CHICAGO (CBS)While Rahm Emanuel fights an appeals court decision booting him from the Chicago mayor’s race, the ballots will be printed without his name, the head of the city’s election board said Monday.

CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez reports, with absentee voting beginning on Jan. 31., the deadline to get the ballots to the printer is this week.

“We are going to press pursuant to the the appellate court’s ruling with one less candidate for mayor,” said Langdon Neal, the chairman of the Chicago Board Of Elections. “We’ve already been in contact with our printer and the process for printing ballots is now underway.”

If the state’s Supreme Court reverses today’s ruling, Neal said, the Board Of Elections will make the necessary adjustments. Additionally, there are 14 aldermanic races that have legal challenges.

”We have to do what we have to do to make sure there’s an election on Feb. 22,” Neal said.

CBS 2 has been told there were write-in ballots already cast for Emanuel by members of the military and U.S citizens overseas.

Those voters will need to vote again. But if they don’t, and the Illinois Supreme Court upholds today’s ruling, those ballots could wind up being the only votes Emanuel ever gets in his quest to be mayor of Chicago.

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