Oak Park Student Suspended Over List Of Girls

UPDATED 01/19/11 9:05 a.m.

OAK PARK, Ill. (CBS) — A student at Oak Park-River Forest High School ranked 50 girls on a list and posted humiliating information about them on Facebook.

Now, as CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman reports, the high school girls are fighting back. They have started their own Facebook forum where people can learn from what happened.

In the movie “Social Network,” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg rates college co-eds. Something similar, and more sinister, happened at the west suburban high school.

The male student was suspended after distributing the list, which ranked the girls based on their physical appearance and promiscuity, among other descriptions. The student also wrote about each of the girls he ranked, with descriptions they found thoroughly offensive.

The descriptions included “racial slurs, hateful comments, comments on alleged promiscuity,” said student Haley Rea.

Rea and her friend, Julia Levy, were both on the list.

“When you know that many people are reading some really personal things about you, it’s going to affect you some way,” Levy said.

Rea and Levy said some people supported the student who created the list.

“Hundreds of students cheered him on,” Rea said.

“They didn’t see the just fundamental wrong, and the sexism and racism of it, and the misogyny of it,” Levy said.

A concerned mother contacted the media about the list, saying it was distributed by a teen via Facebook and paper copies throughout the school. The woman, who did not want to be named, said the school has not had an appropriate response and is not returning phone calls.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Lisa Fielding reports

She believes this is the third year the same student has created the list. The student has gotten in trouble for the list previously, according to a schoolmate.

“He’d already been expelled for it one year – his freshman year – and now he’s doing it again, so I don’t know what he’s doing,” said Oak Park-River Forest student Niles Sykes.

The list ranks and names the girls, such as “New Queen,” “Fallen Angel,” “Blond Bombshell” and “The Hangover” — then goes on to describe the teen’s physical appearance and promiscuity.

In a letter on its website, the school’s principal wrote, “The school does not tolerate bullying, slurs, sexual harassment or demeaning behavior.

The student is subject to a disciplinary review, and faces possible expulsion over the list.

Meanwhile, Rea and Levy now hope to highlight the wrong of the list, and not just for the boy who started it.

“It’s so much bigger than him,” Levy said, calling it a societal problem.

The girls have begun their own Facebook page, titled “Unlisted.”

“It’s kind of a pun on the list that he made,” Rea said, “to show we’re not defined by a list,” added Levy.

One member of the forum wrote, “Ladies it’s time to go national.”

If there is one message the girls want to get across it is “that these attitudes are not OK and shouldn’t be tolerated,” Levy said.

The girls are also having meetings, and would like to see sessions on campus featuring strong male role models.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • connie

    he doesn’t need a beat down, he needs supervison.

    • Smooth

      And you are entitled to your opinion! Even if it is absurd

      • connie

        what’s absurd about supervision? what’s absurd is to want to beat someone’s brains out because you don’t like what they’ve done. that kind of response does not fit the crime.

      • Smooth

        Have you ever heard of the word “accountability & taken responsibility for your actions” OUr society is full of individuals just getting a slap on the wrist for their behavior.

      • SouthEast

        It is so much better to settle this with part of a railroad tie, a couple fists and feet and it ends up way more entertaining for the evening news.

      • Alex

        What is wrong with you people?
        Hate speech is not protected under free speech. neither is slander or libel.

        For those of you defending this boy, you are ignorant.

        There are certain behavioral expectations of young people-which is probably more of a conservative attitude than anything- yet somehow, you equate the punishment of this boy as a result of “liberals getting upset over the right not to be offended”? No. This isn’t about political position.

        It’s about tact. It’s about maturity. It’s about getting young people in check before they grow up to be grossly ignorant, like some of the people on this comment form.

    • Soothsayer

      This is laughable. Anyone bother to research HOW and WHY Facebook was started in the first place? Looks like its usefulness has come full circle. Zuckerberg is grinning ear to ear right now.

