    Probably a field of “weed” nearby in the summer time

  • Matt

    No this just gives anti-hunters something else to point a finger about. But as usual it will be with half the story or omitted information. THEY WERE ILLEGAL AND REAL HUNTERS AND GUN OWNERS OBEY THE LAW!!!

    • John Sheehan

      Good catch on the preemptive defense, Matt. If anyone DOES actually accuse any hunters or gun owners of being complicit, you will have already addressed them. Your straw-man is firmly in place, don’t worry.

  • Erin Byrne

    Sounds like the beginning of a horror movie. What a terrifying experience for this man and his dog.

  • Roberta Waker

    I hope they find the person that set these traps and punish him accordingly. They should be able to get fingerprints and if he has a record, this should be enough to track him down. What if a child got caught in these traps and died or lost a hand or foot? This person should go to jail. PERIOD.

    • Michael Blott

      Unlikely there will be fingerprints as leaving a scent is typically avoided

  • Lisa

    I’m not hunter and not really an advocate of hunting with traps period. However, I don’t really think this speaks to true hunters one way or the other. The person who planted these is just an irresponsible moron and probably is as unintelligable and irresponsible in other areas of his life.

  • Mr Voter

    find people who put this in there…..aremake him set off each trap himself to see what the pain he causes… is full of creeps….

  • Luke Thomas

    Hunters are psychopaths. ALL of them are.

  • Katherine McGill

    This is not hunting. Trapping should not be part of our world today. Millions of animals are killed every year by traps, including thousands of “trash” animals (as trappers refer to accidental animals, dogs, cats, endangered species, etc)

    Our wildlife agencies are NOT doing their job. The public must begin to hold these agencies to task and represent ALL wildllife and ALL people – not just special interests. Gov’r appoints wildlife Councils – hold these politicians accountable for sanctioning abuses that defy animal cruelty laws!

    Stop being fooled that this is population control. Nature does not over-populate as we are led to believe – but manipulated hunting seasons do overpopulate game animals, for profit.

    • Denise Safranek


      • Denise Safranek

        to Katherines comment that is

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