There are a lot of elements to the Chicago Cubs that could turn into positives or negatives for the team. The purpose of spring training it to do your best to make them positives.

For the back of the Cubs rotation, two pitchers must stand out from the pack in a wide open competition.

“Obviously the first three are locked up, with [Ryan] Dempster, [Matt] Garza and [Carlos] Zambrano,” The Score’s David Schuster said on the Danny Mac Show. “But then you have a lot of competition, [Randy] Wells, [Carlos] Silva, [Andrew] Cashner, even Casey Coleman, Jeff Samardzija. There’s a lot of younger players who will not be in that equation, but they’ll be pitchers you’ll be seeing on the North Side probably the next two or three years.”

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But it’s the rotation for this season that has many Cubs’ fans asking questions.

“Is Silva’s contract automatically going to get him into the rotation?” Schuster asked. “Is Andrew Cashner’s ability going to get him into the rotation? I think time will tell on all these questions.”

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