      • mark cq

        take this thing to it’s logical conclusion. there have been many suicides over such inflammatory musings. the common denominator here is: it started at school. the school board / administration has a policy to combat this abusive behavior, and hopefully it will stop.

        if you let him continue unfettered, someone may hurt themselves. i see no wrong w/ sending the boy home for some home-schooling. it’s inappropriate. he was warned. now go home, kid. and get some manners.

      • rth

        Obviously he is an aspiring judge for beauty pagents….we cant have that…lets cut his tounge out and crush him before he exercises his rights of free speach! He offended someone…now he must pay the price!!!!

        IS society this dumbed down!!!!?????

    • JJ729

      I agree. I remember back when I was a kid, there was this girl who, and I’m being honest here, got away with breaking dress code because she was the only minority in the school. She wore short leather skirts that always allowed you to see her cash and prizes when she sat down. Some kids joked about it and starting calling her, “pink”. All of these individuals were put in semester long detention or suspended for a week.
      This girl made a choice to dress like a hoe, people called her out on it, and she was offended because it was making fun of “who she is”.
      The public school system is such a joke.

    • James

      You’re an idiot. He does need a beat down. To many liberal ways keep allow people to continue to act like fools. Bet if he was treated old school, he would be a good boy.

      • Dan

        I’ll bet when you try to beat him down and he sticks a .45 in your face that your attitude about who should be treated “old school” would change right damn quick, wouldn’t it?

    • BS76

      Indeed. Nowhere in the bill of rights do you have the right to never be offended.

    • njm

      I agree that the author’s free speech right trumpts the girls’ indignation. However, if one of the girls were my daughter and the author said slanderous things about her – calling her promiscuous – for example, I’d be in a lawyer’s office suing him and his parents for slander.

    • Zach

      perfectly said irish

    • Al

      I guess there is some truth to ” your sins will find you out ”

      Also, if the comments are false why bother getting all flustered about them just ignore them…..

      the girls reactions actually add legitimacy to the claims in a round about way and serve to pique my curioisity about what actually is the truth to their moral / immoral behaviour ?

    • Al

      if what he said was true then we should thank him for giving us advance warning of possible future prostitutes, homewreckers, gold diggers and aids carriers…..

      if what he said is really untrue then he should be sued with collection of the judgement postponed until he reaches adulthood

      personally I think what he did might have been well intentioned but ill-advised….


  • tg

    why is it when an adult gets their “feelings hurt” it’s tough. live with it. it’s not a crime.

    so why is this kid being punished. shouldn’t the girls be told the same thing i would be told. it’s tough. live with it. it’s not a crime.

    this is creating more harm then good. these girls will think from now on that anytime they get emotional someone should be punished.

    it’s amazing for me to see people in this day and age acting thinking on such a low level. (the school board/parents not the boy)

    • JH

      In the workplace, this would be considered sexual harrassment. It’s illegal. Students should not have to endure sexual harrassment at school. Period.

      • Tate

        This would only qualify as illegal if the harrassing person was in a position of authority over the harassee. This kid is well within his rights to publish this tasteless list. Sorry, it’s creepy and in poor taste, but it’s not illegal

      • XO

        Tate, wrong. Co-workers do not have to be in a position of authority to get in trouble for sexual harassment. I know because I had to report a co-worker for making sexual comments towards me and yes, he did get in huge trouble. A black mark on his work record and the same thing should be done towards students who sexually bully other students. Any company or school who ignores such comments or threats can be hit with a huge lawsuit. Your comment is very uninformed.

      • Shapopo JOe

        Its not sexual harassment because he did it on FACEBOOK NOT in school or at a school sanctioned event…He has the right to comment on whoever the hell he wants…Are you telling me the people who rank the peoples clothes at the golden globes should be arrested for demeaning comments? GET THE F OVER IT

      • CJ

        Dont be an idiot. He did this in a private location on a private page. If other kids printed it out and distributed, thats not his fault.

        You speech-Nazis need to back off. If this is illegal, so are all the comments made about the Palin’s, about the Bush’s, made about ANYONE that someone else didnt like.

        JEZUS you folks can’t excercise logic for a damn. Its all “Ooo thats mean, we should make it illegal to say mean things, you meanies!!”

