Bernstein: Hard To Move On From Cutler Story

By Dan Bernstein–

It’s easy to say “Let’s talk about something else. I’m sick and tired of talking about Jay Cutler.”

I agree. We all are. But it’s not that simple, when it still seems to be the subject of discussion among Chicago sports fans. I judge this not only from the calls, emails and texts that continue to pour in, but from the casual, daily conversations that indicate the current.

At water-coolers and in break rooms, and in parka-muffled exchanges as we drop the kids at school or swing by Jewel for eggs and milk, people will make an occasional mention of Derrick Rose’s brilliance or that pitcher the Cubs got, but it still gets back to what happened Sunday and Monday.

The whole story of Cutler’s injury — the bad loss to the Packers, his departure from the game, the Fox broadcast, the Bears’ press conference, Cutler’s postgame dinner, Twitter posts and twisted words, facts ignored and paranoia indulged – was bigger than we thought.

This happened because of ambiguity on all levels.

A cipher of a personality is at the center of a situation where the facts have been handled poorly. When the TV network carrying the game failed to inform us in real time, and the Bears failed to understand the necessity of managing the story, all hell broke loose. Bits of “news” and opinion were launched like mortars from smart-phone keypads, exploding on our various screens. The resulting smoke still clouds everything.

When that much uncertainty is introduced, it allows for reasonable speculation and a desire to ask questions. Unfortunately, that is all too quickly accompanied by bizarre conspiracy theories, abject character assassination, and fringe lunacy. That energy, then, propels things further.

And it’s just so strange. Nationally strange.

Jay Leno worked a lame Cutler reference into his typically vacuous, middlebrow monologue. Kobe Bryant even weighed in with a Cutler opinion in today’s LA Times. Everybody, it seems, has a thought. The MRI results are debated by people who can’t even spell “MRI.” Columnists are twisting themselves into logical mobius strips in an effort to justify being wrong, unfair and stupid. YouTube videographers are doing what Fox producers and directors should have done Sunday, dissecting the second quarter like the Zapruder film to determine the actual moment of injury.

I want to move on. Trust me – this subject has left many of us with a sour distaste that’s difficult to describe.

Something is lingering, though, as if we need a way to end it cleanly. You know that’s not going to happen. Cutler will not be weeping on Oprah’s couch, nor having an introspective conversation with Charlie Rose. Even if he did, the tinfoil-hat crowd would still cling to the truths they divined from their muses in space.

All we can do is let it scab over. It won’t take long, but we’re just not there yet.

This is a new time, in the way we interact with news and information, and how we then reconcile and recalibrate our resulting opinions and feelings. It began with the offseason LeBron James story, and there’s no going back.

We’ll know when we’re done with it. I’m with you in hoping it’s soon.

bernstein 90x130 Bernstein: Hard To Move On From Cutler Story
Dan Bernstein has been the co-host of “Boers and Bernstein” since 1999. He joined the station as a reporter/anchor in 1995. The Boers and Bernstein Show airs every weekday from 1PM to 6PM on The Score, 670AM.
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  • Don from Glendale Hts

    Cutler and any pro sports player should be more engaged with the fams and media because it is our team not theirs.
    IDEA to help Bear fans cope with this nonsense from Lovie, Jerry and the McCaskey clan we need a countdown clock telling us how many days it is until the McCaskey’s can sell the franchise without having to repay the NFL for the $700+ Million dollar loan they gave them for “improving Soldier Field.” I hope that date/day is coming soon.

    • Mark, Sterling

      Wrong, It’s the McCaskey’s team…you have NOTHING to do with it. No matter what you like to think.

      • Luol Dung

        The Bulls have the 5th best record in the NBA with a legit MVP candidate and we are talking about a knee injuy 5 days old. Wow this town sucks.

    • Harry's Phlegm

      Unlike most other businesses sports franchises are a public trust and “fans” are different than “consumers” because of the emotional investment. So in a way it is “our” team although it’s owned by the McCaskeys.

      I’m not sayin’ I’m just sayin’…

      • Spoon

        True, but to claim ‘Its our team not theirs” is an incredible stretch.

    • RVM

      How is it “our” team?

      • Bob Loblaw

        Dung- you stole my handle! The day that they signed him i called in with that handle, they wouldn’t allow it. Good to hear that it is now acceptable!

