Three Dead After Standoff In Humboldt Park

Updated 02/01/11 – 2:41 a.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Three people — two women and the alleged offender — are dead after a barricade incident at an apartment in the Northwest Side Humboldt Park neighborhood Tuesday morning.

After two people were shot, the man “barricaded himself in a second-floor apartment” at a building on the 3200 block of West Hirsch Street, police News Affairs Officer Robert Perez said.

One victim was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in serious to critical condition at 9:05 a.m., Fire Media Affairs spokesman Rich Rosado said. Unconfirmed reports said the second victim was dead on the scene.

A spokesman for the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office said they have received three people — two women and one man, all adults, from the incident. The medical examiner’s spokesman had no information on their ages or IDs.

The incident ended “a few minutes after 11 a.m.,” Perez said.

Hostage Barricade Terrorism team officers responded in order to try to communicate with the man and get him to surrender peacefully, and to secure the area.

The shooting “may be domestic-related,” Perez said, but that has not been confirmed.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Jose

    Gentrify, all the yuppies that live there.

    • Zina Kind-Dority

      Apparently Gentrify hasn’t been over “HERE” in a while. The caliber of people that are HERE, are NOW the type that know that incidents like this ONE can happen in ANY/EVERY type of community/neighborhood. From the POOREST to the most POSH. IT WAS A DOMESTIC DISPUTE DUDE! If you used more LOGIC and less BIAS/PREJUDICE, you might be dangerous. ;-) Be blessed!

  • Kevin

    Wow…interesting comment not entirely sure what that’s based on?

  • excuses

    I would rather support people moving in that want to help the community instead of supporting domestic and gang violence.

  • Ignorance and bigotry

    How do Yuppies come into this story? They didn’t shoot a woman and barricade themselves.

    • Zina Kind-Dority

      They didn’t this time, but that’s not to say that they won’t or haven’t somewhere else. He mentioned “Yuppies” because those are the types of people that have moved into this community.

    • Oh yea ....ujum

      So, you know that for a fact?!
      Jan. 27, 2011
      White Watch: White Man kills and eats girlfriend
      White Man kills and eats girlfriend
      Whatever happened to an amicable separation and moving on? Lession learned : white men may become cannibals if you break up with them. TYLER, Texas – A man killed his girlfriend, then filleted and cooked parts of her body before calling police to tell them what he was doing, authorities said Sunday.
      Christopher Lee McCuin, 25, called 911 on Saturday and told an emergency dispatcher he had killed Jana Shearer, 21, and was boiling her body parts at his mother’s home, said Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith. When authorities arrived at the home, they found Shearer’s mutilated body, one ear boiling in a pot of water on the stove and a fork sticking out of some human flesh sitting on a plate on the kitchen table. Authorities said it was unclear whether McCuin consumed any part of Shearer’s body. “We cannot prove that he did,” Smith told The Associated Press. “He was either going to, had been or led us to think that he was doing it.” Authorities believe Shearer, 21, was abducted from her home Friday night and killed. Her death and mutilation was apparently the beginning of a crime spree that also included McCuin allegedly stabbing the boyfriend of his estranged wife and breaking into a business. The stabbing victim is in critical condition at an area hospital, officials said. McCuin, of Tyler, about 110 miles east of Dallas, was charged with capital murder. He was being held in the Smith County Jail on a $2 million bond Sunday and did not have an attorney, officials said. He was scheduled to be arraigned Monday, Smith said. Before he called 911, McCuin told his mother and her boyfriend to look in their garage, authorities said. There the couple saw the remains of Shearer. McCuin’s mother and her boyfriend fled the home and flagged down a police officer. McCuin dialed authorities after they left. A man who answered the door Sunday night where the body was found declined to comment. Shearer appeared to have died from blunt trauma to her head, Smith said. She may have been kidnapped Friday night, when her mother witnessed her get into McCuin’s truck. “There was no struggle but she could see the girl left with no shoes, no purse and no cell phone,” Smith said. McCuin then drove to his estranged wife’s home, where he stabbed William Veasley, 42, Smith said. McCuin was still in that home when deputies arrived, but escaped in his car after a short chase, Smith said. “We thought it was a disturbance or an assault,” Smith said. McCuin wasn’t seen again until Saturday morning, when he arrived at his mother’s home and called her into the garage so she could “come see what he had done,” Smith said. When sheriff deputies arrived, McCuin barricaded himself in the home for a short time before coming out. After he emerged, officers entered and found Shearer’s body, Sgt. Gary Middleton said. Detectives were trying to determine where the slaying happened. They think McCuin drove to his mother’s home with the dead woman in the back seat of his extended-cab pickup, Smith said. Freddy Castillo, who lives two houses down, said he frequently heard McCuin and his girlfriend argue in the house and the yard. “They would get pretty loud,” Castillo said. “They’d yell back and forth and then he would just get in his car and leave.” So, you were saying ?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • Jose

      I wasn’t implying they did. I was making a sarcastic remark to Gentrify’s comment.

