Blizzard Snow Forces Students On The Street

CHICAGO (CBS 2) – As a parent, would you feel comfortable knowing your kids were walking to school in the street, just inches from passing cars?

That is what some students at South Shore High School have been forced to do and CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman reports parents say that problem is just the tip of the iceberg.

“I was heartbroke,” said parent April Whitaker. She believes South Shore High students deserve more than what they are getting.

Since January 31st, a select few in the student body have to walk back to the old buildings on campus, after spending an hour of class time in a long-awaited, brand new building.

Post blizzard, the trek is not easy. Sidewalks aren’t shoveled so they end up alongside traffic.

“When I found out, I was livid,” said LSC Chairwoman and parent Stephanie West. “It serves no point except stupidity. It’s on the borderline of mental restriction.”

For her, it’s also a case of “insult-to-injury.”

West and many others thought students would be spending all their time in the new building but then they heard just the next semester. Then the powers-to-be decided relocation would be too disruptive – thus the “new-building-to-old -building” plan.

Junior Lanell Mallory says it’s hardly the least disruptive option, “There’s a lot of drama within the school because they only let some students go for one class hour, and no one else gets to go.”

Some of her classmates, she adds, are left with a building where shelves were emptied in anticipation of a move. And some of those walkers return to a building they claim has maintenance issues.

“It makes me angry—very angry,” said Junior Joseph Crumb.

Whitaker said, “They’re not thinking about the children at all.”

A CPS official said they’d take care of the un-shoveled sidewalk right away. He also said the old campus buildings are not falling apart, and he said CPS never authorized any packing for a move.

As for some students spending first hour in the new building, CPS said it’s trying to make sure the facility gets use until a freshman class begins there next school year.

  • Kristin Ottolino

    Really??? This is news???? Are you kidding me??? I live in Marengo Illinois and our kids have no sidewalks and have to not only stand in the street to wait for the bus but have to cross streets to get to the bus and have had to since they were in Kindergarten. But, then again, our kids don’t count right???

    • Laquita

      Questions did they remove the sidewalks or were they never there? how can you complain if you moved there and knew there wasnt any sidewalks. Sounds like a problem you should take up with the rest of the community to have sidewalks paved!!!! Clearly you’ve been mad about this issue for tooooooo long lady get real!!!! You mad about not having sidewalks but you dont think its wrong for kids to be walking in the streets. Correct me, isnt the reason why you mad omg so your town kids are better than Chicago kids they should have sidewalks but the parents here shouldnt be mad we have them and the kids cant use them. I hope you were joking????

      • Annie Moore

        Sidewalks ARE paved. They haven’t been shoveled!!!!!!!!!!!

    • theresa stewart

      Yes this is news! The problem in our world today is complain and do notihing, well these people are trying to do something about their situation, so lets not put the situation down but lets applaud th efforts.

  • Kristin Ottolino

    …oh yeah, and by the way, I’m not talking about just during this storm, I’m talking about everyday all school year long.

  • Kristin Ottolino

    give me a break!!!

  • JeanSC

    It was not unshoveled sidewalks which “forced” the kids out into the streets. It was lack of snowshoes to walk on the deep snow. But by this time, property owners here in Chicago should have shoveled their sidewalks. I’ve seen too many places where they haven’t, or they didn’t shovel the part leading to the crosswalk, and you almost need a hiking stick to keep your balance.

  • Kristin Ottolino

    HAHAHAH…..We don’t even HAVE sidewalks where we live. Nor do we have “parkways” for kids to stand on. Our kids have to stand in the street. Yes, FORCED to stand in the streets. Everyday. NOT big kids like the one’s in the news, but Kindergartners for God’s sake. They want news….THAT is news….not the poor teenagers that must walk in the street for ONE day. But, again, nobody seems to care about OUR kids. Typical. Despicable.

    • Deb

      Kristin Were you aware of the lack of sidewalk BEFORE you moved there or were they removed???

    • Marco M.

      You have to be one of the most ignorant people I’ve ever seen post a comment. First off you laugh at something serious. If your street do not have walk ways/sidewalks, than why not call the town court of who ever it is you need to call or get a petition going to pave sidewalks. You obviously show no remorse for kids or not have kids of your own to show sympathy.