    • AT3374

      Sorry Loul , this is a bears town buddy

      Ditka…sausages..Ditka ;)

      Can’t wait for Bulls to be healthy again though

  • Harry's Phlegm

    I think this story is getting more “legs” than it normally would because of the two-week break before the Super Bowl and before spring training starts.

  • tom

    I don’t want to hear anyone talk about reading Jay’s body language/facial expressions! The TSA spent over Over 200 million on body language/facial expressions ( behavioral science ) technology they made 1700 arrests, of the 1700 one person was charged, and that was a misdemeanor. So my Question is if trained people can’t tell what someone is thinking how is someone siting at home watching TV with no training in body language/facialexprssions ( behavioral science ) technology know what Cutler is thinking? click on link to watch abc story on the failure behavioral science technology.
    A $212-million federal program designed to spot suspected terrorists at American airports is “not capable of detecting what took place in Moscow,” according to the chairman of the House Transportation Committee, Rep. John Mica, R-Florida.
    Over 200 million spent one misdemeanor arrest.
    The program, called SPOT, was created in 2006 by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and now has more than 3,000 “Behavior Detection” officers at 161 airports. The officers receive four days of classroom instruction on how to spot certain unusual behaviors.

    But the Government Accountability Office says the TSA has relied on unproven behavioral science and Congressional critics say the program has done nothing to deal with the actual vulnerabilities of airport security.

    • Beverly Brewmaster

      Yeah, but Tom, the TSA never played the game! They lack the insight of a professional athlete sitting at home watching the game on their TV.

      • EK

        So what you’re saying is that the TSA needs retired terrorists to watch the security lines because they’re the only ones who know enough about what goes on to accurately comment and make observations about travelers actions?

    • Denver Deadite

      That’s an interesting angle, Tom.

      But then, on the other hand, we have shows like “Lie To Me” (on Fox, no less) which basically push for the notion that such things are possible and are done every day successfully.

      Because, as we all know, if you saw it on TV, especially in five second sideline clips…

  • Jay's Insulin Pump

    “The MRI results are debated by people who can’t even spell ‘MRI.'”

    HEY HEY!!!!


    I was over this whole non issue 10 minutes after the game ended. It is beyond ridiculous how this even became such a “News Story”

    I feel fortunate having a kid with the talent level that quarterback for my Bears. I am also very proud of the way that J.C. performed all season long considering the talent level of those around him, (O-Line and Wideouts)

    I believe that J.C. will come back even better next season.

    Thank You Jay, for a job well done.

    • BearsFanInHoustonTX

      Good Point!

  • Brewer's Yeast Infection

    Lemme AKS you this question.

    After the game, Jay Cutler said they ‘kinda’ pulled me. I think this means that he kinda wanted to play, but not really. This is a FACT.

    In other news… can we focus attention to the Bulls? Maybe if we ignore the Bears for a while, Jerry Angelo will forget he said he wanted to extend Lovie’s contract.

    Lets find out the real reason Joakim Noah has a cast on his hand.

    • Odotl

      Are you stating that your thought is a fact? Or that Cutler saying “They ‘kinda’ pulled me”?

      If it is the latter you are correct, that could be a fact that he said that.
      If you are stating that your thought is indeed a thought owned by you, then yes that is a fact that you possess that thought.
      If you are claiming that your own thought is an objective fact, then you are incorrect.

      • EK

        “Only who can prevent forest fires?”
        “You pressed ‘you,’ referring to me. That is incorrect. The correct answer is ‘you.'”

  • who am I

    All i know is that Farve would have played.

    • BearsFanInHoustonTX

      and Farve would of thrown one of his famous INTs that we all love to see :)

  • Ry

    Funny how Jay Leno made a Cutler quitting joke in his monologue, seeing how he quit comedy years ago.

    HEY HEY!!!!!!

  • Fred Hubner's Waistline

    Boers and Bernstein (I LIKE YOU!!). Chicagoland sports radio 670……THE SCORE!!!!!!


    will this maelstrom eventually compel JC to come forward and say something? there’s so much speculation i just wonder if a one on one interview or a statement would help him gain a little cred. i can’t believe how badly the bears have bungled this on a PR level. embarrassing.

  • BearsFanInHoustonTX

    I can’t wait for this story to just drop already! This has dragged on enough already. Unless one has ALL the REAL facts, we are in no position to make judgement. It seems the unwritten “code” of NFL players was broken too. Lets all move on! And if your that upset with what he did, don’t buy the jerseys, the tickets, the merchindise with the logos on it, etc….speak with your pocketbook not your mouth….

