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Jets vs Steelers – AFC Championship:

Mark Sanchez QB Rating:
75.3 this season
91.6 in two postseason games this year
81.1 rating vs Steelers in week 15 this year
Steelers 2nd best in QB-rating against…73.1 – trails only Green Bay (67.2)
Over/Under for Sanchez QB rating on Sunday: 80.3

Rashard Mendenhall Rush Yards
46 rush yards vs Ravens last week
99 rush yards vs Jets in week 15
90.9 rush yards allowed per game by Jets’ defense (3rd fewest)
Rush yards allowed in playoffs by Jets: 93 vs Indianapolis, 113 vs New England (103 average)
Over/Under Mendenhall rush yards: 80.5

Bears vs Packers – The Biggest Game Of All Time

Sack Differential
Only four of last 30 teams to play in Super Bowl have had a negative sack differential
Bears are -22 on the year – worst in the NFL
Packers: 55 sacks in 18 games (3.05 per game)
Bears: 36 sacks in 17 games (2.11 per game)
Packers: 42 sacks allowed in 18 games (2.3 sacks allowed per game)
Bears: 59 sacks allowed in 17 games (3.5 sacks per game)
O/U for Packers’ sacks vs Bears’ sacks on Sunday: Packers -2.5 sacks

James Starks’ Carries
23 carries vs Philadelphia, 25 vs Atlanta
48 carries for 189 yards in playoffs
5 rush attempts vs Bears week 17
Bears are the second best rush defense in the NFL
Team rush 24.1 times per game vs Bears – 4th fewest in the regular season
38 Packers’ rush attempts vs Bears in two games – 19 per game
Over/Under for Starks’ rush attempts: 17.5

Terry McCauley Penalties
24 penalties called by him in 1st meeting between Bears and Packers this season
8th most penalties called by a crew this season
13.4 penalties per game for his crew outside of 1st Bears-Packers game
Bears: 5.8 penalties per game, Packers: 4.8 penalties per game
Over/Under for total penalties called…not accepted by called: 13.5

Packers Penalties
4.8 penalties per game this season – 4th fewest in the NFL
Average of 5.4 penalties per game on the road
22 penalties combined by the Packers vs the Bears this season (11 per game average)
18 penalties in first Bears-packers game, only four in second game
Over/Under for Packers’ penalties vs Bears on Sunday: 5.5

Aaron Rodgers Completion Percentage
86.1% last week in Atlanta, 66.7% in Philadelphia in Wild Card round
34 of 45 (75.6%) and 19 of 28 (67.9%0 vs the Bears this season
62.4% of passes have been completed against the Bears’ defense this season
Rodgers completed 65.7% of his passes this season
Over/Under for Rodgers’ completion percentage: 67.9%

Announcer References To “Bad Playing Surface” In Any Form
No real number to base this on
NFL made comments about Soldier Field playing surface this week
Numerous tweets about bad playing surface this season
Must be from opening kickoff to final whistle
Over/Under for references to bad turf: 4.5

Cutler Dropbacks
80 dropbacks combined against the Packers this season (averaged 40 per game)
39 dropbacks last week against Seattle
Averaged 33.8 dropbacks in final five games of the regular season
Over/Under for Curler dropbacks: 37.5

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