  • Dawn Busse

    Kristin Ottolino
    You call this news??? The students in your report were not 5th graders or younger. YES, they are old enough to know how to avoid cars, cross the street and/or the danger of cars! Please, don’t waste our ‘your viewers’ time, with your created stories… this is not news. Here in Chicago, we ALL should know how to figure out how to get around the city “in a major snow storm or any other hardship” living in this midwest area has to offer. THIS IS CHICAGO!! I am frustrated with the way you reported on the students in your report. They are physically ABLE and should ALL pick up a shovel and clear the sidewalks. THey could have the job completed in a short amount of time, might enjoy the fun of working-playing in the snow, get some exercise and enjoy the self respect feeling of getting through the “big snow event”, maybe even make a fun memory of the event. IF they choose not to step up to the occasion… so be it.. let them walk in the street, SO WHAT!! This story features students who are intelligent, diligent, young people, going to school, because it is important TO THEM…THEY GET THERE EVERY DAY that is the story!!! NOT the students ( or the parents) expecting everyone else to make it easier for them to be there. THe parents should be VERY proud of their children for still getting to school every day… NOT focusing on the negative. The students want to be there or they would’t bother walking in the street… THEY ARE NOT 2-5 years old… they know or SHOULD know by now how to make their own way without the help of everyone else. GET THE STORY STRAIGHT and please don’t call this or should I say MAKE THIS NEWS!!! Shame on you Krisin

    • Marco M.

      Did it every occur to that these are KIDS?Why should they be treated like adults and have to go shovel the snow? Of course these KIDS are depening on someone else to make it easier for thembecause in the end they are just kids. I’m 23 years old, born and raised in Chicago, and went to public schools from K-12 grade. A storm like this never happened when I was in school but if it did I would’ve loved if someone shoveled their sidewalk because I wouldn’t have to suffer walking through the snow or street. Yea our parents should be proud we are going to school but people should have the desency to shovel the areas of their property. How would you feel if you forced a child into the street because you were not responsible enough to shovel your sidewalk? It’s me now and I get aggravated when I have to walk in the street because people are ignorant and irresponsible and don’t shovel their sidewalk.

    • Laquita

      Shovel the snow themselves surely you dont really feel that way. The problem is not the kids to handle ive been living in Chicago all my life did the snow affect me yes and plenty more Chicagoans. Kids walking in the street with traffic is not a problem seriously are u stupid. What happens when the chick that doing her make up, or the guy texting on the phone or who ever else is just not paying attention and plows into one of those kids…..then what? You must dropped your kids off and own a snow blower get real!!!!! that or you dont have kids send yours out to walk in the streets and let me know how you feel when they return home!!!! Just sounds crazy!!

  • true say

    To the rude postal lady who blocked kids path at Berteau and Francisco, SHAME ON YOU! HEADS UP POSTAL OFFICE ON GRACE AND KEDZIE

  • Peggy

    My husband has been one of those subcontractors removing snow from the Chicago Public Schools. He works 12 to 15 hours a night, doing exhausting work, in sub-zero temps, in very dangerous neighborhoods. He hasn’t seen any CPS staff out helping. This morning the company he’s working for was getting grief for billing too much. If the city wants to save money, let some of the bureaucrats stay out all night in a tractor moving snow. Maybe then they’ll stop complaining

  • Kristin Ottolino

    First of all, all the whining about these kids for ONE day having to do what OUR kids have to do EVERY DAY is just pitiful. Yes, I knew it when I moved here but I moved here to be out of the crime of the city. Marco, you are the epitome of ignorant. Yes, I have a small child and I watched her stand in the DARK on the STREET waiting for the bus every morning in the winter. But nobody cares about that. Of course I went to the school board meetings to no avail. Dawn, really? Shame on me? No. Shame on the CBS News for making this a story but when I was making noise about trying to get the bus to stop in front of small childrens’ houses here, it got me nowhere. And shame on you Dawn, these children here ARE 5 years old and have to deal with this everyday. But even you don’t care do you?

  • Kristin Ottolino

    oh, and I didn’t think when I moved here, the schools would be as ignorant and uncaring about our children as they are. FYI Deb

  • Zarathrusta

    Give the punks a shovel – it’s a more marketable skill than they’ll get at CPS.

  • Ann Falls

    More then the problem being the sidewalk, the problem is the fact that the new building was to replace the old building. Therefore the students in those old buildings were to go to the new building. However, too many people got involved and decided that the children already at South Shore were not good enough or do not deserve to go to the New Building! Most of the people making those decisipons do not even have children in the school, nor do they live in the neighborhood! These kids have been walking in the street and around construction for over a year and a half, and deserve to go to that NEW building!

  • Ann Falls

    Typo in above comment. Should be More THAN, NOT More then

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