Jackson Calls Out Schools Not Honoring Dr. King

CHICAGO (WBBM/CBS) — The Rev. Jesse Jackson called attention to some schools that are not observing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday morning, during annual Rainbow/PUSH Coalition King Day holiday.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Mike Krauser reports, Jackson said he objects to schools holding classes on the day honoring Dr. King.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Mike Krauser reports

“This is a sacred trust; a covenant made with America to officially break the lineage of slavery and segregation,” Jackson said. “There is no higher moral cause than this day represents.”

Jackson said “extending the service of a prophet is our mission today,” and that mission is putting people back to work.

Dr. King, he said, would not be pleased with the nation’s unemployment.

Jackson’s son, U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., urged the unemployed and the underemployed to send him their resumes and their stories, and they would be entered into the congressional record.

“We as Americans in the wealthiest nation in the history of the world can’t find enough money to put a man or a woman on their own two feet in America,” Rep. Jackson said. “Something is wrong.”

While the vast majority of schools both public and private do have the day off Monday, some are holding classes. One of them, Providence St. Mel School at 119 S. Central Park Blvd., remained in session Monday and dedicated the day to lessons about Dr. King and his work.

The founder and president of the school, Paul J. Adams III, says the school has always been open on King Day, and tells the Chicago Tribune’s Dawn Turner Trice that since Dr. King was himself an educator, he thinks it’s “ridiculous” to close schools for the holiday, and it is “disrespectful, especially in the black community, when our children are left behind.”

  • Jim

    Mr. Rev. Jesse Jackson, obviously you are working and the news reporters that you are speaking with are working. Why not have school and spend the entire school day talking and honoring Dr. King instead of students and government workers just using it as another day off? How many people with the day off are utilizing it to honor Dr. King? Don’t just point at the problem, offer a solution like I did!

  • Pam513

    HEY JESSE …… SHUT UP!!!!

  • SpecialK

    I agree we should spend the day learning abour Dr. Martin Luther King instead of spending a day off. How many of our children are actually sitting at home reading about Dr. King – none. I think it is a great idea for the school to be open and have the students learn all about King on this day.

  • pop847

    Jesse “I need a job” Jackson is very good at pointing the finger and not offering any solutions — to anything.

  • Knappydawg

    Jessie does not need to work as long as he can husstle the black man and take their money. Life is good!!.

  • jaycee

    We don`t need resumes we need jobs that can`t be to hard to figure out cut out the BS and get the JOBS instead of raising taxes

  • stuck at the mall

    what is entering your story and resume into some book going to do to feed you family and provide a roof over their heads?

  • j west

    jesse, jesse, jesse, we need our children in school. 90% of our children are in front of wii, face book or just handing out today. If you were to ask a youth about Dr. King most will tell you he was a civil rights leader. have no clue what civil rights are. We have serious issues in our community jobs, parenting, meaningful programs to enhance trade skills,etc… no time for days off bro!!

  • Sarah,Russ and Glen

    Hey jesse jackask tell us how you extorted ABC7 news when they fired Diane Burns,come on jesse tell us how you operate.

  • Sarah,Russ and Glen

    Or how about the time back in your OPERATION BREADBASKET days you tryed to extort a leading food chain store back in the early 70’s. coming into the stores and raising havoc,having your LT.’s filling up grocery carts and leaving them all over the store which I and others witness.

  • Sarah,Russ and Glen

    Jesse your as phoney as a $3 bill with AL Sharpton on it.

  • Cheryl

    Brother Jackson, you mark the day the way you want and I’ll do the same. I’d rather be at work today, helping to educate young men and women, than it be just another day off/big sale at the mall. I don’t know if Dr. King would agree with me or you, but this is how I honor him.

  • southside

    Shut up, Jesse. Get a job.

  • Jim

    Jesse, You should honor Dr. King by shutting up!

  • Mr. Justice

    Jesse Jackson is a loser and so is his son. People should be “free” to honor King if they desire, BUT don’t force it on any of us. Jesse just enjoys the limelight and so does Al Sharpton. Neither man should even have the title of “Reverend”. What are they a reverend of. If I am not mistaken, Jesus Christ did not march, authorize boycotts, or seek publicity. No, if I am not mistaken he spoke about love and that he came to heal the broken hearted and set the captives free. Free from sin not from any government.

  • Black Cult Leader

    Figures he would be the one to call out someone,with nothing else to do day to day,my sons is playing xbox all day,maybe we should just call it Game day! Jesse has only one job and thats taking the blackmans money and acting as a cult leader,

  • Sure thing Jesse!!!!

    Q: I know you are getting a lot of questions regarding the epiphany, to some people, that Jesse Jackson’s actions during the assassination of Martin Luther King were not exactly the way Jesse tells the story.

    A: It is a pretty extraordinary story. The liberal media has been complicit with Jackson for all of these years since 1968. When they think of Jesse Jackson, most people think of the story he has told and the spin that he has put on it.

    Q: If you tell the lie long enough and consistently enough, it eventually becomes accepted as fact.

    A: That’s right. And that is the way it has become. The first time Ron Daniels was on with me, he tried to claim that Jesse Jackson had in fact cradled Martin Luther King in his arms, and that is the lie.

    Q: Was Rev. Abernathy lying?

    A: No, Abernathy told the truth, and it is because of Abernathy that we know the truth.

    Q: And what is the truth?

    A: Jesse Jackson was not up on the balcony. They even tried to show the picture of Jesse Jackson up on the balcony with Martin Luther King. That picture was taken the day before. It was a publicity shot.

  • roger

    i to had to work today i my boss did honor this day with a pray. but to put down another person or school for working or going to school is wrong just keep your though to your self . like other time you only come out when you can cause trouble. just go away and let people do what they want on any day .

  • Robert

    hey jessie do you celebrate Casimir Pulaski Day? Do you know Him?What He do for freedom in USA


    Sure Thing Jesse,there was also a story after king got shot was that Jesse might have had a part in it to gain power,but the corrupt media stopped the print on it not like Ms, Sara Palin they make up stories.

    • Sure thing Jesse!!

      OK, and ofcourse ALL of this is made up!!! http://www.kentimmerman.com/shakedown.htm

      What the heck does Palin have to do with this liar Jackson?? Keep defending him and blaming the white man, it seems to work for him!!

  • mike

    It’s very sad how many people claim to “honor ” Dr. King on his birthday but convieniently forget his philosophy for their own selfish agendas the rest of the year. Dr King dreamed of a color-blind society where people are judged by the “content of their character ” and not the color of their skin. A lot of BLACKS (I’m sorry to have to say this) are just as guilty as any Ku Klux Klan member or any Neo-Nazi of racism. In my fourty or so years in the music business I saw more raciial discrimination from the Blacks toward the Whites then vice-versa. Jessie Jackson is an evil race-baiting opportunist phony who isn’t fit to shine Dr. King’s shoes. BTW “REVEREND” JACKSON: How’s the BEER distributership going?

  • mike

    JESSIE! You are (as usual) full of B.S. If you want to point a finger at those who disrespect Dr.King point a finger at those people White AND BLACK who STILL practice racial discrimination. NOT those who choose to go to school on his birthday. I’m sure Dr. King would agree. but,as usual you seize the oppurtunity to benehit yourself in Dr King’s name instead of looking at the truth. May God be merciful to you when you meet Him. He has quite a case!

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