Super Bowl Halftime Show Disappoints

The Black Eyed Peas headlined the Super Bowl halftime show and were later joined by Slash and Usher. However, Usher’s short appearance was more interesting than the entire halftime show.

On second thought, maybe Usher should have been the headliner for the Super Bowl halftime show.

The superstar had only a brief cameo in the showcase, but his tightly choreographed moves and acrobatics marked the brief exhilarating moment of a surprisingly stale medley from the normally frenetic headliners, the Black Eyed Peas.

The Super Bowl performance was arguably the biggest stage yet for the quirky quartet, whose fusion of pop, dance and hip-hop have made them global superstars. But in the massive Cowboys Arena, the group appeared to be as stiff as frontman’s plastic hair hat.

It started out with a wow factor:, Taboo, Fergie and descended from atop the stadium, outfits glittering, bedazzled outfits, singing (with the help of auto-tune) the party anthem “I Gotta Feeling” with hundreds of dancers grooving in step on the field.

But the Peas didn’t match the energy of the song; they seemed tentative, and tense. It didn’t help that Fergie’s mic didn’t kick in until she was midway through her first verse.

If the explanation for the Peas’ flatness was nerves, those nerves never settled, as they plodded through such songs as “Pump It” and “Boom Boom Pow.” Technically, they were fine – Fergie’s voice soared, the raps were performed right. They didn’t excite. Even former Guns `N Roses guitarist Slash seemed bored as he joined Fergie for a short snippet of “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” an unnecessary cameo that failed to add any sizzle to the set.

So it fell to Usher to breathe some life into the halftime show, and he didn’t disappoint as he appeared in all white with a flank of dancers. Although Usher seemed to dance more of his No. 1 hit “OMG” with than sing it, his syncopated moves and flips provided the energy jolt that the Peas lacked.

Even after Usher left, the Peas seemed a little more alive. They went back in their catalog and performed early hit “Where Is The Love,” which segued to their latest “The Time (Dirty Bit),” an odd, dance reworking of “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” from the movie “Dirty Dancing.” They ended as they began, reprising “I Gotta Feeling.”

The choice of the Black Eyed Peas was intended to bring some youthful vigor back to the halftime show after the NFL – feeling burned by the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” of Janet Jackson with the aid of Justin Timberlake in 2004 – chose a string of safe, near-geriatric icons for the halftime for the next six years, ending on a low note with a much-maligned concert by The Who last year.

The Black Eyed Peas brought the youth, but little else. “I Gotta Feeling” the NFL will be looking to try and find a better balance in time for Indianapolis next year.

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  • Julie

    Disappointed? I enjoyed it!

    • mykoolaid

      well big deal, so you enjoy watching talantless neanderthals jumping around a stage dressed like KISS in outer space. I’ll bet it’s been awhile since Slash had that big a hood rat grinding on him. seriously, I guarantee 99% of people who saw that would say that William Shatner could have put on a better halftime show. Oh by the way, Taboo asked me to give you this message: Da da da da daaaaa, hey hey hey, da da daaaaa.

  • Dan Rakow

    I would like to see Taylor Dayne perform at Halftime in Super Bowl Next Year who will turn 50 Years Young next year.

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  • BB

    The worse halftime show I’ve ever seen. They didn’t even have a band with them. They sucked

  • Keely

    I’m 21, and I thought it was HORRIBLE!

  • godsmack


  • Jon, Montgomery

    it totally sucked, i’m not into rap music, but what i saw out there was garbage, usher was the only good thing out there.

    the microphones didn’t work, the dancers or whatever they were with their flashing lights were boring, and i hate to say this as a fan of rock music, but slash didn’t get me excited at all.

    and like most pop/rap artists, they don’t sound too good outside of a studio. in my opinion, this attempt by the NFL to get younger talent back as the halftime show, was a fail.

    if i were to suggest a band for next year’s SB halftime show, i would suggest van halen, one of the biggest bands in the world, i know they’re old, but i think they would draw alot more attention, especially because they’re coming out with a new album sometime in 2011.

    just my opinions.

  • gc

    loved it. The Black Eyed Peas rocked.

    • Delia

      it was a good show!! don’t know what people are complaining about geez

      • Delia Rodriguez


  • hawk

    It would have helped if the sound mixer had done his job. The vocals overpowered the music track, and the upper and mid-range music levels were non-existent. All you could hear of the music was the bass track.

    Maybe they were having technical difficulties? Part of the stage didn’t light-up either. I think the show would have sounded a ton better if it had been mixed correctly.


    The show would have been much better if there were not so many technical issues. I agree that the sound mixer obviously did not do their job.

    I think the music was way too low and should have been louder (Broadcast On TV). I also agree that the vocals did overpower the music. Whoever was in charge of audio production of the performance did a very poor job.

    BEP did alright but they did lack hype and entertainment as far as dancing on stage. It was just a very STIFF performance.

  • Jennifer Roscioli

    YEA RIGHT! You have no idea what your writing about. Black Eye Peas Fkn Rocked! The entire half time show was AWESOME!!!

    • You Suck

      burn in hell you BEP kisser :P

  • Dave

    I’m not sure if any of you have noticed,but halftime shows are usually pretty bad…………all of them………………..I seriously don’t think I have ever been impressed by one, even when I didn’t have a team in the game, they are filler at best………….and ya know, no they weren’t the best, but they did their hits…………they are a studio band, at least/unfortunately Fergie’s top didn’t fall off.

  • Cerney

    Truly Awful

  • Nick

    I got a fever, and the only prescription is more auto-tune!

  • Greg

    I’m not a huge Peas fan, but I like some of their songs.

    I was hoping for a better show. Unfortunately, I think their studio work is much better than what they do live. Also, the half time acts are pretty much always underwhelming.

  • acer

    I am a Pro Musician, and I know I could have done a h e l l of a lot better than these Idiots.. They pay these idiots millions of dollars for what? Stop buying their music and let them into the poor house….How in GOD”S name can you mess up the Anthem……WHAT A JOKE ! ! She is and always will be a LOSER ! ! Just Like OZZY at Wrigley Field….What a WASTE

  • bigtime sucker

    how about outkast, earth wind and fire and an electrifying rock band for next year.

    the music sucked, the visuals were well done

  • Mike Korkowski

    That was the worst halftime show in a long, long time. Not one person, young or old, that I have talked to liked the show. What a waste of time! Pitiful!

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  • buddy

    where is homeland security when you need them . that was torture

  • Jon, Montgomery

    i just noticed, in the picture they have on this page, if you look closely, you can see fergie’s

  • JohnnyZ

    Both of my step daughters who are in the target age group the NFL was trying to reach (18 – 29) said it was horrible. Everyone I have asked said it was horrible. The NFL really fumbled this one.

  • tonycuczza

    to me was the WORSE haftime show ever…. Horrible

  • ken

    The worst halftime show EVER!

  • Billy Bob

    While I like some of BEP’s music, I’ve discovered they are only a studio band, that performance was shameful. How boring and awful and whats her name couldn’t even remember the words to the anthem???? The entertainment was even worse than the game was.

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