City To Plow Side Streets After Main Roads Are Done

Updated 02/02/11 – 6:40 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — If you’re waiting for your block to be plowed so you can get your car out, you’ll likely have to be patient for a while.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Chicago’s full fleet of 274 snow-fighting trucks were still focusing on plowing the main routes and Lake Shore Drive, along with 100 garbage trucks equipped with quick-hitch plows, according to Department of Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Thomas Byrne.

But as the plows push on, crews must deal with bitter cold temperatures and severe blowing and drifting snow after the last round of heavy snow passes on.

Side streets will be plowed, but they are the second priority, Byrne said.

Meanwhile, Lake Shore Drive remains closed, as crews tow the cars that were abandoned by motorists overnight.

  • Voice of Reason

    re: concerned block club
    Someone should have thought about that before the blizzard! You can’t expect the city to rescue you because you’re “special”!

    • Uber Special

      What if I’m REALLY special?? lol

  • b

    It’s called preparing. We have all had ample notice about this storm. You’re telling you could not get 2 days worth of meds last week?

    • Angie

      No dumb ass, some people are on Medicaid and Medicare and do not have the luxury of just pick up prescription three or four days in advance one would have to wait every 30 days for the insurance provider such as Medicare and Medicaid to cover it.

  • Doug Wade

    “There are several senior citizens on the block who has(sic)…”.

    The appropriate word is have. Think people and prepare. The Big One is coming.

  • geldernick

    All things being equal …. well, all things are not equal! This was not an ordinary storm because it was three storms, very strong blizzard winds, white-outs and lightning. So you cannot expect the city to plow successfully when the storm is still happening.
    Franikly, I was impressed with the way the City agencies coordinated the problem of the stranded motorists on LSD …. even using snow mobiles and wamring buses and pickup buses on the southbound side to get motorists stuck on the northbound side.

  • James Watkins

    If Seniors or people with disabilities are in need of help – medicine, food, etc- call 311, the city has had a plan in effect ANNOUNCED on Mon, take the time to do a little research on the web, pertaining to side streets, and those that complain, why have you not addressed your alderman in advance of the concerns of your neighborhood,please be involved – how can you complain after the fact, the majority of people of Chicago understand we have some responsibility and plan in advance…

    • the TRUF

      people like YOU are the part of the problem, let the stupid people die off and then we dont have to worry, if they are too busy collecting the welfare to prepare, WHY give them extra help

      • Rickey

        God bless you the TRUF.

      • James Watkins

        did you even read what I wrote, gave advice to help our nieghbors that might need help, may god heve pity on your soul….

      • Suzy

        Yes… telling people to do research and get involved in local politics is “giving them extra help”. You’re reading comprehension skills are beyond pathetic, TRUF.

    • AbbyCat

      You are a completely moron. Seriously! LOL! Listen to yourself. You sound like a total lunatic. I’m almost embarrassed for you. Almost.

    • Jay

      Truf – I think all that tea bagging has caused you some brain damage. Get a grip!

  • the TRUF

    AMEN peter

  • KT

    Many medications cannot be dispensed ahead of schedule. For others, insurance will not cover meds if they are dispensed prior to the dispensary schedule, ie, if 30 days of pills are dispensed, insurance will not pay to refill that prescription on day 25. Also, being elderly is hard. Not everybody has the energy or ability to be 100%, every day.

    Seriously, people. Can we please show a little more compassion for our neighbors here. Yes, we should all plan in advance, but that doesn’t cover every contingency for every person. Our focus needs to be on giving thanks for our own fortunate situations AND on looking to see if we can be of service to others, instead of insulting them.

    • SQ


      Thank you for your intelligence and compassion.

  • Dave

    I work for a heating company and I have been stuck on the road for 6 hours we have every employee doing everything we can totake care of our custumers and they are on the phone swearing and being rude to the office people .Not sure if they own a TV we can’t drive down the side street can’t pull in drive ways etc .I hope next winter people clean and check their furnace and not wait till it breaks .

    • Rickey

      Thanks Dave. God bless.

  • Rickey

    Try calling 10 south Kedzie or call the Chicago help line 311. You should get somewhere. God bless.

  • Rickey

    I understand that, but don’t shovel all the side streets in the downtown area and north side areas before you come on the south side. We pay taxes too. God bless.

    • Madie

      I’m on the north side and my entire neighborhood is still buried. It isn’t just the south side being ignored.

    • chrisbr

      I’m on the north side and my street is not plowed.

  • Rickey

    Peter, calm down. Maybe these people had things to do, places to go. But being on the Lake Shore Drive or any expressway for that matter probably was not a good decision. Especially a storm of this size. Main streets probably was the better choice, because you could still exit quicker to another street if you really had to. God bless you Peter.

  • Chicago Blizzard 2011: What You Need To Know « CBS Chicago

    […] Plowing The Streets: The city is trying to keep the streets clear as the snow piles up. They will get to side streets after the main streets are all passable. […]

  • mj

    Will the city of chicago plow the alleys?

  • LM

    After evacuating us from our cars. The city has no idea where the cars were moved to. 311 says they are at the offramps. The police at the ramps think they may be in lots somewhere, but are not sure. The media is reporting that we can just call and find out, but no one knows. The police response is to report it missing in 2 days. I guess this is why they aren’t charging for the towing.

  • Oracle

    U gotta love ppl who talk like they know all about other peoples lives…. Yea, if u have EVER had a perscription u would know most of them have specific refill dates and some meds are take “as needed” so don’t rag on these people who obviously already have enough to deal with.

  • Stephanie

    I was well prepared for this storm and am perfectly comfortable in my home. My issue here is, I have seen 3 plows within 10 minutes of each other all going the same way down the same street. A street that is clean and it is not snowing anymore. Why can’t one of these trucks turn down the side streets? They can fit. 311 is hopeless. Its been busy all day, so submitted a request to have it plowed on the website. Let’s cross our fingers! Gotta work tomorrow.

  • shaun

    Glad to see Daley leaving office

    • Chicago11

      Well, make sure you don’t vote for Rahm or you will it worse than Daley ever was.

  • Rod

    Agreed! They’d been talking about this storm since Saturday. Everyone was warned. Still, a bunch of idiots decide to hop on their cars and drive on LSD. Forecast was: huge lake effect snow… high waves coming off the lake… Hello?? Did they seriously think it would end well??? And now people are trying to blame the city for not having closed LSD earlier. Give me break!! I’m not a big fan of the gov’t in this city, but come on! People need to take personal responsibility! It was your (stupid) decision to drive there. Don’t try to blame someone else!

  • Hates Idiots

    The age of the internet should have helped us as a society to learn a thing or two. This article has not a damn thing to do with if people were prepared or not . All the preparation in the world can not clear a damn side street in Chicago and a major snowstorm. And newsflash if public transportation is available and most importantly able to function then a majority of the people you all claim that were not prepared normally are prepared .

  • andrea

    I just waited 40 min on hold (at 4am even – so busy) for the police to confirm for me that there are no plans to plow the alleys. Zero. I’d shovel but I’m in the middle of the block. This is incredibly disappointing. I cannot get to work.

    • alison

      I live near O’Hare and no one has come to plow my parking lot. It’s not like you can really shovel 20″ of snow from an entire parking lot. I guess all there is to do is wait.

    • Shannon E

      Contacting the alderman’s office may be a better idea. The police don’t plow.

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