  • Michigan Bear Fan

    It may scab over during the off season but the high foreheaded and window lickers will be back, starting next pre season, picking at the scab until Bear nation suffers from a serious case of cellulitis.

    • Harry's Phlegm

      “High foreheaded and window lickers…” Awesome.

  • Chris in Scottsdale

    Ah well. At this point, anything more that can be said is just… blerg.

    If Cutler comes back and plays well, and quarterbacks the team into another playoff run, perhaps another NFC Championship appearance, barring a weird mirror of what happened this weekend, all will be forgiven.

    Look at how quickly this country got over Michael Vick. Even people that try and force the Roethlisberger accusations into conversation are getting bulldozed.

    They came back, won, performed well, and all was forgiven, forgotten, or at the very least squelched.

    It’s simple, really. Come back, play well, and it’s just a blurb on his career. That is one of the advantages of the short attention span brought about by the 24-hour news cycle.

    Now the key is… will Jay take this and make it something he can get over, or will he do what is widely anticipated by meatball nation and let it dictate the perception of him for the rest of his career?

    I have to assume it will be the former. He’s a professional.

    • Lou Piniella's FUPA

      Agreed. The combination of winning and the 24-hour news cycle can be the remedy.

      Funny story about Roethlisberger: During my senior year at Indiana University, the time when Coach Hep was really ill, Roethlisberger made a trip to Bloomington. He went to the bar one night, and he approached my girlfriend’s roommate. Well, not him, exactly. He had one of his sidekicks go up to this girl (let’s call her Not a Good Idea) and pass her a verbal note: Roethlisberger wants to meet up with you later.

      So he did. And while I was sleeping with my girlfriend upstairs that night, he came over to that same house and had sex with Not a Good Idea — two floors below. The next morning, he got his stuff together, took a picture with all the roommates on the front porch (except for my girlfriend, who was still sleeping upstairs with me), and then left.

      • Big Ben, Da Rapist

        Off the field, he’s a waste of life

      • Lou Piniella's FUPA

        I said funny, but I did not really mean funny. Roethlisberger is an asshat. And this is just another example.


    I wish we would move on from all the controversy surrounding Bears’ QB Jay Cutler and the related Twitter furor surrounding his torn MCL to his left knee. There’s a really good Bulls’ team that’s running away with the Central Division along with Derrick Rose certainly meriting All-Star and NBA MVP discussion with his outstanding play. There’s a Blackhawks’ team that has shown signs of life, but remains inconsistent and might not make the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, even though they are still Champions. There’s also really bad local college basketball with DePaul, UIC, NIU, Northwestern and an Illinois team that’s maddeningly inconsistent in the Big Ten. Pretty soon, a new NASCAR season will be revving up down in Daytona. I’m ready to move forward and discuss other topics beyond Jay and girlfriend Kristin Cavallari right now. Besides, “WYC” should be a doozy come 5p today. If I were the guys, I’d consider an expanded segment because there are no shortages of candidates.

    • AT3374

      Should be spirited for sure .

      Once Joakim gets back into shape , the Bulls will be very tough for sure but not good enough to beat Boston or Miami yet , unless they are aren’t healthy , then they have a better chance .

      I hope Rose stays healthy and doesn’t burn himself out with all he HAS TO DO to even make the Bulls competitive .

      That young man is awesome though .

    • Harry's Phlegm

      Soon enough ABSHARK18…especially when pitchers and catchers report. I suspect the next big topic for Dan and Terry outside of some new major story will be D-Rose and his MVP chances. He’s getting tons of national pub now.

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      For better or worse, it’s Bears town. That’s what drives the truck. Not the Hawks. Not the Bulls. Not the mediocre baseball teams. Not hillbillies making left turns. Not the college hoops teams that can’t keep the local HS talent local.

      I will agree, though, that WYC has ho shortage of ammo.

  • Mike

    Jay Leno is an a– hole with nose the size of a carrot.who should stick with his tateless jokes. What a looser.!!!!!!!!

  • justine

    I was just sent a link from TMZ on Facebook showing Cutler walking around in LA looking fine…it’s this sort of sensationalism that just keeps the story going…ENOUGH

    • AnneS

      yes..I refuse to watch it. ENOUGH!

