As the days of February begin to fall by the wayside by the NCAA men’s basketball tournament inches closer.

But what kind of March Madness can we expect after a regular season that some have called mediocre?

“I would choose a different word,” Gus Johnson, one of CBS’ NCAA tournament announcers, said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “I think I would choose parity, because teams are getting better…Except for the really elite elite teams,…your seeing teams that have the ability to beat each other, because you have great coaches out there that are working hard and players developing, so I kind of like it going into the tournament.”

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The regular season will soon be over, and for teams that have yet to guarantee their place in the Big Dance, they’ll have their last chance to state their case during their conference tournament.

“To me, I really don’t care about who’s picked,” Johnson said. “My whole thing is I can’t wait to get to that first day when all the teams are set. And based on what we’re seeing in college basketball, I think this year, with the parity, once the tournament is set and they start playing, you never know who will win on a given night. And that’s going to make it really exciting. Because that’s when you’re going to see all the upsets that we all fall in love with.”

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