        What a wus.

      • Realist

        This isn’t the workplace? (or by extension, school, either)

      • Lili

        I’m disgusted by how many of you are condoning cyber-bullying.

    • UtenaNYC

      Good lord your posts are so wrong and just so stupid.

  • Smoooth

    You are a great example of why our school system has gone down the toilet

    • Ornley Gumfudgen

      Unfortunately all of ya parents have a share of the guilt here with respect ta why our school systems have gone down th toilet. If you parents would raise yer children properly instead of dependin on th schools ta do it we all would be much better off. An even if yer child don’t do these sorta thangs th odds are yer still so detached frum th schools ya really don’t know what goes on thair.

      Ya birth em an give em a place ta sleep but when it comes ta raisin em largely ya only spend a couple of hours a day, at most, with em an let some total strangers ta yer family raise em fer th rest of thair wakin day.

      Wanna see how most of ya parent’s thank about yer precious little bundle of joy? Go over ta http://www.taser.com an take a look at thair real life videos. Then ya will see denial that is shot down with factual evidence ta th contrary.

      An havin been closely involved with youth corrections, this is pretty much is th way it always goes down in a court of law.

    • RobbyS

      Free speech does not include slander or libel or obscenity. This kid should have been expelled.

  • Smooth

    How bout posting your pics and profile and we can give our response? It’s amazing that responses like yours are even thought of. YOur evaluation is another reason why our society is going down the toilet

    • connie

      i don’t think that there’s anything wrong with tg’s response. it’s your response that he is responsible for societies moral decline. now that’s absurd!

      • JH

        Connie – Have you ever worked in a business environment? If you had, you would be required to sign statements agreeing not to sexually harrass anyone in any way, including verbal comments like this kid made. I get the feeling that you know this kid, or are related to him, because your defense of him at the expense of 50 girls who have been sexually harrassed is discusting.

      • smooth

        Are you a high schooler ?

    • david

      ever heard of a website called hot or not.com? it does exactly that

      • UtenaNYC

        The girls who do that volunteer their photos. These girls did not.

      • XO

        david, On hotornot, you willingly submit your photo to be ranked. These girls did not. Case closed.

      • Tom

        XO, do you really think that every picture on Hot or Not was submitted by the person in the picture?

  • connie

    you are absolutely right. i just wish that these students would spend more time on their education rather than using it doing things that are hurtful to themselves and others.

  • old goat

    ….in my days we wrote on the restroom walls…and if you got caught the gym teacher would slap you around a few times…then the janitor would call you out in the hall ways….

    • DidYoSis

      that sounds like a wonderful place!! Now its national news.

  • FR

    Did he use the school’s computers and printers? If so the school can punish him. If he did it at home, the school can’t punish him, but he could be sued for liable. If he did it at home and put a disclaimer at the top saying “In my opinion, I think that “….blah blah, he is golden.

    • ak

      You stupid, stupid person.

    • Stan B.

      FR – you are absolutely right. The issue here is freedom of expression, and an understanding that even the most vile, absurd, and offensive opinions are still covered as Free Expression. There is no “right not to be offended” guaranteed in the Constitution, and unless school equipment were used for this list, the guy is just exercising his Constitutional Right to be a first rate jack a$$.

    • XO

      FR, The perpetrator passed out the list AT school and stood up in front of students and talked about the girls. You think that if you preface any threats with “In my opinion..” it no longer makes it a threat? What world are you living in?

      • meinmyshadow

        XO – what threat are you talking about? Are you even sentient?

    • Tom

      FR is right. It is a list of his opinions.

      As for libel, the girls would have to prove two things.
      1) its not true
      2) he meant to cause harm

      The burden of proof is on the accusser, in a court case the boy in this situation would be the defendant. Libel is insanely hard to prove

  • Gordon

    What’s the kids name???

  • la

    This article leaves out the part about the impromptu speech the jerk off made in the cafeteria urging his male peers to curtail women before they take over the world. Still think this is no big deal?

    • Stan B.

