Accident On Lake Shore Drive Just After Reopening

CHICAGO (CBS) — Only a couple of hours after Lake Shore Drive reopened, an accident narrowed the northbound side to one lane near the Fullerton Parkway exit.

Fire crews and city tow trucks responded to the accident in the 6 a.m. hour. Traffic was light on the Drive, but it was narrowed to one lane near the scene, CBS 2’s Kris Habermehl reported.

Details of the accident were not immediately available.

It was also near Fullerton Parkway where some of the accidents took place to cause a harrowing situation on the Drive during the blizzard Tuesday evening.

As winds whipped up to 60 to 70 mph and snow fell at a rate of 1 to 2 inches per hour, accidents near Fullerton and North Avenue halted traffic and left some motorists stranded for 12 hours.

About 1,000 cars ended up stranded on the Drive, many of them abandoned by their owners. City crews worked all night clearing the cars off the roadway before plowing.

Lake Shore Drive had reopened by around 5 a.m.

Mayor’s chief of staff Raymond Orozco says motorists should be cautious when taking Lake Shore Drive, since snow plows will be out as the city continues to maintain and improve conditions on the road.

  • Lake Shore Drive Reopens After Blizzard Debacle « CBS Chicago

    […] In the 6 a.m. hour not long after the Drive had reopened, an accident near Fullerton Parkway reduced… […]

  • Dan

    OMG-OMG-OMG who is responsible for this! We need a press conference, How could this have happened! Someone needs to be fired……

    Oh wait, probably some dummy driving to fast……

    • Beth

      Finally! When is someone going to say that the people driving were responsible, it’s not the cities responsibility, thedrivers made bad decisions and yes, the driver this morning made a bad decision! The city has done an amazing job taking care of people not taking care of themselves or others!!

  • Jeff

    Why should the city dept leaders apologize to everyone for mother natures fury and the stupidity of others. It’s the ignorant, self-centered , no common sense drivers who caused the accidents that caused the whole problem on LSD !

  • laura

    i agree

  • BVAX

    I agree!!! So many people are saying who’s fault it is in the city dept and what they would have done if they were mayor. SHUT UP!!! The Mayor can’t control snow and idiots. They have been before, during and after the storm. Give it a rest.

  • Gerald Spencer

    Driving over the Fullerton Hump, in either direction, on a below freezing temperature day, with any precipitation is dangerous; even with all lanes open. I almost died southbound of the hump on a February night – in almost non-existent traffic.

  • mikee

    i just wanted to say good job to my old US MARINE boss and now OEMC executive director Jose Santiago for the great job with the blizzard.

  • 10B, Tinley PK

    I can say with pride that Chicago has one of the best snow removal in place. Yes, there’s a lot of people and cars stuck but that’s because of the enormity of the force of nature and some people’s miscalculations and the need “to get there”. I feel that we need to be grateful to God and everyone for doing a great job. Because, this could have been worse.

  • Gsil

    I also agree that the city has done an amazing job wiith the LSD situations…people MUST take responsibility for their own actions!!!!

    NOW…let’s get to the side streets and alleys….SO THAT I CAN BE OUT THERE WITH THE REST OF THE IDIOTS!!! (I’m stuck in my garage due yo 3 feet of snow in my alley).

    Remember aldermen, election day is right around the corner!

  • Common Sense

    The only thing worse than Chicago weather are Chicago drivers. And Chicago drivers get WORSE in Chicago bad weather.

    At the end of the day, when the next big snow is forecast, the city should consider creating an emergency lane (right lane) with traffic cones along the length of LSD (multiple occupancy vehicle lane as in California) once snow begins to fall. This snow emergency lane would provide access to the two remaining lanes and help avoid any situations such as the one which occurred on Tuesday night.

    Basically, the drivers became boxed in since the accident closed off all three lanes and there was not escape route available. It’s an inexpensive, common sense way to go.

  • Anthony Steven Warnelis

    No; Ray Orizco got this wrong. Daley failed to lead. You just do not let a “chief of staff” have the kind of authority it is beginning to appear he may have usurped, given the mayor has told him he was ‘not happy’. Where was the mayor? What did he know and fail to do, when, and WHY!?

    BUT! That said, if you want to blame the drivers. ask yourself: ‘Who gave them a license with virtually no, or, ACTUALLY no periodic re-testing, either written or driving?!”. Did you say ‘Jesse White, Secretsry of State?’. Hmmmm. Who should tumble now???

  • Spoon

    People are sooooo stupid.

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  • Hindsight

    Everyone is looking at the accident on LSD. What about businesses letting people leave hours before the blizzard hit instead of “as” the blizzard hit. Just a thought.

    • Spoon

      Stop being logical, you’re supposed to be ranting about the city not holding your hand through a mega storm.

  • Hindsight

    Ha, right. Sorry, I forgot. Daley is akin to God to calm the storm. See, he went missing and traffic was stuck for more than 24 hours. What are we going to do when he leaves??

  • I agree with old & in the way above

    No, we are just gullable and you fell for it, the news media kept focusing on Mayor Daley not being at the news conferences that must mean THERE IS A CONSPIRACY!! Maybe he didn’t need to be there, he is retiring in a few weeks for goodness sake, at the initial news conference there were about 15 people introduced, let’s stay focused on what the issue actual was, irresponsible people driving in terrible, aweful dangerous conditions.

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