  • DUH

    Domestic violence can happen anywhere, this shooting has absolutely nothing to do with the type of area.

    • Zina Kind-Dority

      Absolutely RIGHT!!!!

  • mrenglewood

    thats cold LOL u must stay N W or burbs

  • Jay

    This has nothing to do with race. It’s about an individual who went nuts and killed two people. Crazier stuff happens in rich areas. The only thing that’s different is how it’s reported. In Humbolt park it’s “suppose” to happen (bs), in rich suburbs it’s called depressed white woman syndrome.

    • Zina Kind-Dority


    • Average Guy

      You’re right! Wasn’t it yesterday when, on 1400 and Lake Shore Drive, some guy stabbed a woman in the neck and then tried to jump out of a window? The commits automatically replied to the male as being sick. Not violent but sick.

  • KURT

    i agree with the incident it could of occured anywhere. Lets not get judgmental on communities or race. Thats what this world is coming too, pointing the finger. Even on the elections for mayor, white,black, hispanic in the run. This world shouldnt be biased.

    • Average Guy

      I agree KURT, but how can we get people to realize that love is not only a word. It’s the feeling that is the effect of the action of love. In other words, if I support you, and you fail by some means, I have to turn the other cheek if I love you by showing my continued support.

  • AbdulKhaleq

    To whom it may concern:Speaking as someone close to this situation,this was a domestic situation,The young woman whose intials are M.M. was a good woman with two daughters,and kept primarily to herself.I pray that her two daughters are in good hands.

    • Steve

      To all who read this–My name is Steve and I am her uncle. So you know that I am telling the truth, her name (abbriviated for privacy sakes) is Mil. Marc.

      Her sister was not the other girl.

      My emotions have been up and down all day since my sister called me late this afternoon and told me this.

      I don’t understand all that was going through this young man’s mind that would have caused him to do this but all I can do is pray for all of the families involved.

      You see, I’m from a family of nine so she had many aunts and uncles.

      I’m quite sure her brother is very upset over this as well.


      • live in the neighborhood

        Steve my heart goes out your Family and all the other families involved. I live in the neighborhood seen some of the unfolding, I was sad. I was reading the blogs and some was not so kind, this could had happened anywhere. Domestic Violence is no Joke, this was a selfish act on his part (if I can’t have no one will). Now two girl don’t have their mother the sadess part of all they seen this. And how did the gangs get in the mist of this, gangs are over this city even in your neighborhood it is how your block handle them.

      • just a another Person

        Steve my heart goes out to all as I stated earlier to a “Rocky” . unfortunatly , this happened and it happened with in your family . May the lord bless you all with much strength and patiences to deal with over whelming emotions. God bless you all , GOD BLESS YOU ALL <3

      • gail

        Steve, I’m a friend of Mil from work. I’m hearbroken. My deepest condolences to her mom & dad and the rest of the family. Mil was a very special girl and had so much brightness in her. Can you tell me was it her current boyfriend involved in this (M just talked to me about him on Sat.) or the children’s father ?

    • Zina Kind-Dority

      I live right across the street from the incident and was filled in on the tragedy when I came home today. My heart goes out to her children and the rest of her family. Did the other young lady have kids too? I was so hurt by what I was told and by one person’s first hand account. It’s so sad and scary that three lives have been lost and many others destroyed because of someone’s twisted idea of what “Love” is. My condolences to you all. God Bless!

      • abdulKhaleq

        I did not see the other woman,but i pray it was not her sister.

  • dummy

    one of the worst neighborhoods in the city

    • James

      Not even close.

    • Jose

      Dummy. One of the worst? Theres tons of others way worse. Humboldt Park is Willowbrook compared to Pilsen.

    • Sophia

      The neighborhood isn’t the problem! Im from rogers park and have lived on the south side and the west side and currently live in HP. Tens years and counting, I have had 3 problems since I moved here ten years ago. The people are the problem, this is an unfortunate situation that left children motherless! Drop the name calling on neighborhoods. If that’s the fact the whole city is iran iraq lebanon egypt etc. No one can truly say they are safe in their neighborhoods because you can sit at home and get hit by a bullet, or the grocery store and get ran down by a elderly driver. God runs this all no man!

  • Pilsen pride

    I beg to defer jose..humbolt park is bosnia compared to pilsen

    • Be quiet

      I BEG to differ! Pilsen is EGYPT and humboldt park is iran… We still have problems but can control them unlike pilsen !

  • Nena

    Jose I live in Pilsen!!!They r both just as equal!!!!


    To all you leftie liberals out there,whos fault is it the crazy nutjob,last time a crazy nutjob in Tuzson shot and killed people why did you blame Sarah Palin and others,who you going to blame on this one how about Daley.


    I don’t think so right you bunch of a hose.