      I’m sorry, which part of the Constitution outlaws jerks? If his speech was disruptive to the learning environment, you might be able to do something about that if he made it AT SCHOOL. However, the article says it’s the ON-LINE stuff he got in trouble for.

    • Jay Dee Kuykendall

      Impromptu speach about women taking over the world? My that does sound serious! lol

  • william

    So what, he made a list of girls and expressed his various opinions about each. So! For those who don’t like it then don’t read it. It’s really that simple.

    • JH

      Actually, it’s not that simple. It’s a form of bullying. It’s also slander if any of the information isn’t true. If this student were not such a coward, he would say these things to the girls’ faces. But most men who hate women, and this kid obviously has a problem with women, are cowards.

      • UtenaNYC

        You’re right, JH. It is bullying and sexual harassment. Ignore the people responding below. They are probably high schoolers who haven’t grown up yet.

      • david

        cry me a river, man hater

      • DidYoSis

        Bullying?? pssst please. you people are a bunch of pu$$ies. Keep acting like girls arent harder on each other then this kid.

      • Stan B.

        It’s not slander, JH. It’s Libel. Learn the difference. And unless he is asserting defamatory information as fact, it’s not even Libel, it’s Opinion!

  • AML

    Actually, this is possibly slander – but more importantly is bullying. The kid is wrong. He should be punished particularly since he is a repeat offender.

    Go ahead and try to do this at work and see if you have a job on Monday.

    • J Craig Barker

      Bullying in the name of free speech;
      “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”
      William Shakespeare
      King Henry VI Part 2.
      And God said: ‘Let there be Satan, so people don’t blame everything on me. And let there be lawyers, so people don’t blame everything on Satan’.
      Sexual harrassment;
      Bill Clinton on White House ‘intern’ Monica Lewinsky

    • Stan B.

      I don’t work for the Government, therefore my employer is free to punish me for activities that reflect badly on my company. And “slander” is spoken, this is written, so it’s libel.

      For a Government Entity to punish someone for expressing an opinion outside of School Grounds (facebook is NOT, I’m sure, part of the curriculum) is the sort of thing you expect from China or Iran.

  • SocialSkillz

    I don’t get how this is bullying. This is a list of rumors and someone’s opinion posted on the Web; along with, everyone elses lists of rumors and opinions- so what. Get over it- life is full of disappointments, rumors, and unfairness. Should TMZ and the other tabloids be in trouble for what they say too? This isn’t about protecting children; it’s, about revenge on this poor guy- that’s what’s an outrage. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and he should sue the faces off that school.

    • JH

      These are kids, not adults. The content of his statements went too far – it ventured into their sex lives.

      • DidYoSis

        WHAAAAAA!!! my daughter is a skank and that boy wrote it on paper. WHAAAAA!!

      • Jay Dee Kuykendall

        Isn’t the phrase “kids’ sex lives” problematic? Today’s kids seem to think that they can smoke, drink, and have sex without consequence. Newsflash: if you would be embarassed about something becoming widely known, don’t do it!

      • dp

        Maybe they should’nt have “sex lives” in High School.

    • Roberta Waker

      Poor guy? What if he put YOU on this list as a geeky loser or something worse. What if he said you had an STD? Stuff like this, true or not, can destroy people’s lives and he doesn’t have the right to do that. Gossip and rumors are destructive and can get out of hand. This young man needs psychological help, something to do with his time, and some jail time to reflect on the damage he is causing. It IS bullying and if you condone it; you are porobably guilty of it too.

      • Thomas

        Jail time? For this? Wow. Please don’t vote or procreate.

      • Psychomancer

        Well actually I am a loser…and I am ok with that. Its all about accepting who you are. If he said I had an STD? Well then I could to say to everyone “See I told you I was not a virgin!”

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        Agreed, good analysis.
        You probably should double-check your speling of “probably” before criticizing the lack of proof-reading in the Green Bay newspaper.

      • DidYoSis

        Number 50…Roberta Waker. REAL PSYCHO!!

    • AML

      High school is not a dog eat dog world. It’s an environment for learning. This young man tried to destroy that environment. He should be punished. Plain and simple.

