Lawyer Suing Park Ridge Cops Over ‘Systemic’ Misconduct

PARK RIDGE, Ill. (CBS) — A suburban attorney has filed a lawsuit against Park Ridge police, accusing them of using excessive force during an arrest two years ago, saying “this is a systemic problem with them.”

As CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports, Randy Baudin said he’s just one of many victims of brutality by Park Ridge officers.

Baudin admitted he and a nurse got into an argument at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge two years ago when he went to see his gravely ill mother.

But he said he wasn’t behaving in an unruly or criminal manner.

Even so, he ended up in handcuffs after police arrived in the middle of that argument.

Baudin claims that when officers arrived, he simply turned around to leave the hospital, but officers jumped him.

“My arm felt like it was ripped out of the socket,” Baudin said. “And then, at that point, I heard them say ‘Now he’s resisting,’ and the cuffs came on tighter than they would if they needed to handcuff my grandson. … I wasn’t even moving.”

Baudin was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

He said his shoulder was permanently injured. Now he’s suing the police department and claims he’s one in a long line of Park Ridge police misconduct victims.

“This is a systemic problem with them,” he said.

His lawsuit lists several other alleged victims of excessive force, including Gavin Farley, who was just 15 years old when Park Ridge Police LT. Jason Leavitt allegedly beat him and slammed his head into a sidewalk.

Leavitt was indicted last fall for that crime.

The suit also lists Gregory Gorman, who has claimed that Park Ridge officers arrested his wife for a DUI and him for disorderly conduct and obstructing justice during a 2004 traffic stop, even though police video indicated no crimes were committed.

“It was a violent thing that they did and it hurt,” Gorman said. “And the bad part about it was my daughter, who was six years old, was sitting in the back seat. … She was crying.”

The charges against the Gormans were later dropped. They sued the department and settled.

Current Park Ridge Police Chief Frank Kaminski was brought in 19 months ago to address internal problems.

Baudin said he hopes “that there can be some cleaning up in Park Ridge.”

Baudin was convicted on the charges against him, but he’s appealing.

Kaminski said he backs his officers in that case.

Regarding the cleanup of the police department, Kaminski said the department has revised their citizen complaint process and has a citizen oversight committee to restore trust.

But other past misconduct victims said they’re still skeptical.

  • Concerned about the bad stories

    Way to go Channel 2 giving someone the media attention he so does not deserve. Ever thought of why he called YOU to broadcast his horrific case? Pure dollar greed perhaps? Did you check with the hospital in question to determine why it was that THEY called the police on the innocent man who was just ‘visiting his gravely ill mother?’ Also, nice job sensationalizing a garbage story with the Farley allegations. Never thought to check what the relationship between the Farley/Gleason family is and the attorney prosecuting the case did you? Perhaps a headline such as “see what Crooked County Cronyism can do for you? There’s significantly more to that farce, but the truth or common sense doesn’t sell papers or carry the lead does it? Stay Tuned!

  • gee-reg

    What a man he is. Argues and or fights with a female nurse and then cries like a girl when the cuffs are on too tight. Must a liberal mush

  • Won't Drive in Park Ridge

    Well folks believe it or not, the Park Ridge Police Department was run for year with zero accountability. Their officers, many still on staff, battered their residents and visitors for years with impunity. Thankfully that stopped with the appointment of the new chief, Kaminski. But many of the bad cops are still on the force waiting for Kaminski to go. Since the new mayor, David Schmidt, is doing everything in his power to get Kaminski to quit, these bad cops may get their wish. Schmidt forced out six officers with budget cuts last year, then broke the chief’s employment contract recently with an 8% cut, 18 months after the chief started in July 2009. If chief Kaminski gets tired with these department and personal attacks by mayor schmidt, he may just quit. In that case, be afraid, be very afraid of the Park Ridge police.

    • Try checking facts

      To Won’t Drive In Park Ridge:

      Try checking your facts before making a comment. For instance.

      1) The person in this report was CONVICTED and still suing…deep pockets theory at it’s best.

      2) The chief’s contract was not broken, the city chose not to go forward with his new contract and vetoed that new change in contract.

      3) The difference in pay for the chief is a less than 6% decrease, not 8%.

      4) Only 4 officers were laid off, not 6.

      5) Schmidt was elected mayor several months BEFORE Kaminski became the chief of police. In fact, he along with the city manager approved the hiring.

    • Try Checking Facts

      And I am not sure if you understand how a city manager run government works, but a city manager proposes a budget which is then passed or rejected by a city council. In this case, the mayor actually vetoed the budget but was over-ridden by the city council.

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