The Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose has been one of the best players in the NBA this season, and was rewarded by being voted as the Eastern Conference’s staring point guard.

But there’s another player on the roster who feels he should be in Los Angeles for the All-Star game.

“I know I missed some games with my broken hand, but I feel like I am deserving of an All-Star appearance,” Carlos Boozer told K.C. Johnson, of the Chicago Tribune. “If not, I’m not going to be disappointed. There are a lot of guys who feel they are deserving. If I am there, I will be extremely happy. I’ll tell you that.”

Boozer has missed 18 of the Bulls’ first 47 games, but has still been able to average 19.9 points and 10.2 rebounds per game. Numbers that might not be flashy enough for fans outside of Chicago to vote him in, but solid enough for coaches around the league to take notice. And when it comes to the All-Star game reserves, that’s more important.

“It’s a huge honor because the coaches pick you,” Boozer said. “I would love to represent the Bulls with DRose in that game. It’d be a huge honor. It’d be something I’d look forward to doing if I was able to. If not, I’ll go home and see my kids in Miami.”

The Bulls are one of the surprising teams in the NBA this season, not because they’re winning games, but because of the rate they’re winning them.

The Bulls are 33-14 and and have the fourth best record in the NBA. Due to injuries, they’ve also only played a handful of games with their entire roster.

The Bulls will be in Los Angeles Wednesday night to take on Blake Griffin and the Clippers.

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