City Snow-Removal Truck Strikes, Kills Pedestrian

CHICAGO (STMW) — The driver of a city truck was ticketed after fatally striking a pedestrian Wednesday afternoon during snow removal operations in the South Side Bridgeport neighborhood.

The pedestrian, 44-year-old Albert Moya was struck at 2:57 p.m. in the 2800 block of South Archer Avenue, according to police News Affairs Officer Ron Gaines.

Moya, of 2894 S. Archer, was dead on the scene, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office. An autopsy Thursday showed he died of multiple injuries from a truck striking a pedestrian, according to the medical examiner’s office, which ruled the death an accident.

The vehicle that struck Moya was a city Department of Transportation fleet truck, police said. The driver stayed at the scene of the crash and was ticketed for operating the vehicle in reverse and failing to exercise due care for a pedestrian, he said.

The identity of the driver was not immediately available.

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  • Mrs reality

    He didn’t do it on purpose and I’m sure he’s been working 3 straight days. It’s too bad that someone died due to this but again, it was a horrible mistake. I’m sure the driver feels horrible about hitting and killing someone. He didn’t flee, he wasn’t drunk, on drugs or speeding. I’m sure he’ll be fired (rightfully so).

  • Mtj

    This is awful news. The driver was not paying attention. Thoughts & prayers to the victim’s family.

    • js

      are you kidding me ……have you no brains !!!!!!!!or do you live in a different world it was a blizzard out there, city driver was trying to help us……….

  • chicagoan all my life

    Jerk comment…Yeah, go ahead and sue for a mistake!!! mr reality.

  • 73444


  • Voice of Reason

    @Wraith – have you tried walking down any sidewalks lately? Most are barely shoveled! It’s easier to walk in the streets.

    Still, this is sad.

    • JeanSC

      I walked on the sidewalks using snowshoes. No problem!

  • neighbor

    he had to walk on the street due to the sidewalks were loaded with snow- smart aleck

  • Kenneth

    I worked with Albert Moya and he was taking care of his sick mother when he was hit. Some of you are so insensitive. He had a family and coworkers that loved him.

    • Gerald Spencer

      I doubt anyone here knew either of the people involved. It is a sad incident but don’t you wonder about the creeps who look at every single story and have to make an ugly comment about each one? That is a mentally ill person, that is Tucson shooter ill. God bless and give comfort to the Moya family and may God console and give comfort to the driver of the vehicle.

      • Just Sayin..........

        Actually, Albert was a co-worker of mine and some of the other comments posted are from other co-workers as well. So what now?!?!

  • rhonda

    unbelievable how rude some of you are… some should have their freedom of ignorant speech revoked

    • rhonda

      i like that they have already removed the idiots comments… nice job!!!

  • Gerald Spencer

    You can be like that neighborhood that was on CBS2 news at 6, fill the streets with the snow from the sidewalks, form around, on and in between cars and then claim the block was never plowed. All anyone needed to do was look at the evidence in the footage while it was being shown, the street was a two foot pile of shoveled and dumped snow.

  • Flora

    who are you to judge?

  • Jose

    I also knew Albert “Beto” Moya and 2 of his brothers. My thoughts and prayers are with his family in this trying time, for I heard that he was ran over while the truck was going in reverse and since the driver didn’t know that he had hit anyone he then ran over him again going forward, not from first hand knowledge but from people that I talked to, The scene was very gruesome. So please refrain from snide remarks for if it was someone you knew that this happened to, you’d appreciate it if people weren’t so flippant about their remarlks. Thank you

    • Gayle

      Sorry for the loss of your friend.
      As to others comments this has been a terrible 3 days, but it was an act of God(the snow storm). Everyone is trying to do the best they can, and this was a terrible accident. Two families are now suffering, and people should not judge others. None of us are perfect.

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  • rob

    I live next door to where the accident happened. I am not sure why but around bonfield and around loomis the plows make 3 point turns on archer its rather strange and a number of cars have almost hit them when they make this manuever.

  • PlzWakeUp

    That’s why we call them “accidents.”

