Sun-Times Endorses Emanuel For Mayor

CHICAGO (CBS) — The Chicago Sun-Times has endorsed Rahm Emanuel in the race for mayor.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Dave Marsett reports, in a Sunday editorial, the newspaper said Emanuel is the candidate who is “best suited to lead this charge into the city’s future.”

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“He has the vision, the policies, the management experience, the political sophistication and the sheer force of personality to be a powerfully effective mayor,” the editorial continued. “He gets big things done.”

The editorial continued to call Emanuel an “adaptive” politician, who has found himself in many elected and appointed posts with different demands, and succeeded every time. The paper conceded that the impressions of Emanuel as “ruthless, even a bully, when he wants his way” are not inaccurate, and “not from nothing has Andy Samberg on ‘Saturday Night Live’ created an impression of him that is foul-mouthed and threatening.” But the paper also characterized this impression as incomplete.

The newspaper added that of the six candidates running for mayor, only Emanuel and Gery Chico are “fully up to the job,” with a “record of achievement, toughness and smarts.” But Emanuel stands out in his “relative independence from city contractors and unions” compared with Chico, and thus is better equipped to propose “unpopular, but necessary solutions,” the Sun-Times said.

The newspaper also dismissed Carol Moseley Braun as a one-term U.S. Senator with few achievements and the owner of a business that has never turned a profit.

The paper also conceded that Emanuel has spent less time walking the city’s streets than past mayors and even some more obscure current candidates, getting a real impression of the city by “climbing the urine-stained stairs of public housing high-rises” and meeting with parents who have lost children to gun violence. But the paper said if Emanuel is elected mayor, this is sure to change.

“With great enthusiasm for the future of Chicago, we endorse Rahm Emanuel for mayor,” the Sun-Times said.

  • greg

    Chicago needs a visionary William “Dock” Walls is that person it would be nice to read somthing about his (nanotechnology) proposal; walls for Mayor.

  • Concerned Chicagoan

    The media trying to influence an election?
    Not in Chicago! ha ha ha ha – what a joke.

    BEFORE YOU VOTE FOR RAHM (same ole Daley trickster) check this out: has named Rahm Emanuel the second most corrupt politician in Washington. And this is the guy some want to see as the Mayor here. Will the corruption here ever end?

  • My thoughts

    he’s ironing his tutu to prance into city hall….oy

  • Captain Planet

    The Sun Times is almost as a good as an endorsement from The Enquirer or the U.S. News……Just another rag that’s not even good enough to line my parakeet cage…..But The Chicago sheep will believe it because it was printed in the paper

  • Maggie

    Gery Chico is the best candidate for mayor. The Sun Times has made a mistake. Also, Sun Times conveniently did an incomplete portrayal of Chico. Very dissapointed, but not surprised, with the slant and slack-jawed reporters the Sun
    Times employs. What would Royko do? He’d be for Gery Chico. The Sun Times flitters around anything or anyone having a connection with Pres. Obama and his peeps. The sad reality is that Chico is the much better candidate and I’d bet Pres. Obama knows this to be true. Sun Times is wrong, again.

  • IEG

    I don’t usually get involved with politics, outside of the presidential race. But I had the privilege of having a one on one conversation with William “Dock” Walls and I must say he really impressed me. We discussed a wide range of topics from; Unemployment, the cities financial deficit, to higher education and much more. His political views, his solutions for the city and the citizens who make up the city inspired me to get involved with assisting him in his run for Mayor. After seeing him in a forum, this past week at Trinity Baptist Church, it became more obvious that others shared my opinion by the response that he received. As we all know the Mayoral race in Chicago is heating up and we also know that the current Mayor will leave this city in an “unhealthy” position. This city is going to need a New Mayor who’s in the business of “Solutions.” Now I turn to you and ask you to check out William Dock Walls. He is the best choice for the city of Chicago . Please support his effort to retun the city to its rightful place at the top of the mountain

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