  • Bridget Lufrano Campbell

    domestic violence happens to all income levels, look at the crazy mother who just shot her 2 teens dead for being mouthy. Quite the posh neighborhood they lived in!
    we should be feeling sorry for the dead and the families who have to deal with their demise. RIP

    • Zina Kind-Dority

      So true! Lives have been destroyed today. At least one of these beautiful young ladies had children that have lost their mom and possibly their father as well. As if life doesn’t throw you enough curve balls. I’m also told that THEY were witnesses to the violence. I pray that they are able to come back from this and have a good support system in place somewhere, that is able to help them through this. Such a sad day…

      • Zina

        Gail, from what I understand the guy was said to be either dominican or cuban, if that helps. I am honestly not sure if it was the girl’s dad or not. I pray that is not the case. To lose two parents to this… My heart really goes out to those little girls.

      • Gail

        Zena, Steve. I’m a friend of Mil. and we worked together. She was a warm hearted, generous young woman I’m totally heartbroken and those poor dear little girls –she’s so proud of them. What was the first hand account? On Sat. she told me she was trying to break up with a current boyfriend -I’ve heard this was the guy involved in the shootings. She just talked to me about him on Sat. about how he had broken the back door down. But according to your comment you are saying it was the children’s father? Can someone say whether it was Hec. or Gil involved in this tragedy?

  • James

    I haven’t. I live here, and I don’t feel unsafe. Must just be a problem you have.

  • gee-reg




    • just a another Person

      My condolences to yourself and her family . O have heard many ppl around the area speakingof her and I believe her mother Melba, How sad and to hear it was in front of her children .. I am so sorry she had to go that way and worst of all the children how they have to replay that image time and time again . there is no excuse to who and why thing like this happen but they do .. God be with them and may the heavenly lord guide them to the light … God bless rcoky and to all theat knew and know her my prayers are with you all !!!!!

  • Gentrify

    All of you haters are just mad because I said out loud what most of you have thought already.
    You hear shooting and Humboldt Park in the same sentence often enough, especially in the summer time. Don’t stand up for the thugs that control that neighborhood. And even worse, don’t pretend that it’s some sort of serene oasis not completely wrought with durgs and criminal activity on nearly every corner.
    Domestic violence can happen anywhere. Crimes involving guns happen quite frequently in this part of town. Period.

    • Sophia

      HP is way better than it was back in the 60s 70s 80s and 90s. The police really don’t patrol the areas of california and north, Wabansia, whipple evergreen division and california mozart albany like they do kedzie and armitage, armitage and humboldt. Of course you are gonna have more nuckle heads where you have cops riding pass and doing nothing! Domestic violence is bad no matter how you down play it. The west side is bad and when you have the officers from the 15th district playing the same games as gang members then what? Remember they were indicted and all should have been arrested for their parts and One is still on duty….. T.C. McCoy. You can’t bring forth change when you have the police playing cocaine cowboys with the gang bangers.Too much talking about who shot john and nobody out here talking to the youngsters to give them hope opportunity a life to love! That’s why I don’t have a problem walking up to the bangers and let them know that what they do affects us all, not just them and their opposition. Play your parts people or shut up! Again we now have children added to the list of children who’s parents are dead. Reach out to the children involved in this tragedy, stop all the madness because this can happen anywhere in the world.

  • James

    It’s safer to live in the city than it has been in decades. People shouldn’t make this into something it’s not. What it is is one of those terrible human tragedies that happen from time to time. But, hey, we have a couple million citizens. There are bound to be some who do bad things, or have bad things done to them.
    Saying or implying that this is part of a broader problem is just political opportunism or a particularly blood-thirsty kind.

  • Babyboo Vega

    People need to stop talking so much.

  • Lida AntiVille

    conclusion people, these types of incidents can happen anywhere…Domestic violence, gangs and murder have no respect of person nor is it limited to specific neighborhoods or even countries for that matter…

  • angel

    ii lived 3 blocks form where shooting took place for over 25 years.and even though i believe this was a domestic violence incident their are alot of illigel guns in humboldt park do not get me wrong their are alot decent hardworking people`but the gangs are in control not only there but through out the city guess what i moved to naperville

  • Someone n Cali

    @ Gail I know for a fact it was Hec. He is my uncle. I live in California n have not seen him for 8 years. My prayer n condolences go out to the families involved. Most of all for my cousins here in Cali who also have not seen him in quit a while. We r all still in shock of the incident and feel it is a really horrible nightmare.

    • gail

      Someone n Cali: thank you for answering and setting my mind at ease. I don’t know her family except what M would talk about so I couldn’t just call to find out. Difficult to find anything “positive” in this situation except to say I’m glad her two young girls were not left fatherless as well as motherless. I am sorry for your family too. I never met him so I don’t know what kind of person he was. Wondering if he had an abusive upbringing; drug addicted or abandoned in some way as a child or history of mental illness. But what does it matter I suppose–it’s too late.

  • rosie

    Domestic voilence can happen to anyone it is not a race problem. Lets pray for those children that were left without parents.

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