Rice: Bears Need Impact Receiver

There is very little argument against the fact that Jerry Rice is the best receiver to ever play in the NFL. So when Rice decides to dish out some knowledge people take heed, and so should the Chicago Bears.

The Bears tried to take Devin Hester and turn him into a receiver. While it makes sense to do that to get Hester more touches in a game, it’s not a switch that can be easily made.

“It’s difficult to make that transition of running routes and being able to catch the football in very confined areas and stuff like that,” Rice said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “It takes a while to make that jump.”

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The Bears’ offense is a long way from being considered a great offense, but it’s not like they don’t have anything to work with. Jay Cutler has an elite arm and proved this season that he can take care of the football. Matt Forte is a versatile running back that can consistently rush for close to 1,000 yards.

What the Bears are lacking is an offensive line and that impact receiver.

“I feel like they probably need to go get that guy that’s gong to be a threat,” Rice said. “That’s going to have opposing teams say, ‘Hey, we have to watch out for this guy, because he can just break the game wide open.’ I’m sure [the Bears] are looking at an impact receiver.”

Their salary cap situation and the impending lockout might limit what the Bears can do in free agency so they might have to try and find an impact receiver via the NFL Draft.

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  • Michigan Bear Fan

    Agree 100% but do we trust the Bears to go after a receiver in the draft? Who’s out there in free agency? Braylon Edwards? I have heard Sidney Rice will probably re-sign with Minnesota.

    • Jeff

      Sidney Rice will get the transition tag from Minnesota. If the Bears make him a big multi-year offer, which they hopefully would do, the Vikings have to match or lose him for no compensation.

      Jerry Angelo, get on it.

  • greg

    Earl Bennett is a solid number 2.

  • Jamie

    I have heard rumors of The Bears looking into getting Plaxico Burress….but how good will he be with all the time away from the game?

  • Creighton

    Jackson and Holmes are the big name recievers in FA. Holmes has major legal issues and what appears to be a drug problem. Jackson has his own issues, bein a freak of nature that doesn’t put up the numbers you think he would in his current offense. His stats look like they may be a product of the QB and system rather than his pure talent. Not why fans think that the Bears have a ton of money to spend on FA? Even though the cap will probably be reduced and FA won’t be available to sign until a new CBA is signed. Which may take them into September to do. Top RFA’s will be tendered and we know Angelo is not going to trade what he percieves as his brilliant draft picks,and several top FA will get taggd like Mankins, Kalil. We would all like to see the Bears address a lot of the major needs they have with big ticket FA’s but I doubt they will break the cap. I would like to see Kalil, Kiwanuka, Yanda, and Nicks or Mankins. Plus Asomugha, and Weddle,, while the draft focuses on a LT and a DT. But guess what? None of those names will be in a Bears uniform no matter how bad I wish it when the season starts. Angelo may go After Gaither, lots of talent but something is wrong with him missing all those games. He may also look into Matt Light he should be a bargin at 33 but is in major decline. The Bears like their WR’s and I doubt that’s a major focus for them. Agelo will look to stop gap the O-Line like he always does, maybe he drafts a guy in the first 3 rounds as well, but don’t think DT and CB are not major concers for the Bears. Angelo loves going after DB’s and DT’s, he loves it. Every year the Bears think they have a in the secondary and every year we watch Payne, Afalave, Bowman, and soon Jennings fall by the wayside. Mcbride, Ricky Manning, Vasher, Graham, the Bears have been loking for a starting right Corner for years. I say he will take a corner before he tales a reciever and a DT before a OT, unless there is just no value in the pick.

  • Jake from da burbs

    Its one thing to go after a WR. Its another to get a WR that fits the Martz system and for the immediate future, thats the most important.

    Santonio Holmes, Steve Smith (Giants) and Steve Breaston would fit the bill as excellent route running, speed, possession WR’s. Thats what the Martz offense calls for. But each of the above comes with concerns. Holmes would be the perfect, and I mean perfect, complement in this offense. His legal troubles are concerning though. Steve Smith is a nice #2 and it seems like we have a couple of these already on the Bears. Steve Breaston is an underrated WR who I think can break out but he’s also considered an injury risk.

    Malcom Floyd would be a great get but I’m not sure if its realistic. James Jones is a very intriguing name as well because he has all the talent but seems to have a concentration issue. He can make all the catches but he seems to drop easy ones.

    Of all the WR’s, Santonio Holmes is the guy for me. Need to do the homework from a legal perspective but he’s already done the time from the NFL and I dont think they’re going to suspend him again. If he avoids jail time, then you try and get Holmes. If not Holmes, I think you roll the dice on Breaston. At some point offensively, we’re going to have to take a risk with a guy of questionable character or questionable injury history because you hope that the rewards will pay off.

  • Jake from da burbs

    I didn’t even address Sidney Rice or VJax because neither are coming to the Bears. Rice stays with the Vikes and VJax is going to after the biggest payday.

    • Jeff

      You don’t know Rice stays with Minnesota. They aren’t franchising him. If the Bears or somebody else makes him a big offer, the Vikings would have to match. Will they do so with only Joe Webb at QB? I doubt it. Even if they do, that’s fine – the Bears make the Vikings pay for keeping him. I think the Rice situation gets very interesting in the offseason.

  • Michael

    Live in Wisconsin lifetime BEARS fan, so you can understand the pains i’m going through! Anyways, why haven’t the BEARS tried to get Aromashodu more involved? He’s a strong physical threat almost like a Brandon Marshall.I dont think the draft is our answer for a good wide receiver

  • http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2011/02/04/bears-sign-canadain-receiver/ Bears Sign Canadian Receiver « CBS Chicago

    […] Jerry Rice said that the Chicago Bears needed to sign an impact receiver. While Andy Fantuz might not be that, the Bears signed him to a reserve/future contract on Friday. […]

  • Jeff

    James Jones
    Steve Breaston
    Vincent Jackson
    Plaxico Burress
    Santonio Holmes
    Braylon Edwards
    Sidney Rice
    Steve Smith (NYG)

    Those are just some of the free agent WRs who almost certainly will not be franchise tagged. Rice will get the transition tag, but the Bears should make him a big offer. But there are plenty of options.

  • paulh

    A good number of FA’s who AREN’T trouble; Breaston, Jones, Rice, Smith. Any one of those would be a #1 wideout with the Bears. With Rice, is he O.K. after the hip surgery? I’d be nice for a little payback to the Vikes for HOFer Berrian. Ist 2 picks, a Tackle and a Gurad (if a good one is available) 4th-5th round a Center. And, please stop the crazy picks. i.e. Gilbert (the pool jumper) instead of Wallace (Steelers) and LeFevour instead of Starks -who was on the phone being told he was gonna be picked.

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