      I am puzzled by all of the people supporting this young man.

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        Yes…excellent comment.

      • david

        you were at the bottom of the list werent you?

      • DidYoSis

        What HS did you go to?? Did they not have sports at your school?? I’m guessing they didnt have prom king or queen either. Did everyone get a first placed ribbon on field day there too? What i’m I talking about I’m sure they didnt have field day at this great school you went to. That would be a way to rank kids based on atheltic ability….AND THATS JUST WRONG!!

      • Shapopopo

        Did he post while in class??? If not, he can sayu whatever the hell he wants…

      • Jay Dee Kuykendall

        Perhaps many comments are tongue-in-cheek?

  • AML

    Oh, and TMZ is often sued for libel.

    And again, if it is so harmless, I encourage you to make a similar list at work. This way we can help the unemployed people who are not stupid. Because what you are promulgating (look it up) is stupid.

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      TMZ (just as one example) has the freedom to print its screed, but then can be held accountable.

  • JH

    Free speech does not include the right to slander or sexually harrass other people. You’re missing the point. This was a deliberate act to embarrass, harrass, and cause emotional distress to 50 girls. The girls are the victims, and you’re blaming them? Maybe this boy is a total creep and gets turned down, and he’s taking out revenge – ever thought of that?

    • Ross

      JH, nice job of posting a rational thought that makes good points. I wish more people on here would follow your example instead of the emotional drivel that they seem to think is reasoned debate. I read the article and was more inclined to believe this was a case of free speech. Your comments were persuasive enough that unless there are more facts I am not aware of I agree that the school did need to address the issue.

      Great job!

    • Mike

      JH- This is just kids mimmicing what they see adults do. The media and the libs. have done this and worse to ALL the Palin women, and whether you like them or not, they have feelings as well, the whole society is moving towards these tactics. You can’t have it both ways, freedom of speech is just that, slander is illegal, but what was written on the list is no worse than an OP-ED piece.

    • MM

      Maybe if women today and the girls acted there age and dressed appropriatly these sort of things wouldn’t happen. We have only oursleve to blame. Our society is sick and lissfull of the real world.

    • 31337

      Just to state a fact that an A-hole is always going to be an A-hole, just like a nut job is always going to be a nut job. Lists like these have always existed and I’m sure the girls have a list also. The difference is its available on a national website that is public while in the past it was in some kids notebook and only circulated among friends. While this doesn’t excuse the kid from any personal responsibility the fact is issues like this are trumped up and blown out of proportion. People are way too sensitive about issues and if this is what we worry about then what happens when it really does hit the fan and nobody cares about “emotional distress”. Buzzwords like “emotional distress” and “hate crime” is just another way of saying “I surrender to you” “oh Mr jerky student, please don’t inflict more emotional distress on my, please or I will sue you for hate”

      you can make people say it, but you can’t make them think it and like it or not these types of issues should not be so large in the news. If somebody thinks you are “hot” or “not hot” then so what? If they add you to a list at #4 and you feel you should be #1 then too Bad, its not your list.

      I don’t buy that it was deliberate, I believe it was an unintended consequence of the list. After all its just a kids list and after all they do it all the time in publications, such as the 100 to bachelors of this year or the 50 “best” actors.

      Man up

    • http://endgametime.wordpress.com endgametime

      Everyone is entitled to their personal opinion no matter who doesn’t like it. This kid wrote his opinions and should not be punished. This happens all the time in the media. Politicians talk smack at every election and go unpunished. This kid is following in his piers footsteps. Usually the politicians use smear tactics in retaliation to derogatory comments. The offended ones should do the same as their political piers. The school has no authority to regulate out of school business.

    • Avenger

      JH: You are truly a MORON!

    • Just a student

      JH you mean libel not slander, written defamation is libel, to be slander it must be oral defamation. This is more about free speech; as reprehensible as his behavior might be it is protected.

