6 Charged In Brawl That Injured 3 Hillside Cops

UPDATED 01/28/11 6:55 p.m.

HILLSIDE, Ill. (CBS/WBBM) — Six people have been charged in connection with a Friday morning brawl outside a west suburban bowling alley that left three police officers injured.

Hillside Brawl Suspects

(Clockwise from top left) Kristopher Lee, 37; Patrick Carter, 24; Jovan McNeal, 26; Keisha Heard, 27; Latoya Reed, 24; and D'Angela Johnson, 23, were arrested after a brawl that injured three Hillside police officers. (Credit: Hillside Police Department)

Kristofer Lee, 36, of 148 N. Long in Chicago, is charged with three counts of aggravated battery to a police officer, Class 2 felonies, and one felony count of resisting arrest, Cook County State’s Attorney’s office spokesman Andy Conklin said.

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Lee’s wife Keisha Heard, of the same address, is charged with one count each of aggravated battery to a police officer and resisting arrest, Conklin said. And another woman, Latoya Reed of 5501 W. Washington in Chicago is charged with one count of aggravated battery to a police officer.

The officers responded to Hillside Bowl, 4545 W. Harrison St., about 2:15 a.m. Friday after the bowling alley had closed, to put a stop to a brawl that had spilled into the parking lot.

Hillside Police Chief Joe Lukaszek said the first officers on the scene “observed people swinging baseball bats at each other and fighting in the parking lot.”

Lukaszek said the scene was “just complete mayhem. I mean, just complete mayhem. It was very chaotic.”

As police broke up the fight and started making arrests, a mob of about 25 people rushed at the three police officers responding to the brawl.

“Our officers were struck with fists, they were scratched, eyes were poked,” Lukaszek said. “It’s crazy.”

Four men and three women, all in their 20s or 30s, were arrested after the brawl. Six of those people were charged with various crimes Friday afternoon.

Charged with misdemeanors in the incident were Patrick Carter, 24, of Chicago, two counts of resisting arrest; D’Angela Johnson, 23, of Chicago, resisting arrest and obstructing; and Jovan McNeal, 26, of Chicago, disorderly conduct, police said.

Lee, Heard and Reed will appear for bond hearings at the Maywood courthouse on Saturday.

Police also were reviewing surveillance video from the parking lot at the bowling alley to track down more people who were involved.

Lukaszek said Lee is believed to have started the fight.

One of the officers was bitten on the nose and arms, another suffered scratches and a sprained wrist, and the third had facial bruises.

Lukaszek said nothing like this has happened to Hillside police officers for as long as he’s been with the department.

“It’s the first time in 20 years. The violence is getting crazy. It’s getting silly,” he said.

Emergency crews took the three make officers to Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Hillside Fire Department Lt. Jim Flynn said.

Police also had to use Tasers on four people during the fight.

The three officers – whose time on the force ranges from seven to 20 years – were checked for broken bones, and released from the hospital Friday morning, Lukaszek said.

One of the officers underwent an MRI to check for facial fractures, but it turned out to be negative.

On Friday morning, one of the officers still had teeth marks dug into his nose and scratches across his neck and hand.

The officers said they were just happy to be alive. They showed CBS 2 their injuries, but asked to have their identities concealed.

And in spite of the battle wounds, Lukaszek said there was a happy ending for his officers.

“At the end of the day – that’s the best part – they get to go home to their families,” Lukaszek said.

The officers have been placed on the injured list and will need to be cleared by a doctor before returning to work, officials said. They will be out for about a week.

Longtime patrons of Hillside Bowl like Lloyd Jarrett aren’t surprised at the violence that erupted there early Friday.  They say it’s not the first fight they’ve seen in the bar.

 “I thought they would get better control of it, but it seems like it’s just getting worse each and every day,” he said.

 What did surprise Jarrett and others was that the crowd eventually turned on responding officers.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • DUH....


    • atduh

      Hey duh, I know you have walked a mile in a cops shoes and know what they go through right?? You are an idiot. Plain and simple. Your mother and father are probably also brother and sister.

    • Illinois five-o

      Hey DUH….we have rules and regs to follow, like use of force policies and procedures for example. You just don’t “jack people up” because they have weapons as you have to unfortunately give them an opportunity to put the weapons down and cooperate. You obviously have never served in a combat or combat support unit in the military or as a police officer. DUH!!!!

    • Unknown

      One of the injured officers served in Desert Storm and if he did use violence, you’d likely be the first one to complain about police brutality, and no one deserves to get their ass beat for trying to do their job…DUH

    • KE

      What is wrong with you???