  • drivers co worker

    I know the driver of the truck driver and if it will make some of you happy none of you can make him feel any worse then he is making him self,he had only one year left until retirement with a clean record.He is making no excuse for the ACCIDENT! He is a father and grand father and one of the nicest most caring man i have ever met. the day of the accident as we all know was a blizzard and he did look and when he put in reverse [the truck beeps] he did not see him but when he felt it [he did not go over him again] he jumped out and asked some one who was out what he ran over,and thats when he seen him and call 911. the person who was out on the block did not see either. like a few said you could not walk on side walk and not the driver but some one on the block said that the poor guy tried to hurry and might have fell it was very slippery,and thats why the driver did not see him.[again the driver did not say that] any way i want to say my thoughts prayers are with me Beto’s family and i will be praying for my friend and his family also. because again he does not know how he is going to live the rest of his life knowing he took mr Betos for both men i dont see a need to say nasty things about them and just pray for them!

  • Sandra Sam B

    Albert was a loving caring family man, a son, brother, husband and Grandfather.
    He has been taking care of his elderly Mother and working a full time job. I have worked with him for about 10 years. The saying is true, only the good die young. Yes, It was an accident, and I am sure the driver is going to have a hard time living with this. Please do not leave rude comments as family and friends of both will be reading this. You wouldn’t not like the comments if this was about your family member or friend. My thoughts and prayers are with the Moya family. Albert you will and are truely missed.

  • mary

    i live right there.the sidewalks were shovled,he was crossing a busy street in the middle of the block & is partly responable for what happened to him.

  • Just Sayin..........

    My heart-felt condolences goes out to the Moya family and you are in my prayers.

  • BJ

    I too worked with Albert. He was a great guy, loved his family, loved his friends and had a great sense of humor. This ACCIDENT was extremely unfortunate. My thoughts and prayers go out to Ablert’s family. However, my thoughts and prayers also go out to the driver of the truck. This again was an accident and I am sure that the driver feels horrible about this. Anyone here posting inappropriate comments about Albert or the driver should be reported & removed.

  • mike lynn

    R i p big al give me a pound and keep it old school peace out bro hey dont start no inventory team up there

  • The family Vasquez Martinez

    To the friends and family of M.r Moya Im sorry for your lost. I was a co-worker of a family member of his. I’m sorry for your lost. He was a great caring son father and grandfather. Our prayers and condolences are here for you. WE are here for you.

  • Archers neighbor

    well i can honestly say i was unfortanate enough to witness the entire incident. it was the strangest accident anyone could ever witness. the driver of the truck had gotten stuck half way down the narrow block i live on do to the snow being piled up to high, i was digging out my car when me and a few others had stopped to help the driver, we dugg out some off the snow so he could reverse back down the street. the driver slowly backed out while his back up sensors beeped, plus he had bin laying on the horn the whole time which i thought at first was unnecessary and annoying…. boy was i wrong. but as the driver approached archer ther was another city plow truck blocking traffic for him, and when he proceeded out is when he must have hit mr.moya. crazy thing is no one seen him. none of the witnesses, the plow truck, or the driver. all i remember is the driver on his knees screaming “were did he come from!!??” it was a horrible freakish accident, just one of those things that u see in a movie.everything had to have bin timed perfect. according to police the man driving wasnt intoxicated and due to the conditions mr. moya had probably bin walking in the street. its just so unfortunate for both men and their families. life is so short, and can change in a blink of an eye. my prayers are for evryone suffering due to this traggic accident

  • just a thought

    i think every city truck should be equiped with back up cameras, to avoid accidents like this in the future. they are just to big and dangerous to not have them. its impossible for the driver to see whats directly behind them. dump trucks like the ones used in construction and for snow removal sometimes have no option but to use reverse. rather its baccking down streets, down alleys, or down parking lots. a small piece of equipment such as a camera woulda saved somones life, most suv’s have them, why not the vehicles that really need them? with all the taxes we pay in this city u think the mayor would use it to help save lives.

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