    • StopWhiningAlready

      JH, While your comment is well written, you should not use words you don’t understand. Nobody was slandered here. This was his opinion, not stated as fact. Having produced the same type of list twice prior, there’s nothing to indicate that he violated anyone’s privacy or rights on any occasion. Point of fact, this young man is entitled to his opinion, regardless of how unpopular it may be. If he knowingly states a falsehood, then perhaps he could cross the line. However, even if true, this would be an issue for the Civil Court and NOT for the public school to determine. Depriving him of his ability to attend a public school for acts that are outside of the scope of what the institute is legally allowed to govern is a stretch that even a liberal such as yourself should understand.

      This is also not a case of sexual harassment as he’s not in any position of power to influence the behavior of these girls based on a threat to publish or not published any information provided the girls do, say or act in a certain way as a result.

      Bad taste? Sure it is, however there’s nothing in his actions that should allow any government institution to stifle his speech as a result. He’ll sue and he’ll win. Get over it.

    • scott

      Now I consider what he did to be morally repugnant, but it was not illegal or outside the lines of free speech. In fact, free speech does include the right to embarrass, harass and cause emotional distress. Not there may be consequences for such actions, but he is perfectly in his right to do so. Also slander is a false accusation and it would need to be proven that any of the info he posted was untrue. If the girls are promiscuous and he wrote the truth, then that is the consequence of sleeping around.

      The school doesn’t have a right to suspend him for his Facebook list, but may have legal standing since he brought printed copies to school. However, it is not the job of the school to police things done off school grounds even if it does effect the students.

      What should happen is he is ostracized by the student body for creating such a list. This is the only thing that would prevent the behavior in the future.

    • Mark Matis

      It is not slander or libel if it is true. But then who needs the Constitution, anyways? Our Betters will tell us what we need to know. And their Enablers will make sure we believe it!

    • PAC

      Where is the school’s justification for getting involved? If this kid posted the lists from his home computer on facebook, they really cannot get involved and punish him, as he did not “embarrass, harrass, or cause emotional distress” to these girls on school property or at a school-sanctioned event.

      Not saying I think the kid was right for doing what he did, but I don’t think the school should get involved and suspend him unless they can prove the lists were posted using school computers.

      • kijup

        he gave out copies of the list during school

    • John Smith

      how about the complaint started with girl # 51? This guy took FB and did what boys in the locker room do all day everyday and have done for years so he’s facing the righteous indignation of a bunch of politically correct insulted kids and parents. Boo hoo to all of them. Girls talk about and rank boys, boys talk about and rank girls. the only change is the particulars of how they do it. Grow a pair and shut up!!!

    • steve

      What this boy has done is nothing different that what has been done for centuries. Boys AND girls talk in school and “rate” the opposite sex. This is not new. This boy just used Facebook as his conversational venue. But in our horrible liberal society, this is deemed as a crime. The libs desire to legislate morality. THAT DOES NOT WORK. It didn’t work in the 20’s and it won’t work now. And everyone needs to stop carrying their feelings and emotions around on their sleeves. Good lord, grow a thick skin. Get over yourselves.

  • Roberta Waker

    What if YOU were on that list as a geek or a loser – would you feel the same???
    Free speech stops when it infringes on the rights of others. I hope this kid gets jail ltime AND supervision. NO ONE has the right to judge people, except God. Maybe this kid has too much time on his hands and isn’t popular so this is his way of getting popular. What a loser.


      ” NO ONE has the right to judge people, except God.”
      Are you serious? What kind of sheltered life do you lead? Obviously, you have no job, or at least not a private sector job, because if you did you would realize that you are judged everyday. Part of the problem with these kids is that no one does judge them, everything they do is just wonderfull, they can do no wrong. When they are introduced to the realities of adult life they are ill prepared to be told they are not as perfect as they were lead to believe.

    • 31337

      I agree!!! use the new Hate speech laws to get him, lock him away with gang members and drug addicts after all his crime was mean and spiteful. I also think their respective families should sue in civil court!! hit em where it hurts!!!! I’m sure God would agree that this worm should get his reward and we are the ones to give it to him!!!!!!

      eesh Man up and deal with it, so what if YOU are on the list as a geek or loser, its school!!!!!!! But then perception is reality right?

