Are Chicago Heights Murders Related?

CHICAGO HEIGHTS, Ill. (CBS/WBBM) — Police in Chicago Heights are trying to determine whether there’s any connection between two recent shootings in the south suburb.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Regine Schlesinger reports, early this past Friday morning, a motorist driving by found the body of Jerel Bell, 20, lying in a snow bank in the 1900 block of Wentworth Avenue in Chicago Heights.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Regine Schlesinger reports

He had been shot three times in the head, apparently execution-style, although police are not calling it an execution.

No charges have been filed and no suspects are in custody, police said, and they were still interviewing witnesses as of Monday. The South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force and Illinois State Police are aiding in the investigation.

Jerel Bell’s older brother, Jeffrey Bell, 21, is charged in the murder of Marquetta Campbell, 26, who was shot and stabbed outside the Big Boy Submarine sandwich shop, after an argument at a bar in Matteson.

mugs Are Chicago Heights Murders Related?

From Left; Barbara Jackson 21, Jeffery Bell 21, Camille Brodanex 20. (Credit: Chicago Heights Police Department)

Jeffrey Bell is charged with first-degree murder, as is his girlfriend, Camille Brodanex, 20. A third suspect, Barbara Jackson, 21, of Park Forest, is charged with aiding a fugitive.

Police tell the SouthtownStar they are trying to determine whether there is a link between Jerel Bell’s murder and the one in which his brother is charged.

Chicago Heights police Sgt. Tom Rogers said police had been familiar with Jerel Bell “for quite some time” and that he had been arrested before on drug charges for minor offenses.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • southside

    Jerel’s and Jeffrey’s mom has 10 kids. She’s 41. Connect the dots on how these gentlement ended up on the wrong side of the law….

    • connie

      what does that have to do with it? why is it that when people have children that get into trouble it’s the parents fault? she may have not been the best mother, i don’t know because i don’t know her personally. but i know some God fearing women who have children that turn to gangs, violent behavior ect.

  • Lulu

    The only dots to connect are those between having no regard for life, the law or God and becoming a murderer. Parenting of course matters but no parent can control every action of their child. Besides why would you automatically blame the mother and not the many men who did not stick around to be full-time positive fathers? If you want to “connect the dots” start there because research shows that fathers matter, and why wouldn’t they. We need to ask all adults to step up to the plate and handle their real responsibility and to also take the onus for their decisions when it costs someone his or her life (these murderers are adults). So again I stress this, mom is not to blame for the deaths of these 2 individuals, the killers are. Even with limited choices in life we should never choose to kill. These two individuals were gunned down like animals (because this is not how humans are to be treated) and those responsible should not only feel remorse but shame for behaving inhumanely, ungodly, and with a blatant disregard for human life.

  • Denise

    I disagree, parenting has EVERYTHING to do with it. A child raised correctly does not become a murdering 20-yr old. These young adults were not mentally defective….they didn’t forget that we shouldn’t kill people, they simply learned to disregard respect for others. That takes practice. It’s definitely not new behavior. An the people who birthed them didn’t intervene enough. Period.

    Having a child is a huge responsiblity…and until we as a society DEMAND responsible parenting, this foolishness will continue. It’s really simple… set a limit of public assistance (we shouldn’t INCREASE aid for a parent who decides to birth MORE children they can’t afford!!!) Require that parents be accountable for the actions of THEIR MINOR OFFSPRING!!! Your baby gets convicted of a violent crime, you sit next to your baby in prison!

    Dads don’t always stay…and little girls who lay down & make babies need to understand that. If the daddy you chose doesn’t stay, you will bear that responsibility ALONE. Maybe it’ll be a deterrent for these young, immature parents to know the FULL responsiblity of reproducing. SMH at this nonsense!!

    • Denise

      BTW, I’m an AA single mother of 3 teenaged sons who grew up in Englewood. I’m confident of the morals I’ve drilled into them, consistently SINCE BIRTH. And yes, I do hold myself accountable for their actions. They’re not angels, but they know right from wrong. No, I don’t monitor their every move… I don’t have to anymore. They’ve learned enough to monitor their own actions. Whatever mischief they engage in, they’re trained and know when to defuse situations, walk away in defeat or run like hell in fear of consequences.

    • TSG

      Kudos Denise, that comment is to damn true!

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