Walter’s Perspective: Mayoral Advantage?

CHICAGO (CBS) — Good ol’ reliable Chicago. In just one day the race for mayor goes upside down.

Rahm Emanuel goes from Rambo to uh oh, from shoe-in to shoe-outta-here, to back to shoe-in. Just imagine behind the scenes in Rahm’s headquarters, on Daley’s telephone, among the bosses of LaSalle Street, Hollywood and the White House who all worry about how to save their guy, Rahm.

And the politicians on the Illinois Supreme Court who are beholden to political party heavyweights. Justice Anne Burke for example, whose husband is the powerhouse alderman, Ed Burke. What’s she up to?

And reporters, columnists and commentators, what are we up to? I’m thinking Rahm’s been on a great ride, front page and TV, whatever he does. $11 million to buy himself the mayor’s office with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama pushing him into that office.

But suddenly, from entitlement to not so entitled, from pretty sure to maybe not, a Chicago story about losing an advantage, with a dash of political-come-uppance. I like it.

  • Marvin the Mavin

    Rantings of an old man. Go home Walter, and hide under the covers in you bed until your life blows over.

  • Kevin

    What is the difference, when a soldier serves his country and return home for a political office. Too many damn double standards. It’s time for some new ideals to and people to take Chicago into the 21th century.

    • MaryEllen Galloway

      I’m with you Kevin! Let’s get started; the Daley’s rule is through and so is the “cops way only”. So the cops are backing Chico; they all need to lose and I am sick of all of them., burgh included!

      I never voted for the Daley’s; either one of them – father nor son. Never will ether!

  • JA

    It is a good narrative, unfolding just as planned and giving Emanuel a ton of free publicity–as if that should matter. I wonder: will the Supreme Court rule in Emanuel’s favor today, tomorrow, or Friday? Friday’s usually a pretty good day for this type of thing.

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  • BAH

    Good publicity for the skinny little pompous guy. Weren’t your campaign contributions enough? These days, any publicity is good publicity. I don’t think any of these courts and lawyers would have moved so fast for the average Joe. And Rahm will not move or listen to you if he gets in. He is nice and engaging just when the cameras are rolling. Notice he is not really stopping to talk to anyone and care about how they feel or their ideas..just racing around getting photo ops in his $ clothes and with his entitled and uppity attitude. He is a fake and spoiled brat going around spending his campaign contributions from bigwigs and corporations. Doesn’t he feel a bit guilty at the difference in campaign chests. Nah…rich people are entitled and it’s ok that they have more. It is supposed to be that way in their eyes. Where do your kids go to school, Rahm? Not CPS. Keep them away from diversity by looking at all the elete private schools who give scholarships to a few African Americans to make it look like it is not just the rich making their connections at a very early age.

  • Gerald Spencer

    Both actors in the Bill and Skippy show should have been fined and censured for their political rants when Emanuel was knocked off the ballot. As soon as the credits say “News” these two pee all over themselves with great happiness and glee saying how happy they are to see this happen. “As a lawyer, he shouldn’t fight this because it is ridiculous.” Good grief, 10 minutes of the news going to these two curmudgeons that CBS believes represent the 30-something resident of the city of Chicago?!

  • Maggie

    I made a bet with someone who should have known better that the ruling would be in favor for Rahm at the final stay. I’m waiting for the $50. That said, Gery Chico is the best candidate, still. People may not want to see it, admit it, or consider it, but looking all facts, Chico is the best candidate.

  • JA

    Someone actually doubted that Emanuel would “dramatically triumph” over this completely choreographed obstacle designed to keep his face and name in all the papers, news shows and headlines? I don’t guess that’s too hard to believe; but won’t you feel bad taking money from a ten-year-old?

    Our recollections–of the three or four pro-Emanuel people scrounged up to be quoted in the papers as being outraged at the appellate court’s purposeful decision to temporarily pretend to “stand in the way of justice,” of the relative handful of supporters videotaped for the 10:00 news shows as constituting an impromptu “rally” the other night, and of the dubious polls continually propagandizing his overwhelming popularity–are intended to serve as the answer to the question the majority of us will ask ourselves after Emanuel is elected: “Who voted for this guy?”

    A growing number of people see, admit and consider that Chico is the best candidate; but the next mayor of Chicago is Rahm Emanuel; like it or not.

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