    • Thomas

      “What a loser.”

      “NO ONE has the right to judge people, except God.”


    • D

      How do you feel about this President and his predecessor? You do not have a right to judge anyone! Hypocrite.

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      As usual, you are wrong about the law.
      “Free speech” means that we are not censored by government, there are no PRIOR restraints to publication. This wise-arse said what he said in freedom…now he should face the consequences for that.
      The American system has always had two-parts to speech: (1) freedom, i.e. lack of government censorship and (2) accountability if any. The debates come up with hypotheticals such as can a newspaper print news of troop movements PRIOR to the military engagement etc.
      Please, please, please spare us all your “legal” analysis until you become a member of the Bar.

      • katrina gordon

        given the moves up and down the court systems, it appears as of the “members of the bar” are uncertain about the law themselves. I think the average individual is probably more clear about the law than the lawyers who seem to lose more cases than they win.

      • Danny (Erlo)

        Excellent points! I would add my own comments about the law’s view of MINORS: the US Constitution never intended–nor have the courts interpreted it to intend–to grant full rights of citizenship to MINORS. Thus, schools routinely limit students’ protection against search and seizure and other civil right enshrined in the Bill of Rights–including freedom of speech.

    • David

      lets set the record straight for all you people that say “only God can judge”
      References to this in the Bible are refering to people not having the authority to judge someone’s eternal destiny and/or people trying to define sin on their own merit apart from what God has established as right or wrong. It has nothing to do with someone’s opinion about others appearance.

    • JP

      Jail time for speech? Now there’s a great idea.

    • Hollywood Swinger

      I bet You would be last on the list ;-)

    • Cinfultreat

      Everyone has the right to judge one another or God would not have given us the ability.

    • George_Mason

      You say that no one has the right to judge others except God, then you judge the student who created this list of attributes of these girls.

      Furthermore, can a judge presiding over a court case judge others?

    • Bumpside

      For the record, the Bible says judge not, lest you be judged … for you will be judged in the manner in which you judge” Contrary to what was stated here, we SHOULD judge AND be willing to judged to the same standard.

    • monk

      ummmm could you point out the “right” that was infringed for those of us who have actually read the Constitution?

    • PAC

      What rights did this list infringe upon? I ask this because I keep hearing how the “rights” of these girls has been violated, but nobody can say exactly what “rights” they are referring to.

    • Methadras

      It’s not about feelings. It’s about whether this person has the right and ability to express himself in a venue that is outside the bounds of government sanction. Don’t you understand that? The social consequences of his actions should take precedent before having been unduly punished by a governmental body (aka: the school board/school). If he posted this list from school computers then I wouldn’t have an issue with this and would say to him that he violated school policies, if there are any to that effect. Otherwise, if he did this from the confines outside of the school, then they have zero recourse to act against him outside of the punitive social justice that he will meet at the hands of his peers. Stop whining about hurt feelings and look at what you are advocating in favor of sparing them. When you suppress his speech, you repress us all.

  • Jokeson Frapkonski

    Isn’t this how Facebook started ? Why is Mark Zuckerburg not in Jail now ?

  • D


    Free speech and a girl mad for being at the bottom of the barrel. All you lib’s should be up in arms about this kid getting in trouble for exercising his free speech.

    • Maria J. Mckenna

      If it is a public school, funded entirely by the governement, that is a violation of free speech. Sorry, Larry.

    • John

      Maria J. McKenna…just to let you know…when you say something is “entirely funded by the government,” what you mean is that it is funded by people who actually pay taxes. That means less than about 45 % of people living in the United States of America. The only money the government has is that which is confiscated from Americans who actually work, are honest enough to report their earnings, and thereby subject themselves to having over half of their earnings taken from them and given to other people who don’t work.

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      Wrong D.
      We are free from government censorship: prior restaint.
      But we are not free from any consequences of speech.
      Try telling your boss to eff-off and you’ll see how free your speech is!

