Elderly Woman Severely Beaten, Video Shows Suspects

FOREST PARK, Ill. (WBBM) – Police said the suspects – two men and a woman – watched the elderly woman inside the Ultra Foods Store at 7520 Roosevelt Road on February 11th and then followed her to the parking lot where the severely beat her.

Forest Park Police Chief Jim Ryan said the woman was loading store items in her car when she was viciously attacked.

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When the woman refused to give up her purse, one of the men dragged her, knocking her down, and then kicked her several times in the head. Police said they think she was targeted because she was elderly and presumed as frail.

“We were watching the video from inside the grocery store and as the female entered, it was obvious that the three individuals followed her into the store and followed her throughout the store as if they were stalking her. They had no intent of grocery shopping,” according to Ryan.

The victim was seriously injured in her left eye, face and arm. She underwent surgery for a broken eye socket and will also need extensive dental reconstruction.

Police released photos from a store surveillance camera. They are looking for all three suspects. They left the area in a silver Crown Victoria or Mercury Marquis with possible damage to the passenger’s door. Anyone with information should call the Forest Park police department.

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  • Kathy

    It takes a pretty low caliper person to attack the elderly! I Pray that somebody can identify these 3, & has the backbone to report to the police.
    It’s obvious that they are a danger to anyone they encounter, if age or gender doesn’t make a difference to them. It’s pretty sad that you can’t even be safe to go to the store for food! What kind of disgusting world are we living in these days?
    My Prayers are with this older woman…& I also Pray these animals are caught!

  • Gods Property

    Cowards! They will have their day! Every dog does!



    • Mike

      I agree. Criminals are criminals for a reason, they do not follow the law. Criminals are not going to care whether the gun they carry is legal or not. It’s time to start allowing citizens to carry to protect themselves from those that wish to hurt them. I do not understand why people fail to grasp this concept.

    • Vetus

      Get real. I think that giving a seventy year old urbanite a hand gun is a bad idea when most seventy year old people aren’t even wanted on the roads.

      • G O South Side

        What if you were parked next to her in that parking lot, and you witness this going on. Now you pull out your friends Smith & Wesson. Now the odds are even and now you have the upper hand to save the elderly lady and call for the cops. I still say pass Carry and Conceal law. If they happen to take out a gun you can take one of them out possibley two before they could take a shot.

        I happen to live down the street from that Strip Mall. (Broadview) I have shopped there also and I often felt uneasy shopping there too. So I wouldn’t mind packing with a piece

  • west town dude

    forest park was a real nice suburb until the getto breeders came. it is past time for concealed carry.

    • True

      Exactly!!! After all it is just a “spear chuck” away from the savage tribe’s usual hunting grounds!! Bullets are cheaper then prisons!!

      • RainbowBubba

        That’s hilarius.A spear chuck.I get it.Ha Ha Ha.

  • spartans

    Put their a….. back in their mother’s womb, what a piece of sh.. these cowards are. If someone does not turn them in, because I’m sure someone does recognize them, your just as bad. A shame to have the same color of skin. Go to school and get a fuc… job. My mom said a white man said “we are a violent race.” Guess, he was right.

    • Vetus

      No, African-Americans aren’t. You said your parents sent you to school. Well, it is time to use the education your parents paid for. We all live in a violent world which holds no boundaries of race or gender.

  • Ben Thomson

    Well, when these vagabonds had the opportunity to go to school in ordet to get a decent job… What did they do? Now, they will say society did them wrong when Bubba is making them eat salad and perform perverted sex acts in jail.

  • keith

    This same thing happened to my 88 yr old grandmother on the 27 th of JAN. In St. John, IN. Thugs busted busted into her home, broke her hip, eye socket, knocked out almost all of her bottom teeth, she now suffers from brain damage, and only time will tell how much she will remember. They then savaged her home and took the littlest things. I sure hope these two community police forces maybe look at these two incedents and see if they are linked in any way.

  • http://topsy.com/chicago.cbslocal.com/2011/02/15/elderly-woman-severely-beaten-video-shows-suspects/?utm_source=pingback&utm_campaign=L2 Tweets that mention Elderly Woman Severely Beaten, Video Shows Suspects -- Topsy.com

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by CBS 2 Chicago, WBBM Newsradio 780 and Lisa Fielding, CBS Chicago. CBS Chicago said: Elderly Woman Severely Beaten, Video Shows Suspects http://goo.gl/fb/6R5ZS […]

  • Roger Maslon

    Concealed/carry is fine. But, beyond training, it takes alertness. What good does it do to be armed if you get jumped by surprise? Even better: How about instilling some real fear of consequences into the mostly black -excuse me, “African-American”- predators? You see them every day in the criminal courts, saturating the penal system. Whatever penalties get imposed on them, are, clearly, not enough of a deterrent. The hyennas know that if/when they get caught, the police will not touch one hair on their skin, and their gazillion rights that they have forfeited, are going to be respected. In my opinion: If somebody does something like this, he/she deserves being disposed of like a rabid dog. And, once the rabid dog is dead, the rabies is over.

    • Vetus

      Ever talk to anyone about your social problem?

    • RainbowBubba

      You’re right on track Roger.I’ve said it before,the only way to treat a disease is to kill it.I don’t think Vetus gets it

  • Taxpayer 2

    Satin children are probably drugs too. When they are caught they need to put in front of the firing squad to be kill immediately. Stop baby sitting these devils.

    These laws need to be revised by law makers who have the sense to revised these laws. The forefathers of this country probably never meant for the laws to stay the same forever. Any fool knows that your have to change with the times. Time to tough with these demon pocess devils.

    These urban terrorist need to be caught and executed or put on an island to starve to death.

  • vince

    CRACK HEADS!!! frome the westside.wanna bet?

    • Ray

      I agree

  • Nick Chicago

    And we wonder why racial profileing exist`s!!!!!

  • My thoughts

    more “honor students”….they would have recvieved their GED in nine months, roll out the Ashland store front preachers…can we get a hate crime…?…oh no that only when some “other” race is beaten…animals

  • Annie

    Please, take grandmaw to the grocery store. She is all alone and crooks look into her purse and all that grocery she is taking home all by hersellf.

    Where are the sons, daughters and great grand children to help her?

    If you can not herlp grand maw then put her in a nursding home where she will be more safe and secure from thieves tlike thios ones.

    God will bless you for doing just that.

    • Vetus

      There’s a novel idea! On my way to check on my grandma right now.

  • Jackie

    I pray they get caught. Low lifes need to get a job! How much money did they think an elderly lady would have on her while shopping for groceries. Everybody had better be careful, always check your surroundings, please.
    I am staring to see guys hanging around the Metra Station, for what? The train just pulled off, you are not picking anyone up, what are they waiting for…a victim I suppose.

  • Ray

    ” Death Squad” for them when they get caught

  • Ray

    Let me shoot there asse’s..I will not miss

  • joseph

    This world as we know it is coming to an end thedevil is busy using anybody that let him if u dont have God in u life u do anything

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