      • Gentleman RaRa

        Well, I watched it. And he does walk with a slight limp.

        But good lord, is he supposed to walk around in a full body cast to show the doubters he’s injured!?!

  • AT3374

    Eventually this wil die down only to restart next year or the first time Jay does something no one likes , then we’ll get the ” oh look at Cutler after throwning that interception , he looked that way against the Packers when most of the country though he quit on his team , blah blah blah ” .

    Dan is right, unless he wins mulitple championships , he can’t shake that label which is sad .

  • mike in davenport

    Dan’s main point is the heart of this. The only people still angry about this are the people that had already decided they didn’t like Jay.

  • Denver Deadite

    Still trying to catch up on stuff. Up to Mac & Spiegs interview with Whitlock.

    Wow, somebody crown that fat wanker as King of the Meatballs. What a complete and utter tool.

    • Spoon

      I didnt actually go back and hear that one. the B&B one was enough of that dolt to satisfy me for a lifetime.

      • Denver Deadite

        Well, anybody who thinks the Bears would pull Cutler, for whatever reason – in Whitlock’s case, because Cutler is apparently incapable of handling it mentally – to replace him with TODD COLLINS is a little short on mental capacity themselves.

  • Jay's Insulin Pump

    You had me until “new NASCAR season”.

    All joking aside, great point, and you only named a few of the bazillion other topics I would rather see covered here today.

    Apparently Bernstein doesn’t read the comments section in his own blog because half of the 100+ comments yesterday mentioned how we are totally over this BS.

    • Harry's Phlegm

      Good point JIP…shouldn’t it be part of Bernstein’s job to read the posts at the end of the day? I’m not saying he does or doesn’t but…

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        I’m sure he’s not even thrilled about WRITING the blog, let alone reading it.

        I bet he peruses it occasionally… but he’s far more concerned with the number of posts and hits than the content contained within. Make no mistake about that.

      • Spoon

        Some of the comments he makes on the show, leads me the believe he reads the responses. I would assume the text/email/calls completely overwhelm the feedback from here, however.

      • Jay's Insulin Pump

        Eh, maybe not actually part of his job. He listens to enough a-holes on the radio all day. I’m just saying if it was MY blog, I would skim through the comments and at least get a taste of what people are saying about it. I mean, if you’re going to take the time to write it….

        I kind of got the feeling yesterday he reads through the comments, or at least someone does for him and tells him about the good stuff. Evidence: DBT posts the “Cutler Injury Play” video yesterday in the 2 oclock hour. I leave work at 4, and when I get in the car, Bernstein is talking about “a video that has been going around highlighting the exact play in which Cutler was hurt.”

        There have been other times I’m like “did he say that because of what so-and-so wrote on his blog?” Anybody else get this feeling?

      • Jay's Insulin Pump

        There goes Spoon answering questions before I even ask them. Great minds, my friend. Great minds.

    • Jay's Insulin Pump

      GD reply button F’d me again. This is meant for ABSHARK18.

  • AnneS

    My post just disapeared…W.T.F?

  • justine

    so did mine!!!

  • Spoon

    I’m honestly suprised at the reactions I get outside of the sports talk world. I wore my Cutler jersey around yesterday just to see what reactions I got. Of the ~10 people that commented, not a single one had a negative comment about him. The worst that was said was “I’m so mad he couldn’t finish, other guys have done it with knee injuries but he wouldn’t just quit”.

    Maybe there’s more hope for mankind than I gave it credit for.

    • Jay's Insulin Pump

      Oh, Spoon. Was it not 3 days ago that the same mankind caused you to say these exact words?

      “The stupidity of the entire situation is mind blowing.”

      “Being a fan doesnt mean being stupid… well apparently in this town it does, but it shouldn’t.”

      “The amount of stupidity coming from fans last night, and this morning, has actually cause me to lose sleep.”

      “People cant really be this stupid, can they?”

      This is not meant to be offensive, but to just give a little support in telling you that there is not more hope. There is actually far, far less. Is it possible that you, like many others, choose to surround yourself with people you actually like?

      • Spoon

        Shut up and stop ruining my self deception…

  • justine

    maybe they don’t allow girls on here…LOL

    • AnneS

      I was thinking the same! It’s a gender conspiracy! LOL
      I guess I will have to rewrite it…I can’t duplicate brilliance, however.

  • meesohawnee

    Rick Morrissey.. Slam Dunk!

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