  • detective clueso

    I have reviewed statements from both
    sides and , the conflict arose over
    one girl telling the other that ” she’s
    not all that “, and bobbed her head
    side to side . the boyfriends got
    involved and the b word was used .
    one boyfriend told the other ” I’m
    stupider and tougher than you “!,the
    other replied ” no your not “.
    so , I think we’ll let the jury decide
    whos ” all that ” , and , we will supply
    them – clothes , food and a bed until
    their court date .

    • illinois five-o

      LOL!! Gotta love the street thugs! I can’t wait till the weather gets warmer!

    • KE


  • dooinok

    Once the first officer was attacked….the others should have backed up with drawn weapons…and took control. Instead they let these seven take charge and kick their arse.

  • Roger Pruitt

    I hope my ex brother in law Eddie J was not one of the officers hurt , he is a good guy and not a WIMP !!! . That bowling alley has long been a hang out for white trash looking for a reason to be noticed.

    • Vetus

      Wow! Oppose to green trash or purple trash? Hey, how about red, white and blue trash?

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  • Dan

    Send in the building inspectors, check all the licenses, park out side and watch people leave, pull em over and bust the drunks for DUI’s.

    Problems will go away real quick

    • KE

      I think you a right Dan

      • kc

        I agree Dan

  • Me

    The problem is that, if the police had taken charge and kicked their arses (which they TOTALLY deserved), the people in the area last night would have been screaming police brutality and the press would have been right there with them. The press wouldn’t have been asking what the idiots were doing at a CLOSED bowling alley at 2AM and they wouldn’t have said “Well, if you didn’t want to get the boots put to you, you should have been home in bed like a civilized grown-up.”

    Law enforcement’s hands are tied these days. They’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. These were not rookie officers that were injured. They’ve been on the force long enough to know how to handle themselves and, for some reason, didn’t last night.

    • KE

      Like you said — their hands are tied.
      It is easier to do little to nothing than to have the stress and frustration of endless lawsuits and the media doing their policebashing.

      Want to blame someone…blame the media and the liberals.

      • Rob131

        yeah that damn media and their reporting of police brutality cases…shame on them…oh wait, didn’t one of them cops in chicago apologize for brutality??

  • TheMz

    Dan is the Man with the proper Plan. Write it up & mail it to Hillside Police Dept. I also know that yes, Hillside Bowl has forever been a “mess magnet”; for over 20 years at the least.

  • joe college

    Police are damned if you do, apply force and damned if you dont, 3 officers hurt in this situation. Law enforcement cant win. I am sure some attorney, ambulance chaser will find a way to blame the police in this incident.

    I am sure the people involved are upstanding citizens with college degrees, however, I would guess, bust out street hoods, no jobs with nothing to lose.

    I hope the officers are ok

    • Vetus

      When did a college degree start classifying people as upstanding citizens? And. Before you start, I’ll start and stop with Blago.

  • bfife

    If these dirt bags had bats and were attacking the Police,forget the stun gun,the real gun should have been used! If they would have shot one of these dirt bags it would have ended!!

    • Budcat1

      Amen! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • JCP

    To all the ignorant SOB’s who have no idea about use of force and how Crook County (AKA: Anita Alvarez) hangs their law enforcement officers out to dry in order to keep votes and PC-ness… GET A CLUE!!! Today’s society has NO MORALS or VALUES and it’s a shame that police can’t use the heavy handed tactics of the 1950’s, but our ridiculous and litigious far left society has completely castrated them! Any A-H@LE who has the gaul to attack a cop or fireman deserves to be beaten within an inch of their life – no lawyers, judge, or jury. I can only hope every one of the twenty something muts involved gets what’s coming to them and their homies… Bleeding hearts, liberal media, and sleezebag attorneys who represent idiots like this and will unquestionably try to claim police brutality – I hope your happy… It’s stories and comments like these that make me ashamed to be a Chicagoan, Illinois resident, and American!!!

    • Vetus

      Sounds like a self-esteem issues. Why would the city or state you live in make you feel shame? Are you sure it isn’t lingering effects of a Chicago Bears lost?

      • JCP

        Yeah, pretty sure it’s the Bears and not all the system draining rejects and mindless deadbeats I read about, see on the news, encounter daily, and surround me in the god forsaken county… Why, did I hit a soft spot?

  • Robert Henning

    What a wonderfull Race the Blacks are. A pack of Wild Dogs would be capable of better behavior. Learn a few Social Skills Animals.

  • freeindeed

    Robert Henning, don’t even go there. Blacks are not the only ones caught on tape acting like animals.

    • Bfife

      Look at the mug shot pictures that explains it all!

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