    • John Galt

      @Larry: you have no freedom of speech in the workplace, nor any other Constitutional Rights; those protect citizens FROM the government.
      @John, how the government is funded has nothing to do with the fact that public schools are considered a government establishment.

    • Russ

      You have freedom of speech at work. If I want to I can go up to my boss and tell him anything I want and the GOVERNMENT can do nothing about it. That is what freedom of speech is about. I can say what I want and the government can’t do anything. My boss on the other hand can fire me.

      In this case a person said mean things. He hurt a lot of feelings and the school is responding by suspending him. Should they? Can a school punish a student for doing something off campus?

      So can a student be suspended for stealing something off campus? I think the school overstepped it’s authority.

    • CalDre

      @Ross: “You have freedom of speech at work. If I want to I can go up to my boss and tell him anything I want and the GOVERNMENT can do nothing about it.”

      Clearly, you have heard neither of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the EEOC, or their state counterparts. If your boss is a female and you tell “her” about her promiscuity and how you rate her looks, you might quickly find out about these laws ….

  • Ralf

    I just love Facebook.

    • Jay Dee Kuykendall

      Your comment gets my vote for best comment!

  • Dave

    Boys and Men have been ranking girsl forever…. big deal.

    Since when is the school in charge of what a kid can do on a computer in his own time?

  • David B

    What does this idiot think? Does he think there is free speech or something? My liberal friends and I(a former republican)will one day end this insanity of speaking one’s mind without ramifications if we deem this speech hate speech.
    How dare they! This reminds me of my most embarrassing and humiliating
    college experience when to my horror two very hot chicks were leading another group of about a dozen coeds and they were ranking every guy that walked by(on the 1 to 10 scale) and the larger group was cheering their rankings. How terrible! My best ranking was only a 9! I was devastated for hours until I got one of the hotties back to my apartment later that afternoon. Dear Penthouse……

  • grandMa-ma

    Yeah the descriptions of the chics is kinda lame, but it still doesn’t diminish the fact that these girls are having sex in high school. Let’s punish him for their lack of morals.

    • Psychomancer

      Since when is having sex immoral? Who are the girls having sex with? Perhaps they should not have sex in high school. Perhaps they should get a hotel room or an abandoned shack or something.

      • Stan B.

        Sex outside the bounds of marriage has been immoral for…let’s see….EVER. Of course, those who lived prior to the Exodus (about 3500 years ago) may not have had it specifically written down, but that didn’t make it any more “ok.”

  • Burt Reynolds

    I still have my list from High School Glad we did not have Facebook or I would have been in trouble.

    There is not an honest male that did not at least mentally have a list of the girls based on attributes similar to this young man

  • vic

    This dude is sick and needs to be removed from society before he escalates to violence. Typical mental problems that are ignored by society until something bad happens.

    • david

      yeah, and why dont we throw everyone in jail that complains about their jobs too. I mean, I’m sure that they are right on the edge of violence. COME ON DUDE, get a grip

    • Bobo

      How do you know he is sick? Are you a licensed medical professional? He did a dumb thing like most kids did dumb or immature things.

      Maybe you’re sick and ought to be removed from the society on account of your stupid comment. Is that enough to make you goes medieval on people?

    • OP

      DidYoSis ?? … you are a complete moron. Your level of intelligence will leave you flipping burgers and serving fries. Guaranteed. You come from a low level income family, and will always will be low income. You are a degenerate.

    • Loler

      Woah OP, Sounds like slander to me. You are posting untrue things about DidYoSis that could seriously hurt his feelings. I think you’re no better than this boy.

  • Mune Shadowe

    If he would have done it on other boys the “Fool” system would be asking the public what its problem is on why we don’t understand his lifestyle.

    • david

      exactly right

  • ShoeFitsWearIt

    This is George Bush, Palin, Rush, Glenn Beck, and Suan Hanitty’s fault. We need to censor TV ads that promote their products using sex, ban the bikini, register all controceptive sales to the Federal Government, issue concealed condom permites to non-sex offenders only, and re-write the US Constitution! Sound familiar? Get used to it lefties, I’m writing my congressman!

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